Baby Looney Tunes

Sep 7, 2002

Welcome to the Baby Looney Tunes guide at Here they come, they`re the Looney Tunes as little ol` pre-schoolers and they`re ready to learn and are still packed to make you laugh. In this series you will see some famous faces such as Bugs Bunny, Lola ...


Season Episode Title Links
1 1 Snow Day/Christmas in July Stream, Magnet
1 2 Comfort Level / Twinkle Baby Looney Star (song) / Like a Duck to Water Stream, Magnet
1 3 School Daze / Mary Had a Baby Duck (song) / Things That Go Bugs in the Night Stream, Magnet
1 4 The Creature from the Chocolate Chip / The Looney Riddle (song) / Card Bored Box Stream, Magnet
1 5 Time and Time Again / Does Your Tongue Hang Low (song) / May the Best Taz Win Stream, Magnet
1 6 Mine! / Over the Burrow (song) / Sylvester the Pester Stream, Magnet
1 7 Cat-Taz-Trophy / If You`re Looney (song) / Duck! Monster! Duck! Stream, Magnet
1 8 The Brave Little Tweety / Foghorn`s Talkin` in the Barnyard (song) / The Puddle Olympics Stream, Magnet
1 9 A Lot Like Lola / Baby Elmer Had a Friend / Mother`s Day Madness Stream, Magnet
1 10 Takers Keepers / D-A-F-F-Y (song) / To Tell the Tooth Stream, Magnet
1 11 Spinout / Taz`s Fridge (song) / Snow Day Stream, Magnet
1 12 Shadow of a Doubt / John Jacob Jongle Elmer Fudd (song) / Christmas in July Stream, Magnet
1 13 Bruce Bunny / Baby Bunny (song) / Leader of the Pack Stream, Magnet
1 14 Flower Power / Looney Tunes Zoo (song) / Lightning Bugs Sylvester Stream, Magnet
1 15 Flush Hour / Paws and Feathers (song) / I Strain Stream, Magnet
1 16 The Sandman Is Coming / Ten Loonies in a Bed / Some Assembly Required Stream, Magnet
1 17 All Washed Up / My Bunny Lies Over the Ocean / Did Not! Did Too! Stream, Magnet
1 18 Tea & Basketball / Down by the Cage / Taz You Like It Stream, Magnet
1 19 Band Together / Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Baby Martian Gone / War of the Weirds Stream, Magnet
1 20 The Harder They Fall / Business as Usual Stream, Magnet
1 21 Mr. McStuffles / Picture This! Stream, Magnet
1 22 Hair Cut-Ups / Does Your Tongue Hang Low / A Clean Sweep Stream, Magnet
1 23 Daffy Did It! / Foghorn`s Talkin` in the Barnyard / Pig Who Cried Wolf Stream, Magnet
1 24 New Cat in Town / Baby Bunny / Magic of Spring Stream, Magnet
1 25 Who Said That? / Paws and Feathers / Let Them Make Cake Stream, Magnet
1 26 For Whom the Toll Calls/ Cereal Boxing Stream, Magnet
1 27 Mind Your Manners / Petunia the Piggy Bank Stream, Magnet
1 28 Pastime for Petunia / Looney Tunes Zoo / Pouting Match Stream, Magnet
1 29 Wise Quacker / Yours, Mine...and Mine, Mine! Stream, Magnet
1 30 Loose Change / Act Your Age Stream, Magnet
1 31 Who`s Your Granny? / Tattletale Stream, Magnet
1 32 Yoke`s on You / Baby Elmer Had a Friend / Baby Gate Stream, Magnet
1 33 Never Say Try /Pair O` Dice Lost Stream, Magnet
1 34 Melissa the Hero / Trouble with Larry Stream, Magnet
1 35 The Littlest Tweety /In Bugs We Trust Stream, Magnet
1 36 Cool for Cats / Time Out! Stream, Magnet
1 37 Present Tense / Neat and the Sloppy Stream, Magnet
1 38 Tell-a-Photo / Born to Sing / Move It! Stream, Magnet
2 1 These Little Piggies went to market / Now Museum,now you don`t Stream, Magnet
2 2 Take Us Out to the Ballgame / Clues Encounters of the Tweety Kind Stream, Magnet
2 3 A Bully for Bugs / The Wheel Deal Stream, Magnet
2 4 Oh Brother, Warehouse Art Thou? / Flu the Coop Stream, Magnet
2 5 Blast Off Bugs/ Baby Brouhaha Stream, Magnet
2 6 Log Cabin Fever / A Mid-Autumn Night`s Scream Stream, Magnet
2 7 Are We There, Yet / Save Our Cinnamon Stream, Magnet
2 8 Lights! Camera! Tweety! / Backstage Bugs Stream, Magnet
2 9 Bend it Like Petunia / Cock-A-Doodle-Doo-It! Stream, Magnet
2 10 Wrong! / Win, Lose or Daffy Stream, Magnet
2 11 A Turtle Named Mrytle / There`s Nothing Like A Good Book Stream, Magnet
2 12 The Dolly Vanishes / Duck Reflucks Stream, Magnet
2 13 Stop and Smell Up The Flowers / Firehouse Frolics Stream, Magnet
2 27 Mine!; Over The Burrow (song); Sylvester The Pester Stream, Magnet
2 28 Time And Time Again; Does Your Tongue Hang Low (song); May The Best Taz Win Stream, Magnet
2 29 Cat-taz-trophy; If You`re Looney (song); Duck! Monster! Duck! Stream, Magnet
2 30 The Brave Little Tweety; Foghorn`s Talkin` In The Barnyard (song); Puddle Olympics Stream, Magnet
2 31 Takers Keepers; D-a-f-f-y (song); To Tell The Tooth Stream, Magnet
2 32 Shadow Of A Doubt; John Jacob Jongle Elmer Fudd (song); Christmas In July Stream, Magnet
2 33 Spin Out; Taz`s Fridge (song); Snow Day Stream, Magnet
2 34 Bruce Bunny; Baby Bunny (song); Leader Of The Pack Stream, Magnet
2 37 For Whom The Toll Calls; John Jacob Jongle Elmer Fudd (song); Cereal Boxing Stream, Magnet
3 1 Baby Looney Tunes Season: 3 Ep: 1 Stream, Magnet
3 2 Baby Looney Tunes Season: 3 Ep: 2 Stream, Magnet
3 3 Baby Looney Tunes Season: 3 Ep: 3 Stream, Magnet
3 4 Baby Looney Tunes Season: 3 Ep: 4 Stream, Magnet
3 5 Baby Looney Tunes Season: 3 Ep: 5 Stream, Magnet
3 6 Baby Looney Tunes Season: 3 Ep: 6 Stream, Magnet
3 7 Baby Looney Tunes Season: 3 Ep: 7 Stream, Magnet
3 8 Baby Looney Tunes Season: 3 Ep: 8 Stream, Magnet
3 9 Baby Looney Tunes Season: 3 Ep: 9 Stream, Magnet
3 10 Baby Looney Tunes Season: 3 Ep: 10 Stream, Magnet
3 11 Baby Looney Tunes Season: 3 Ep: 11 Stream, Magnet
3 12 Baby Looney Tunes Season: 3 Ep: 12 Stream, Magnet
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