Air Gear

Apr 4, 2006

Air Gear - Shounen, Comedy, Sports (May contain adult themes, bad language, mild nudity)... Ikki is a 13-year-old orphaned boy living with three orphan girls. One of the girls, Mikan, is part of an extreme sport known as Air Treck. Air Treck is an extreme ...


Season Episode Title Links
1 1 Trick: 1, Air Gear Stream, Magnet
1 2 Trick: 2, Screams of the Rez-Boa Dogs Stream, Magnet
1 3 Trick: 3, Enter the Night Kings Stream, Magnet
1 4 Trick: 4, A Battle for Kazu, Onigiri, and My Pride Stream, Magnet
1 5 Stream, Magnet
1 6 Trick: 6, It`s a Rematch! I`ll Get My Emblem Back! Stream, Magnet
1 7 Trick: 7, What`s Wrong with Rejection? Onigiri, We`re Comrades! Stream, Magnet
1 8 Trick: 8, Defeat Orihara-sensei`s Suplementary Exam: Let`s Rediscover Ton-chan-sensei`s Past Stream, Magnet
1 9 Trick: 9, Clash! Bulls vs. Great White Shark Stream, Magnet
1 10 Trick: 10, Agito, I`ll Drag You Up from the Bottom of the Well Stream, Magnet
1 11 Trick: 11, Team Kogarasumaru Take-off Stream, Magnet
1 12 Trick: 12, She`s Finally Here: the Savior Rider Stream, Magnet
1 13 Trick: 13, What Do You Mean by Icarus` Wings? I`ll Show You My Talent, Rika-nee Stream, Magnet
1 14 Trick: 14, Collision! The Old & New Sky King`s Heir vs. the Old & New Sleeping Forest Stream, Magnet
1 15 Trick: 15, I`ll Cut Off the Shackle of Thorns! Stream, Magnet
1 16 Trick: 16, Let`s Go, Kogarasumaru! Stream, Magnet
1 17 Trick 17, The Cube Battle in Hell: Kogarasumaru Evolves Stream, Magnet
1 18 Trick 18, Finally a Win. Stream, Magnet
1 19 Trick 19, The Fang`s Regalia of destiny is howling! Stream, Magnet
1 20 Trick: 20, It`s finally the end. Stream, Magnet
1 21 Trick: 21, Genesis strikes! Stream, Magnet
1 22 Trick: 22, The battle for Agito`s documents! Stream, Magnet
1 23 Trick: 23, Genesis Kansai`s Branch, Benkei and Yoshitsune appear! Stream, Magnet
1 24 Trick: 24, Battle Of The Century: Kogarasumaru`s Minami Ikki vs Trident`s Yoshitsune! Stream, Magnet
1 25 Trick: 25, I`m A Genius Stream, Magnet
1 26 Special Trick Stream, Magnet
2 1 Air Gear Season: 2 Ep: 1 Stream, Magnet
2 2 Air Gear Season: 2 Ep: 2 Stream, Magnet
2 3 Air Gear Season: 2 Ep: 3 Stream, Magnet
2 4 Air Gear Season: 2 Ep: 4 Stream, Magnet
2 5 Air Gear Season: 2 Ep: 5 Stream, Magnet
2 6 Air Gear Season: 2 Ep: 6 Stream, Magnet
2 7 Air Gear Season: 2 Ep: 7 Stream, Magnet
2 8 Air Gear Season: 2 Ep: 8 Stream, Magnet
2 9 Air Gear Season: 2 Ep: 9 Stream, Magnet
2 10 Air Gear Season: 2 Ep: 10 Stream, Magnet
2 11 Air Gear Season: 2 Ep: 11 Stream, Magnet
2 12 Air Gear Season: 2 Ep: 12 Stream, Magnet
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