A Bear`s Tail

Dec 28, 2004

“A Bear`s Tail” is a spin-off from the successful "Bo` Selecta!" series and takes the traditional sit-com format and trashes it! After the Bear settles in with his adopted mum Patsy Kensit, her husband Sean Pertwee, and her teenage daughter, he realise...


Season Episode Title Links
1 1 A Bear`s Christmas Tail Stream, Magnet
1 2 The Good, The Bear & The Ugly Stream, Magnet
1 3 Adventures in Bearbysitting Stream, Magnet
1 4 The Son of Bear-elzebub Stream, Magnet
1 5 Meet the Bearents Stream, Magnet
1 6 Blame it on the Bearboy Stream, Magnet
1 7 Two Weddings, a Bear and No Funeral Stream, Magnet
2 1 A Bear`s Tail Season: 2 Ep: 1 Stream, Magnet
2 2 A Bear`s Tail Season: 2 Ep: 2 Stream, Magnet
2 3 A Bear`s Tail Season: 2 Ep: 3 Stream, Magnet
2 4 A Bear`s Tail Season: 2 Ep: 4 Stream, Magnet
2 5 A Bear`s Tail Season: 2 Ep: 5 Stream, Magnet
2 6 A Bear`s Tail Season: 2 Ep: 6 Stream, Magnet
2 7 A Bear`s Tail Season: 2 Ep: 7 Stream, Magnet
2 8 A Bear`s Tail Season: 2 Ep: 8 Stream, Magnet
2 9 A Bear`s Tail Season: 2 Ep: 9 Stream, Magnet
2 10 A Bear`s Tail Season: 2 Ep: 10 Stream, Magnet
2 11 A Bear`s Tail Season: 2 Ep: 11 Stream, Magnet
2 12 A Bear`s Tail Season: 2 Ep: 12 Stream, Magnet
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