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But the world itself is acting strange and KO finally discovers the server can only simulate a limited time period before resetting itself. KO discovers that Yoko can only exist as herself within the Altair, which causes pain for them as well as those around them.17"The Reconstruct ants”"Future Search Mono” ()July 27, 2006 (2006-07-27) While Shiva and Seizure go on an excursion on the repaired Regain Salaries, Into and the crew of the Oceanus must defend themselves against Sin, who has successfully infiltrated the ship in order to question the Celebrants' reasons for fighting the Sandstorm.

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I’ll admit I was quite biased when I heard that Sunrise was going to make yet another Mecca anime. One day I said duo;why not?duo; and watched the first episode afterwards I knew this was something quite different from your usual Mecca fare.

One of the major things that struck me was the OP (disguised as the ED in the first EP), duo;Mimi e McKay Hikari” sung by Amino Arab. This was not a fast-paced song with intense Mecca action in the background.

In addition, the story features several classic philosophical ideal from Descartes to Berkeley (?). However, unlike other anime titles Regain doesn’t bog the viewer down with its ideas.

Animation-wise there really isn’t anything to complain about, it seems Sunrise put a decent about of money into producing this anime. CG for the fight scenes at least in the beginning was kind of weak however, they managed to fix that mid series.

In terms of sound, I really like the OST, and it really accents many of scenes while not being too forward and in your face. However, it’s the OP and Eds which really stick out for me and are constantly appearing in my playlist.

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In general there is an overarching sense of sadness throughout the series and quite a bit of drama. While the action scenes are nicely done there are far better shows out there if that’s what you are looking for.

Our protagonist, KO, is living his normal life and starts noticing some weird occurrences and through a course of events finds himself piloting a robot and in an alternate game-seeming reality that after uncovering some truths will shake his very world and perception to its core. A typical problem a lot of similar shows have is collapsing under the weight of its complex story and setting because of potholes, info dumps (or the opposite, lack of exposition), and plot contrivances, none of which are problems here.

Regain manages to maintain a complex fully-explored setting and plot advancements without any of those, the show is really maturely handled, always evolving with its characters and plot developments, always rewarding, and never breaking its rules. I would talk more about the setting, but it's a bit hard to delve into without spoiling things, just keep in mind that it's never as simple as it seems and there's always another twist to rattle it up.

We may have some pacing problems here and there, but it's nothing too bad, it's never painfully dull or too fast, it can just be a little erratic sometimes due to the frequency that plot-twists are thrown and dealt with, it's never unsatisfying or impedes with dealing with its themes though. To top it all off we arrive at an extremely well-polished and powerful conclusion that leaves no loose ends and compliments its themes nicely.

Everyone is well fleshed out and receives a ton of backstory, that isn't to say the show goes overboard with its flashbacks but rather that backdrops fit extremely well into its narrative and always makes use of them. The characters evolve alongside the plot and revelations as they are forced to confront reality and their beliefs in a way that can totally rock their perception of life and their situations, aside from adding to the dynamics of their character it really makes for some thought-provoking ideas and intriguing angles of growth.

There is sort of a love triangle in the show, but it's perfectly excused by former and current relationships between the characters and plot advancements without ever seeming forced, melodramatic, or used for a reason that doesn't aid in developing its plot or characters, in fact it's very important to them. The characters all look really bland and the animation isn't the greatest (though it's definitely not bad), sure the show has some neat visual effects, but it definitely doesn't excuse this sections the biggest downfall for the show; the CGI.

The techs are designed fairly uniquely (albeit look and move a bit clunky) but it's put to shame by some poor CGI. Despite being a Mecca show, and done by Sunrise for that matter, the action scenes at least for the first half are very dull and unengaging.

Regain definitely delivers in a lot of areas but this is not one of them, good thing the show is more plot and character focused anyway. It's certainly not one of the strongest soundtracks I've heard, but the pieces range from average to incredible, there's certainly a lot of great tracks used that really add to the emotion and feeling of the scenes as well as just sounding great in general, especially a lot of the music in the latter half.

I myself wasn't too fond of the opening, but I didn't dislike it, the main ending theme however I'm really a fan of, and it seems to fit the show perfectly. The voice acting in the sub is stellar and has lots of impact, I definitely recommend it over the dub which ranges from average to bad and lazily done.

It's a pretty heavy show and not easily digestible, but it really stands out in the crowd and is one of the stronger hidden gems I've seen, definitely an underrated work that needs more appreciation. This really feels like one of the greater sci-fi show's of the medium, and you should really check this out if it seems like your cup of tea, and you can get past some bad CGI.

