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While on a trip to the castle, the three are attacked by Sheffield, who is revealed to be the familiar of an unseen Void mage that she refers to as “Master Joseph.” After arriving at the castle, Saith is given a paper by the princess that would make him a knight and effectively a noble.

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Saith, however, turns it down because he does not believe he can protect the princess or Louise without the familiar's contract that granted him Gandalf abilities. That night while worrying about recent events, Louise awakens to find Saith awake outside on the balcony.

After arriving at the castle, Saith is given a paper by the princess that would make him a knight and effectively a noble. Saith, however, turns it down because he does not believe he can protect the princess or Louise without the familiar's contract that granted him Gandalf abilities.

When asked about the disappearing runes, he tells them about the elf, whom he recalls as Tiffany while worrying about recent events, Louise awakens to find Saith awake outside on the balcony. 2 The Elf of the Forest More no Rosa July 13, 2008, While Saith, Louise, and Agnes are traveling to the village where Tiffany lives, they meet up with Siesta who manages to tag along because she is carrying cooking supplies and food.

Agnes, who is making a wooden sword, asked Saith to train a little to see how much he has improved on his swordsmanship. Out of desperation, Louise tries to summon Saith as her familiar again even though it seems impossible.

3 The Return of the Hero Eye no Kari July 20, 2008, Tiffany travels back to Tristan with the group. While introducing herself to the Queen, she's forced to remove her hat revealing a pair of long, pointed elf ears.

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Elves are shunned by civilized society, and she explains that she is in fact a half-elf: Her mother was an elf that died years earlier, and her father was the archduke of Albion and Henrietta's uncle. 4 The Rumored Accepted Student Was no Hennysei July 27, 2008, Saith begins training daily with the Knights of Or dine.

A student named Beatrice, who is revealed as royalty, becomes suspicious of Tiffany when she refuses to remove her hat. After telling her that she will remove the hat eventually, Tiffany decides to reveal her true identity as a half-elf.

Upon the revelation, Beatrice proclaims that she has the authority of the Pope and insists that Tiffany be put through a heretical interrogation. She proclaims that if Tiffany believes in the true God, she will be able to step into a pot of boiling water she has had prepared.

Later, Tiffany shows up at Saith's bed and ask him to check her breasts to see if he believes they are real. 5 The Alluring Women's Bath Make no Joshi Fur August 3, 2008, After the events of the last episode, Saith is forced, in his boxers, to read aloud and sign a pledge admitting that he take advantage of Tiffany in the infirmary.

Upon seeing the shack where Professor Colbert kept his books and other materials, he enters and sadly remembers the teacher's wish to someday visit Saith's world. Saito’s attention turns to the piles of gifts being left for Quiche and Reynaldo, and inquires as to their meaning, and Reynaldo explains that gifts from the ladies are becoming more common after the fight with the Air Dragon Knights (from the previous episode).

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A newcomer in the Knights of Online, Girl, comes up with an idea, and they set about digging a hole to the women's bathhouse, where they use magic to create a small peephole, bringing Saith along to join them. In the bath, Tiffany explains to Louise that it was she who asked Saith to touch her breasts.

This leaves Louise a bit upset over her treatment of him, the realization to which she didn't even bother to listen, and fears that he may not come back. When Montmorency comes into the dining hall looking for Quiche, Tabitha hides Saith in a rather provocative manner--by pressing her naked body up against him.

With word that Quiche has been found, Tabitha heads off, but the sound of whispers claims her attention, and she soon passes out from fear of ghosts. However, the embrace comes to an abrupt end when Tabitha wakes up for a brief moment, and once again, Louise gets the wrong idea.

He ends up in the same position as in the beginning, only this time the pledge is for him never to touch breasts smaller than Louise's (or anyone else, for that matter). In protest, Siesta grabs Saith's hand and rests it on her breast, and in a rage, Louise blows him up.

6 The Taboo Magical Potion Make no Joshi Fur August 10, 2008, It starts off with Siesta at the imp café with her uncle and cousin, Jessica, telling her to try harder at getting Saith, eventually giving her a love potion. Finally, Siesta who believes that she can take better care of Saith than Louise is allowed one hour for that purpose.

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The first person she looks at is Louise who has come to check up on Saith, but after Montmorency kisses her it is discovered the potion is more like a virus, and it is eventually left for Tiffany to sort it out. Tiffany uses a long-forgotten spell to wipe the memories of all those affected, and Montmorency forgives Siesta for causing the mess, reminding her not to do it again.

