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Anime Appearance Related Entities collapse pane KO is an enthusiastic person who gets good grades and loves to swim more than anything else, but can also be reckless and become easily frustrated when he finds he cannot understand what is happening around him.

He is also a playable character in Regain XOR. According to Seizure, his past self was thoughtful and prudent and kept his emotional pain to himself. His past self seemed to have had a relationship with his co-pilot Seizure until he had lost his memory having obtained too much wet damage after he had self-destructed himself in the battle for the moon server.

He left messages for his future self to prevent himself from making the same mistakes and exhausting himself emotionally from the strain of being a Celebrant. Yoko Kaminski ( , Kaminski Yoko) Voiced by: Kana Hinayana (Japanese); Tiffany Barrett (English)Height: 160cmWeight: 46kgKyo's childhood friend, a cheerful girl who dreams of becoming a film director and is a member of the high school Video Club.

Seizure Miami ( , Miami Seizure) / Yell (, Peru) Voiced by: Awake Kawasaki (Japanese); Sandra Jacobs (English)Height: 168cmWeight: 48kgA beautiful girl who knew and loved KO in his past life, before he was reborn. Shiva () Voiced by: Tomorrow Sub (Japanese); Patrick Sat (English)The president of the Student Council at KO's school, but also revealed to be the commander of the Oceanus, the base of operations for KO, Seizure, and other Celebrants, and the leader of Celeb ram.

Like Seizure, there is more to him than meets the eye, and he is only one who knows the true conditions of the present world. It is later revealed that Shiva's apparition (thus the reason why his Celebrant icon reads “CP-041” instead of his name) is actually a clone of his true self, a revolting Sandstorm who seeks to aid humanity's resurrection but remains with the Sandstorm.

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Into's type of Celebrant icon is “CO-ADMINISTRATOR” and her surname is hidden like Shiva and Yell's. Taker Ship ( , Ship Taker) Voiced by: Masaryk NATO (Japanese); Ryan Coughlin (English)One of KO's friends, a member of the Swim Club; he rejoins the Swim Club when Hayes does since he actually had forgiven KO, but stayed away from him because of Yamaguchi and Hayes.

He has shown signs of “awakening” and awareness that the world around him is a digital illusion, but does not become a Celebrant before the Bahama server is reset. When Sin and Abyss invade the Bahama server, he reawakens to an extent where he is able to join Into, Erie, and Kuroshio to help Seizure stop the Dexter areas from engulfing the Earth.

Key Tonight ( , Tonight Key) Voiced by: Keno Watanabe (Japanese); Julie Ann Taylor (English)A friend of KO and Yoko's; he willingly participates in most of Yoko's film projects. When Sin and Abyss invade the Bahama server, he reawakens to the degree where he is able to help Seizure stop the Dexter areas from engulfing the Earth with Into, Erie, and Kuroshio.

Mizuki Taliban ( , Taliban Mizuki) Voiced by: Yuan (Japanese); Jennifer Sekiguchi (English)Yoko's friend, a member of the Theater Club, tennis club, and the volleyball team. In the past, he was a Regain Gunner until his apparition data became too unstable to entangle and previously worked under Sold, whom Kuroshio admires and respects.

Kuroshio, unlike many of the other Celebrants, is reluctant to give up his life as a seemingly undying apparition for a true body. Sen'CHI Kuroshio ( , Kuroshio Sen'CHI) Voiced by: Yakitori Mutsuhito (Japanese); C. David Fries (English)KO's science and homeroom teacher at Bahama Miami High School; KO frequently calls him “Usage”.

Mizushima () Voiced by: Ring Stop (Japanese); Sandra Jacobs (English)The nurse at KO's school, who appears to be close to Kuroshio and later accepts a marriage proposal from him. Her Meta-Body data was severely wet damaged in the first battle of Oscar and cannot be restored, so she does not appear in the Bahama server.

During each period of Bahama summer on the servers, Hayes is unaware of her disappearance despite the fact he shows signs of awakening. Tour died in the first battle of Oscar, but the server hides the reality of his death by saying that he is too sick to come to school.

Because his father was a high-ranking government official, he learned beforehand that August 31 would be the day Bahama City was to be isolated. Funnier () Voiced by: Yukon Aida A character was mentioned in passing during the original series, who appears in Regain ADP.

Jen Many (, Ma ) Voiced by: Yew Making (Japanese); Jenny Powell (English)May-Yen's older twin sister, one of the Garuda's Wizards who are also originally from Shanghai. Jen May-Yen (, Ma Yen) Voiced by: Keno Watanabe (Japanese); Elizabeth Gannett (English)Many's younger twin sister, one of the Garuda's Wizards, though she occasionally works as the Wizard for Chris after Argue's death.

She is somewhat less experienced as a Wizard compared to Many, indicated when she was training with Chris in the Hræsvelgr, but a capable pilot nevertheless. Chris Avenge ( , Kurdish Aveiro) Voiced by: Hiroshi Tanaka (Japanese); Doug Holt (English)One of the Hræsvelgr's pilots (the Gunner) and Argue's husband.

He and Argue love each other dearly; KO has sarcastically compared them to the French film Les Am ants du Pont-Neuf (The Lovers on the Bridge in English). Argue Avenge ( , AKU Aveiro) Voiced by: AYA Hiragana (Japanese); Sarah Side (English)One of the Hræsvelgr's pilots (Wizard) and Chris' wife.

