American Dragon

Jan 21, 2005

Jake Long is one of New York City`s average 13-year-old boys, living with his extended Chinese-American family and skateboarding with his friends... until he learns his amazing destiny.He is a descendant of dragons and, when he transforms into one of these...


Season Episode Title Links
1 1 Old School Training Stream, Magnet
1 2 Dragon Breath Stream, Magnet
1 3 The Talented Mr. Long Stream, Magnet
1 4 The Legend of the Dragon Tooth Stream, Magnet
1 5 Act 4, Scene 15 Stream, Magnet
1 6 Adventures in Trollsitting / Fu Dog Takes a Walk Stream, Magnet
1 7 Professor Rotwood`s Thesis Stream, Magnet
1 8 The Egg / The Heist Stream, Magnet
1 9 Dragon Summit Stream, Magnet
1 10 Body Guard Duty Stream, Magnet
1 11 Shapeshifter Stream, Magnet
1 12 Ski Trip Stream, Magnet
1 13 The Long Weekend Stream, Magnet
1 14 Eye of the Beholder Stream, Magnet
1 15 Jake Takes the Cake Stream, Magnet
1 16 Hong Kong Nights Stream, Magnet
1 17 The Halloween Bash Stream, Magnet
1 18 Fu and Tell / Flight of the Unicorn Stream, Magnet
1 19 Keeping Shop Stream, Magnet
1 20 Ring Around the Dragon Stream, Magnet
1 21 The Hunted Stream, Magnet
1 22 The Hunted Stream, Magnet
2 1 Bring It On Stream, Magnet
2 2 Half-Baked Stream, Magnet
2 3 The Academy Stream, Magnet
2 4 The Doppelganger Gang Stream, Magnet
2 5 Something Fishy This Way Comes Stream, Magnet
2 6 Breakout Stream, Magnet
2 7 Family Business Stream, Magnet
2 8 Hero Of The Hourglass Stream, Magnet
2 9 Dreamscape Stream, Magnet
2 10 A Befuddled Mind Stream, Magnet
2 11 Fool`s Gold Stream, Magnet
2 12 Feeding Frenzy Stream, Magnet
2 13 Haley Gone Wild Stream, Magnet
2 14 Supernatural Tuesday Stream, Magnet
2 15 The Rotwood Files Stream, Magnet
2 16 Hairy Christmas Stream, Magnet
2 17 Switcheroo Stream, Magnet
2 18 Love Cruise Stream, Magnet
2 19 Year of the Jake Stream, Magnet
2 20 Homecoming Stream, Magnet
2 21 Young at Heart Stream, Magnet
2 22 Siren Says Stream, Magnet
2 23 Shaggy Frog Stream, Magnet
2 24 Nobody`s Fu Stream, Magnet
2 25 Magic Enemy #1. Stream, Magnet
2 26 A Ghost Story Stream, Magnet
2 27 Bite Father, Bite Son Stream, Magnet
2 28 Game On Stream, Magnet
2 29 Furious Jealousy Stream, Magnet
2 30 Being Human Stream, Magnet
2 31 The Hong Kong Longs Stream, Magnet
3 1 American Dragon Season: 3 Ep: 1 Stream, Magnet
3 2 American Dragon Season: 3 Ep: 2 Stream, Magnet
3 3 American Dragon Season: 3 Ep: 3 Stream, Magnet
3 4 American Dragon Season: 3 Ep: 4 Stream, Magnet
3 5 American Dragon Season: 3 Ep: 5 Stream, Magnet
3 6 American Dragon Season: 3 Ep: 6 Stream, Magnet
3 7 American Dragon Season: 3 Ep: 7 Stream, Magnet
3 8 American Dragon Season: 3 Ep: 8 Stream, Magnet
3 9 American Dragon Season: 3 Ep: 9 Stream, Magnet
3 10 American Dragon Season: 3 Ep: 10 Stream, Magnet
3 11 American Dragon Season: 3 Ep: 11 Stream, Magnet
3 12 American Dragon Season: 3 Ep: 12 Stream, Magnet
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