Zip Code Database Download

Carole Stephens
• Sunday, 16 May, 2021
• 15 min read

Today, we are pleased to announce an expanded version of this dataset that now includes coordinates for each postal code in the US and Canada. Short for the Federal Information Processing Standard, these numeric codes can be used to uniquely identify geographic areas.

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Pre-populating lists of postal codes to help ensure accurate data entry on address forms Identifying states and counties from postal code data on incoming addresses Checking time zones to ensure marketing or customer contact efforts take place at appropriate times Business analysis of data based on postal codes or FIPS identifiers With the addition of latitude and longitude geocoding data for these postal codes, these databases now have added utility for applications where Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and other location intelligence is needed.

GIS can add an important visual dimension to data compiled by address: for example, you can create a visual layout of specific postal codes for targeted marketing purposes, analyze sales or marketing trends by geographic area based on postal codes, or create other types of location-based data visualizations using your address data for business planning purposes. These products can be used standalone or integrated via API interfaces into most major business automation platforms.

Our leadership position in contact data quality, with over 4 billion transactions processed to date, allows us to maintain this accurate and up-to-date list of current postal codes. By making this resource freely accessible to all, our goal is to help both our own users and the public leverage postal and geographic data to improve their business processes.

We enhance the official data by adding information such as; area code, latitude and longitude coordinates, time zone, State & County FIPS, MSA Code and much more. Zipcodedownload has provided the highest rated and the best priced zip code data to our faithful customers for over 18 years now.

We are based in the United States, so you won't have to worry about waiting to get a response from customer support halfway around the world. For more than 18 years zipcodedownload has been the leading provider of the finest commercial and enterprise zip code databases on the market.

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If the basic zip code data does not come from the US Postal Service, then it cannot be trusted to be accurate and updated every month. Our zip code data is clean, lean, and updated monthly.

Also, thanks for the very quick reply ... small things like that do make a difference when it comes to deciding to do business. Wow Jennifer, that is truly fantastic customer service.

I have been a customer of yours at almost every company I work at, and I am always pleased with your products and service. Hi Jim, I really appreciate you guys adding that feature.

We already added it to our site and selected the best number of pages for us. I appreciate your quick response and the consistency of your data and its delivery.

The project we have been working on is over and as of now we do not require ZIP updates. We have successfully implemented the radius distance using the suggested method of the SQL function.

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I’ve been very happy with the data you provide, the support, and the affordability. Thank you for your professionalism, expediency and impeccable customer service.

It’s already obvious that your company cares about its customers and will go the extra mile to make sure your products are useful. I appreciate your prompt reply and great service.

Insurance Brokers for Seniors, Inc. Ruth Publications LLC I just purchased the ZIP codes database today (still waiting on my company's accounts payable to mail in the check) and look forward to working with the full data set.

Daniel xxxxxxxx Business Analyst, Medicare Product Development, Health Net, Inc. We look forward to working with your data and are gratified to see that your customer service is at such a high level.

Have enjoyed using your database and the radius tool. Have just spent a lot of money on a new customer dB system that includes Opcode radius search.

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University of Phoenix 3090 Bristol Street, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Hi Your service has been excellent and the database has been useful to us.

I invested in it to assist a none for profit organization analyze their donor pool, and it was very helpful. However, that project is done and I haven't a need for the database at the moment.

I have a lot of demographic research experience in prior jobs. I was asked to do a task for my present employer, so I needed an inexpensive database to work with.

Jim, I am very impressed with your prompt and helpful response. I believe that your database allows us to determine the center zip code for a selected metro area.

So we will determine all the zip codes within a metro area and then calculate the maximum distance from the center zip code to the outermost zip code and make that our search radius. However, if any metro areas are larger than our maximum radius it will complicate things.

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So I am interested to know if you can tell me, how large the largest metro area is. I appreciate your great customer service and your fine product.

Alan Maitland Online Yellow Pages Dear Jennifer's Supervisor, I'm just an old man taking my time to praise Jenifer for her EXCELLENT assistance today.

Following a brief discussion regarding your database and Success I learned that there is a Primary Record field. AHA; so by including the Primary Record field in my query and also including the letter “P' in the Criteria field my problem was solved.

Give this lady a raise or at least 20 bucks in cash for her to enjoy a nice lunch and love her job even more. As my subscription is about to expire in about ten days, I thought I'd check the web for other similar offerings.

Joyce -- Insphere Insurance Solutions is a proud sponsor of Ronald McDonald House Charities®. I really appreciate your patience, and look forward to working with your company in the future.

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But in particular, I wanted to let someone know that Jennifer (telephone support) helped me out with some problems today in trying to get and extension on our purchase of your zip code deluxe product. Jennifer was knowledgeable, responsive, and had a very pleasant and caring attitude.

Ray xxxxxxxxxx Senior Information Strategist NC Cooperative Extension College of Agriculture and Life Sciences NC State University I don't usually write to website contact email addresses.

I have tried some zip codes that were past issues, some random areas (in the recent-past it wasn't hard to find some that fail) and all have worked! I appreciate you monitoring the error-reports, and for taking time to explain what was occurring and solutions you were looking into.

Gail xxx xxx, PMP IT Project Manager DeltaPharma, on assignment with Takeda Pharmaceuticals NA, Inc. I stumbled across your site through a Google search, and I'll be linking to it from my website.

It appears from re-reading your website, that only the 'business version' has multiple county listings. I certainly did not receive a separate file with multiple county entries.

I did let it send the error info to the contact server. Dear Mr. Jim xxxix: I wanted to write you to say that I had an extremely gratifying interaction to today with your programmer James xxx xxx who, on very short notice, went beyond the call of duty to make a modification to your Zip Radius tool which made my use of your tool much more valuable for the analyses I was performing.

Adjunct Assistant Professor, Prevention Research Center Department of Pediatrics School of Medicine Wayne State University I've found only two instances in the past year when I believe USPS was incorrect.

Therefore, I will continue to have great faith in the info you provide. Sylvia xxx xxx Training Administrator Cruise Line International Association, Inc.

I love that you give away a lot of info but sell software, maps and other tools that are helpful to many applications. We are working with a vendor that uses this level of reporting.

We wanted to be able to create the same reporting level in-house with your up to date Opcode products. Thanks for going above and beyond the call of duty to provide this list of BSA divisions.

This level of service makes me glad we chose to do business with your company. I rarely write to applaud a product, but the usefulness of your software to my job is very relevant.

The support you provided me with on the phone today along with the quick manner in which you responded to my refund request says a lot about you and your company. I shared with James ********* how helpful and prompt you have been regarding this matter.

It’s interesting to see that the City and Rename fields are actually the opposite of what expected of each one to be. You guys offered great customer support compared to your competition.

Taking disk with PDF file to Kinko's to get large version printed. Incredible market planning tool for us as we work to determine target clients.

James: Firstly, I continue to be impressed by the quality and speed at which my inquiries are addressed, both before and after my purchase. I knew immediately that I had failed to communicate an important aspect of my inquiry.

I finally got what I needed, transferred the zip codes onto the Excel sheet that was required and got them emailed to our national office, so they would send us the leads for our area that we need to grow our business. A few days a go I asked you how many individual zip codes there were.

Thanks a lot, so quick to respond, this is the better way to do business!! Jim, Please upgrade me to the business version.

If you need my cc info again please let me know. I have found that it is unusual to get a quick response from the “contact us” link.

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