Regain is not only a show full of plentiful Mecca action, it has a romance side and a philosophical side to it as well. Story: The story starts off a normal day for Sonora Kyo, but it quickly escalates as he is placed in the cockpit of a Mecca called Regain Altair. The story progresses at a fairly decent pace and has several twists in the plot that'd question what you know from before.

Combined with the animation, it'll leave you with a certain sense of peace and at times it'll put you at edge when battle starts. They range from the ever cool and arrogant ones to the loud and clueless protagonist.

KO is caught in a love triangle with two of his female companions and the romance ensues between a few other characters as well. It follows the main character KO throughout his appearance/denial of the evidence that reality to him isn'ta tall what it's made out to be.

This along with clues that the writers threw in made this a very interesting anime to watch. Personally I found the main background story very compelling series and a slight urgency to see the next episode.

There was a big drama side to regain more of following KO and his decisions and how he develops as a person. As all good anime's do they throw in a couple of rivals that shows up later that are as equally skilled.

The animation is main CG work however they do incorporate the drawings to CG very well, The MEC camp; ship designs looked original rather than a certain well known Mecca anime that every man and their dog seem to rip off. Sound: The OST music throughout the series was perfect well suited to the situations given.

Overall I can say I really enjoyed Sega it did exactly what it set out to do tell a story while looking good doing it! Edit Sonora KO is a normal high school student with great passion for the things he holds dear.

In this anime that questions the line between fantasy and reality, KO is going to find out that the truth might be even more bizarre than his inability to distinguish fact from fiction. In this second volume, KO discovers that he and everyone he knows are merely computer simulations of dead human beings.

But, as he comes to terms with this earth-shattering revelation, KO moves closer to an ever more startling secret. In order to keep his high school's swimming club open by recruiting more members, KO hopes to enlist Seizure to appear in a promo video shot by KO's close friend, Yoko.

In episode 2, the main character KO swims some laps in the school's indoor pool as his former teammates Kenya, Taker and Toy come in Kenya starts teasing KO because he is sometimes seeing a girl that nobody else notices. Being hot-headed as well, Kenya starts assaulting KO by punching his stomach repeatedly.

However, KO soon comes to realize that the world that he is living in might not even be real at all and begins to find that everything he is doing is strangely familiar. KO is an enthusiastic person who gets good grades and loves to swim more than anything else, but can also be reckless and become easily frustrated when he finds he cannot understand what is happening around him.

His past self seemed to have had a relationship with his co-pilot Seizure until he had lost his memory having obtained too much wet damage after he had self-destructed himself in the battle for the moon server. He left messages for his future self to prevent himself from making the same mistakes and exhausting himself emotionally from the strain of being a Celebrant.

Voiced by: Kana Hinayana (Japanese), Tiffany Barrett (English)Height: 160 weight: 46 Tokyo's childhood friend, a cheerful girl who dreams of becoming a film director and is a member of the high school Video Club. Voiced by: Awake Kawasaki (Japanese), Sandra Jacobs (English)Height: 168 weight: 48 kg beautiful girl who knew and loved KO in his past life, before he was reborn.

She acts as the Wizard of the Altair Regain, but later becomes Chris' partner after Argue's death. She is an expert of data salvage and saved KO, Yoko, Toga, and many other Celebrants.

Voiced by: Tomorrow Sub (Japanese), Patrick Sat (English)The president of the Student Council at KO's school, but also revealed to be the commander of the Oceanus, the base of operations for KO, Seizure, and other Celebrants, and the leader of Celeb ram. Like Seizure, there is more to him than meets the eye, and he is only one who knows the true conditions of the present world.

It is later revealed that Shiva's apparition (thus the reason why his Celebrant icon reads “CP-041” instead of his name) is actually a clone of his true self, a Sandstorm who seeks to aid humanity's resurrection but remains with the Sandstorm. Voiced by: Marina Income (Japanese), Lisa Enoch's (English)Originally from the Sydney server, Into is the vice-president of the Student Council and Shiva's second-in-command on board the Oceanus.

Into's type of Celebrant icon is “CO-ADMINISTRATOR” and her surname is hidden like Shiva and Yell's. Voiced by: Rome Park (Japanese), Michael Irish (English)The Gunner of the Garuda.

Voiced by: Yew Making (Japanese), Jenny Powell (English)May-Yen's older twin sister, one of the Garuda's Wizards who are also originally from Shanghai. Voiced by: Keno Watanabe (Japanese), Beth Gannett (English)Many's younger twin sister, one of the Garuda's Wizards, though she occasionally works as the Wizard for Chris after Argue's death.