In the end, she sacrifices herself to force the Sandstorm to retreat back to their base while leaving a trail of particles for the Celebrants on the Oceanus to track. Sold (, Zora) Voiced by: Hausa Mural (Japanese); Jedi Good (English)The commander of the Dvorak, a ship like the Oceanus.

Toga is the main character of Regain XOR, where he was salvaged by Seizure, but like KO, has lost a lot of his memories. Sarah (, Sara) Voiced by: Mike Nagasaki One of the Altair's Wizards under Sold's command.

Though a competent Wizard, she is referred to by some as the “god of death” because her Gunner tends to die in battle while she survives. Maëlle Transferred ( , Maseru Transferee) Voiced by: OMI Miami One of the Altair's Wizards is under Sold's command who was originally rescued from a sinking warship.

In Regain XOR, she is also partnered with Toga and appears to be responsible for his awakening after Seizure salvages him. In the battle of the Moon server (anime episode 1), Mid unwittingly leaks the Celebrants' strategy to the Sandstorm because her Meta-Body data contains an observation program built in by the Sandstorm.

The battle results in a devastating defeat and the loss of KO, Toga, Chris, and Argue. In contrast to the seemingly unlucky Sarah, Saw is considered to be “the man who survives on good fortune”.

He appears in Regain XOR, but makes a small non-speaking cameo in episode 22 with Sarah as his Wizard. Mueller (, Mere) Voiced by: Hikaru Midoriyama The vice-commander of the Dvorak and the Hræsvelgr's Gunner.

Intel (, Inner) Voiced by: At sushi Ono The commander of the Cordial (Bordeaux ?). Day ( , Tao You) Voiced by: Tarot Yamaguchi The commander of the Catalan.

Mile (, IRU) Voiced by: Tomorrow Sub The commander of the Deucalion (Deucalion ?). She makes a brief speaking appearance in the final episode as the remaining Oceanus class ships attempt to escape from the destruction of the Sandstorm's North Pole base.

Lemurs (, Demurest) Voiced by: Spinach Sufi (Japanese); Tom Shelton (English)One of the Oceanus class ship' AIs. Turbo (, Turbo) Voiced by: Fujiko Tahiti (Japanese); C. David Fries (English)One of the Oceanus class ship' AIs.

Rosetta () Voiced by: Juno Oneida (Japanese); Julie Ann Taylor (English)One of the Oceanus class ship' AIs. She mainly supports transferring the Regain, but is also responsible for monitoring interior sensors onboard Oceanus.

Ricer ca (, Richer) Voiced by: Mai Kawasaki (Japanese); Rachel Temple (English)One of the Oceanus class ship' AIs. She also mainly supports transferring the Regain and is capable of controlling the Salaries as a Gunner or a Wizard.

Data (, Data) Voiced by: Era Naval (Japanese); Natasha Baker (English)One of the Oceanus class ship' AIs. RPA () Voiced by: Miami Juno A new character introduced in Regain ADP.

Sega AI (THAI, Sega AI) Voiced by: Mai Kawasaki (Japanese); Jedi Good (English)The programming the conveys the conditions of the Regain to the flight crew (Gunner and Wizard). Abyss (, ABIS) Voiced by: Masaryk NATO (Japanese); Bill Lamas (English)One of the people with “light” who are constantly launching assaults on those without “light” in Anti- Regain ships in order to destroy servers.

He and Sin meet their end when Chris destroys all their replacement bodies and the two Sandstorm die in battle. Sin (, Shin) Voiced by: Yuan (Japanese); Kelly Early (English)Abyss' female partner, who is as strong as he is, and seems to be aware of a link between Seizure Miami (Yell) and Sandstorm.

Sin manages to infiltrate the Oceanus with a childlike desire to understand why the Celebrants continue to fight, specifically questioning Into, Lusher, KO, and Yoko. Nga exists as the quantum computer, but is the leader of the Sandstorm who aim toward the human race's “infinite evolution”.

Calm (, Kama) Voiced by: RIE Bulimia A Wizard for the Sandstorm, who is skilled in close range combat and appears in Regain NOT. While resembling Sin, Calm's serious personality is copied from the data of an unknown Celebrant suspected to be Kaminski Yoko.

Common (, Demon) Voiced by: Katsuki Promote A test Wizard for the Sandstorm, but was assigned to the battlefield when her abilities proved to be invaluable. Nausea (, Nausea) Voiced by: Unshod Shibuya The Oceanus class ship Larnax's commander of Sandstorm side who appears in Regain NOT.

The etymology of his name likely derives from NASA, a king from Hindu mythology who became a snake because of a curse. Correggio (, Horatio) Voiced by: Kahuna Sakai A gunner for the Sandstorm who is harsh and righteous in character.

She holds some antipathy for Toga Dupe, who she considers a human fake, when he is also appointed to the elite. KOI Kaminski ( , Kaminski KOI) Voiced by: Hiram Matsuda (Japanese); Hayden Rhone (English)Yoko's younger brother, who enjoys playing the Pain of Sega game.

Because he is not a Celebrant, Shiva is able to alter KOI's memories and Into can directly control his body when they attempt to help KO overcome his sadness over the loss of Yoko. Miami Sonora ( , Sonora Miami) Voiced by: AYA End KO's younger sister, a junior high school student who appears only after KO is able to save the Bahama server from destruction.

Miami is apparently important to KO, who only recognized her name and their mother's as part of a missing memory. It is likely that she was unable to take shelter at the Bahama Miami High School and died.

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