Tabitha is later confronted by Sheffield, who attempts to sway the young girl by tempting her with promises to save the former's mother. 6.5 Seductive Beach (OVA) Wake no Sahara August 13, 2008, Saith blinks as he looks at the contents of a secret box.

A series of beach games follow, and Louise asks Saith to take her out on a midnight walk. 7 Senior Dance Party Sureipunru no Utopia August 17, 2008, Siesta, in an effort to win Saith, challenges Louise to a contest.

Louise accepts, telling Saith that if he succeeds, she will allow him to “continue what he started before.” The day of the ball arrives, and each participant takes a turn at the mirror of truth, which transforms him or her into their ideal self. They are saved by a sudden wave of fire magic, originating from Colbert and Circle, riding the dark shape from earlier, which is revealed to be an enormous flying machine.

Pursued across the ship (under the mistaken impression the magic will remove his clothes) by the increasingly desperate trio Saith is finally cornered, and it is revealed to all about Tabitha's involvement in the previous nights escapade. 9 Tabitha's Sister Tabata no Into August 24, 2008, The episode begins with the Online Knights searching for something when a nude girl drops from the sky onto Malone in the same fashion as when Louise lands on Saith in the opening.

Louise kicks Saith in the groin, sending him to the ground, then asks the girl why she is naked. In response, Saith, Quiche, and Mali corn resign as knights in order not to trouble Tristan, and Henrietta responds by having them arrested.

Irukukwu reveals that she is really Glyphic, which is a rhyme dragon and capable of transforming into human form. 10 Border Mountain Pass Tokyo no Tone August 24, 2008, Saith and company take refugee in the Charming Fairy Inn while the search for them continues.

A plan is created to use the Outland to fly towards Herminia as a decoy, while Saith goes across the border directly. Sharron provides disguises for them, while Colbert, Siesta, Girl, and Canard proceed to liberate the Outland.

Louise sprains her ankle, and Saith tells her to rely on her, carrying her on his back. The Outland is eventually stopped by Tristan dragon knights, and Agnes nearly kills Colbert upon seeing him.

Under the pretext of having a show, they plan to make the soldiers drink alcohol laced with sleeping potion. Circle reveals that she knows the Louise is a Void mage, and apologizes for her past behavior, and invites her over to Germanic.

She says that she cannot forgive him for burning her village, but has a chance to end the cycle of hatred that would erupt should she kill Colbert. Back in Al Ham bra, the Baron wants Louise to attend to him personally, and she agrees, planning to drug his wine, but discovers that the sleeping potion has slipped out of her bra.

Derringer tells Louise to cast Dispel on him, which she does, allowing Saith to break through Basal's Counter. FIFA stops Saith from killing Basal, who tells them where Tabitha is and lets them go, and warns them that Joseph is a cold-blooded man, and that it wouldn't end there.

Tabitha is awakened by Glyphic, and cries upon seeing the gang, as Sheffield spies on them using her butterfly. 12 Wings of Freedom Jim no Tsubasa August 24, 2008, Louise has a nightmare in which she loses the ability to cast magic.

In Tristan, Henrietta dispatches the Outland and Colbert to rendezvous with Saith, carrying a type of cannon (which seems to be a German Flak 36, and Agnes offers the assistance of the Musketeer Force. Saith, under Tabitha's guidance, learns to read quickly, while Louise broods over her inability to cast magic.

Just before crossing the border, a Square-class golem, with Sheffield on its shoulder, lands in front of the carriage and blocking off the route into Tristan. Quiche, Circle, and Tabitha's attacks prove ineffective against the golem, who begins to crush Louise unless she uses her magic.

Saith's attacks are easily stopped by Counter, and Louise decides to sacrifice herself for her friends. Colbert, Circle, and Mari com unleash their most powerful spells, and manage to stop its advance.

Derringer tells Saith that Dispel needs to be cast onto the shells, and Louise refuses, saying she can't do it. Tabitha then kisses Saith, eliciting feelings of intense jealousy in Louise, causing her Void powers to be activated again.

Louise casts Dispel on the ammunition, which successfully pierces the Counter and destroys the golem. Henrietta awards her the royal mantle, declaring that Louise is now her sister and second successor to the throne, as well as returning Saith his chevalier cloak.

The ending credits also show Mari com and Quiche wearing their mantles with their school uniforms, signifying that Henrietta has reinstated their noble status.

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