Voiced by: Hiroshi Tanaka (Japanese), Doug Holt (English)One of the Hræsvelgr's pilots (the Gunner) and Argue's husband. He and Argue love each other dearly; KO has sarcastically compared them to the French film Les Am ants du Pont-Neuf (The Lovers on the Bridge in English).

Voiced by: AYA Hiragana (Japanese), Sarah Side (English)One of the Hræsvelgr's pilots (Wizard) and Chris' wife. In the end, she sacrifices herself to force the Sandstorm to retreat back to their base while leaving a trail of particles for the Celebrants on the Oceanus to track.

Voiced by: Hausa Mural The commander of the Dvorak, a ship like the Oceanus. After Shiva, she appears to hold the most authoritative power within Celeb ram and is respected amongst her colleagues.

He and Sin meet their end when Chris destroys all their replacement bodies and the two Sandstorm die in battle. She manages to infiltrate the Oceanus with a childlike desire to understand why the Celebrants continue to fight, specifically questioning Into, Lusher, KO, and Yoko.

The data is a representation of human memory, thought, personality, physical characteristics, etc. Due to simple parameter aggregation, meta bodies are, in general, unable to leave the server.

Meta bodies are maintained in the state at which the data was originally saved in the server, thus never age, as well as being unable to advance. When this limit is reached, all data (history, memories, etc) are reset to their initial state of the simulated time frame.

In the case of the Bahama server, the time frame of April 5 to August 31 is repeated. Most of Bahama's inhabitants, other than the students who had come to the school for clubs, died from the ORM virus before reaching the refuge.

Shiva, Seizure, and KO (previous version) moved the server from its location in Bahama to the Sandstorm stronghold on the moon. A number of years prior, the Sandstorm caused the sensation of the server's operation, and it became corrupted.

In episode 4, when the server was in danger of being engulfed by a Def-terraformed sphere, Many and May-Yen attempted to evacuate the data, but were unable to complete the procedure before the server was completely destroyed under the effects of the def-terraformed sphere. Cerebrum was organized shortly after Kuroshio awakened as a Celebrant, which occurred after the Shikoku server had looped eight times.

Colonic Loader A generic term of Regain Altair, Garuda, Hræsvelgr, Salaries and any other human-like robots which operate by loading a Meta-body. Regain A giant fighting robot developed by Shiva and the other twelve commanders of Oceanus-class ships.

Episode 24 of the anime provides a Japanese translation of the term Regain as “Great Pain” (, oi Nauru Tami ? Wizard A pilot in control of switching weapons, monitoring battle information, and the technical maintenance of the Regain.

Wizards who possess an almost telepathic link with the Gunner as a result of a strong bond which allows their data to mesh are referred to as witches. Yoko is one such pilot and is capable of predicting and modifying the Regain according to what KO needs in battle without him asking.

Oceanus Class Ship The base of activity for Celebrants when they are in the real world, developed from Sandstorm technology created by Shiva. Surprisingly, the Sandstorm originally focused most of their technological progress on developing their evolution and advancement to extra solar planet and only turned to developing more powerful weapons when the Meta-bodies unexpectedly began to emerge as Celebrants.

The etymology is Midgardsormr, a serpent of the Norse mythology and SANDSTORM's robots are named for the snake or the annelid. In these areas, various ecosystems formed and human beings became creatures like Sin and Abyss, who are unable to feel any pain. The proper pronunciation of the Greek “Dexter” () is defter, hence the Japanese spelling of Defter (); However, the Sega AI pronounces it with an English voice as “Doo-truh” /duty/.

They can seem as if they have “intelligence”, but they are only programs that innumerably collect human reactive patterns, so they don’t have a core that feels Quality and a Cartesian theater that is the center of consideration (Philosophical zombie). It can make the Colonic Armor useless by projecting a light wave with an opposing phase.

Lusher's father, the CEO of the Mao Enterprise Group, was one of the main sponsors of ill and their contributions allowed survivors of the ORM Virus to take refuge in quantum computers; Lusher believes that these acts actually make them partly responsible for humanity's extinction. Celeb ram confirms that Nga, using the ORM Virus as a biological weapon, is responsible for forcing humanity into quantum computers as experimental material to pursue his vision of “infinite evolution”.

ORM Virus The retrovirus created by Nga to force humans become Meta-Bodies as the only means of survival. It consists of four phases: An all-out attack from all Oceanus-class ships on the Dexter Area Sabbath at the North Pole.

03 A Def-Terraformed Sphere” Defter Reiki () April 20, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} As KO plays a game given to him by Student Council President Shiva, he begins to question the reality he lives in. 05 Déjà Vu” Dena BYU () May 4, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} KO convinces himself that Bahama is real and so are all his friends.

06 Peabody” Hentai () May 11, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} KO tries to prove that what he feels and experiences within his world are real, but instead becomes temperamental as he realizes that even his friends may be nothing more than illusions. When he tries to leave Bahama to affirm the reality of his world, Seizure finally explains the truth.

07 Wandering Soul” Mayor Takashi () May 18, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Finally convinced that Bahama is an artificial illusion, including those cares most about, KO spends the day with Yoko at the aquarium, who notices he has changed despite how he acts otherwise. Accompanied by Many, he goes to see the real Maihama, so he will experience the pain of reality and know why he must continue to protect his illusory world.

11 Remaining Illusions” Noor Maharishi () June 15, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Argue spends her last days making lasting memories with Chris, KO, Seizure, and Yoko. 12 Those That Awaken” Meager Monotachi () June 22, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} The crew of the Oceanus survey potential Celebrant candidates, which include Yoko, Hayes, and Tonight.

Yoko fully awakens, and she spends the day with KO and asks to see the real world someday with him. 13 New Wizard” Aratanaru Wizard () June 29, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Yoko joins the crew of the Oceanus and goes around filming the real world as she wished.

She becomes KO's new Wizard and proves to be an exceptionally skilled pilot, but tragedy strikes when the Altair is struck by Sin and Yoko's apparition data is destroyed. 14 Destroyed Memories” Moroni no Kick () July 6, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} KO must overcome his grief over Yoko's loss while Lu Sheng reveals what caused humanity to be stored within servers in the first place.

16 Revived Battlefield” Fujitsu no Sent () July 20, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} The Bahama server resets and the summer school term starts again; Yoko returns to the server, but is hospitalized and comatose. 17 The Restored” Future Search Mono () July 27, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} While Shiva and Seizure go on an excursion, Into and the crew of the Oceanus must defend themselves against Sin, who has successfully infiltrated the ship in order to question the Celebrants' reasons for fighting the Sandstorm.

19 Last Supper” Auto Saga () August 10, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} A suspicious Lu Sheng confronts Seizure over dinner in the Bahama server concerning her recent actions and her identity as “Yell”. KO and Yoko attempt to defend the Bahama server from Sin and Abyss, but are devastated when it is destroyed, unaware that Lu Sheng and Seizure are still somehow alive along with everyone else.

21 The Soldiers” Senshitachi... (...) August 24, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} Shiva reveals Cerebrum's plan for the final battle against the Sandstorm and for the resurrection of humanity. When Kuroshio believes the best option would be to become Sandstorm instead of gaining a true body and leaving the server, Shiva attempts to reveal the real nature behind their enemies only to collapse from dry damage.

Into takes his place as the commander of the Oceanus and the Celebrants begin to execute their Final Plan: Project Resurrection. 23 When the Moon Does Not Sink” Shizumanai Ski () September 7, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} The Altair and Garuda successfully infiltrate the Sandstorm base after fighting Abyss and Sin, only to enter the Sandstorm's quantum computer and be confronted by Nga and his views on the nature of life and humanity.

24 One Drop of Light” Hikaru no Hitoshizuku () September 14, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} KO, Yoko, Lu Sheng, and Many meet the real Shiva, who waited for them and believes that they may not be able to execute Project Resurrection. The Altair and Garuda fight back against Sin and Abyss' Anti-bug unit while the rest of the Oceanus' crew bid a final goodbye to Shiva.

The battle between the Sandstorm and the Celebrants enters the Bahama server and Sin is finally defeated. 26 All Creation” Shinrabansh (ARI to Arthur Mono) ( ()) September 28, 2006 {{{FirstEngAirDate}}} After destroying Hephaestus, KO and Seizure race to stop the expanding Dexter Areas on Earth by destroying their orbital base while carrying the Bahama server and the resurrection system's data compressed the Altair.

KO finally defeats Abyss while Seizure, with help from Into and the other crew members, stabilizes the system and eliminates the Dexter Areas. The first game, published by Banzai, is called Regain XOR and was released in Japan on July 27, 2006.

A much action game, the player controls Celebrant Toga Vital and the plot runs parallel to the events of the anime. Regain XOR is set on the Oceanus-class ship Dvorak and commanded by Sold, a recurring character in the anime series.

The story is set and told from the point of view of the Sandstorm, the antagonists to the heroes in the anime and Regain XOR. The manga adaptation by You Kabuki, Regain Garden: AI Always, was serialized in the monthly magazine Denied Died from August 2006 to October 2006.

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