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Anime series Directed by Network TV Tokyo, BS Japan ARC-V centers around Yuma Sakai, as he tries to escape from harsh reality by smiling.

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One day, Yuma ends up fighting an exhibition match with the current champion of Pro Duel world… In order to become a pro and follow in his father's footsteps, Yuma must win four matches in a row to qualify for the Arc League Championship.

During this challenge, Yuma grows as a Duelist and eventually gains entry into the tournament. As the tournament is about to begin, Declan wonders whether Yuma has the strength to protect the Standard Dimension from his father, Leo Arab.

The Paradise City Championship is underway, and Yuma's first match is against his rival: Sylvia. When they last met, Sylvia promised that he would master Pendulum Summoning before their next Duel and defeat Yuma.

Meanwhile, Sora's opponent is none other than Shay, a highly dangerous Duelist from another dimension who has entered the tournament at Declan's request. Ultimately, Yuma and his friends have found themselves in an ever-growing mystery surrounding the major Dueling schools in the city... and beyond.

Performer : Kens ho Ono and Hosoda Yeshivas Episodes : 031-049 General edits involve changes to dialogue, names and scoring.

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The names of terms returning from previous series' are changed to be the same as in previous dubs, while in the Japanese they are often different (for example, Public Security Bureau and Neo Domino City became Security and the City in the Japanese between Yu-Gi-Oh ! The Pendulum Zone activation and point gauge sound effects are replaced with different ones than the originals.

Choir Tokumatsu's mantra of “Enjoy Dueling” is changed to “Be a Hero”. General edits that involves digital paint goes under this category.

Nico Smiley's mustache was lengthened to avoid resemblance to Adolf Hitler. The Duelist's names in the beginning of all Duels are removed and the LP counter is enlarged.

Skirts and socks on female characters are lengthened to avoid any sexual implications. When a Duelist is holding a card(s) in a way that it appears like they're flipping the bird, their hand is redrawn.

Some close up shots showing lots of text are cut. Some scenes that are too violent to be shown are cut, edited or shortened.

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Doubling the irony, Aster Phoenix, Jack Atlas and Kite Ten are rivals to the main character of their respective series, but Set Kaaba (who held the role first) does not appear. The plot bears similarity to the DC Comics event Crisis on Infinite Earths.

Due to the blunder of one man's plan, multiple worlds are put at risk. Leo Arab's monomania in trying to revive Ray ended up causing Arc's fragments to encounter and absorb each other, reviving the greatest threat to reality.

The series aired in Japan on TV Tokyo from April 6, 2014, to March 26, 2017. The series is licensed outside Japan by INAMI Cross Media NY and launched internationally in 2015.

A manga adaptation by NATO Hiroshi began serialization in Shueisha's V Jump magazine in August 2015. In Paradise City's You Show Duel School, a second-year middle school student named Yuma Sakai aspires to become a professional Detained.

Yuma awakens a new power called Pendulum Summoning, which attracted attention of the Leo Corporation's president, Declan Arab. Duel Academy is led by Declan's estranged father, Leo Arab, who seeks to unite the four dimensions.

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Declan formed a group of elite duelists called the Lancers to stop his father, while they build their numbers during their travels to the Synchro and XYZ Dimensions. Gradually recognizing a dark presence swelling inside him since absorbing Auto, Yuma learns he has a strong psychic connection to him, Yugo, and Yuri that occurs whenever their summoned dragons are calling one another.

Yuma and his friends also realized that Leo seeks to capture Yuma's childhood friend, Zulu Boyle, and the Lancers' Fusion Dimension member, Celina, as they are identical to the XYZ Dimension's Lulu Obsidian and In of the Synchro Dimension who were already captured. Arriving in Fusion Dimension to save Celina, Zulu gets captured as well with Yuma and the Lancers infiltrating Duel Academy to save the girls.

When they confront Leo, he reveals the four dimensions used to be one world until the day a mad duelist named Arc attempted to destroy everything. Leo intended to stop Arc with the special En Cards he created.

His daughter, Ray, steals the cards and sacrifices herself in his stead to defeat Arc while splintering the world into the four dimensions. Only Ray, who has been reincarnated as Zulu and her counterparts, had been subconsciously preventing Arc's attempts to reawaken prior to Leo having the girls abducted.

However, the reactor is unable to fully restore Ray's physical form as Leo planned due to lack of life energies. After Yuri absorbed Yugo, Arc capitalized on the turn of events by taking over Yuma's body and having him absorb the willing Yuri to complete his resurrection.

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With Ray possessing Declan's adopted sister, Riley, to fight Arc, Yuma manages to regain himself to help Ray defeat Arc with the En Cards that splits the dimensions once more. When Yuma awakens in the Standard Dimension that has been reborn as the Pendulum Dimension, he had no memory of his experience across the dimensions or of Zulu until Declan restored his memories and everyone else's with a reenactment of the Arc League Championship.

Declan reveals that Riley used a moment in the dimensional divide to transfer Arc's essence from Yuma into herself to keep the evil spirit from being scattered across the dimensions again. Riley turned into a catatonic infant girl as a consequence of her action.

Declan fears that Arc may eventually take over Riley's body and resume his rampage again. Yuma is told that only he, as Arc's essence, can stop Arc for good by using his Detaining skills to make Riley smile and pacify the possessing spirit.

Yuma proceeds to travel to other dimensions and defeat the other Lancers with Riley watching the footage. On his way, Yuma finds Zulu and her counterparts still inside the Arc-V Reactor in an inactive state.

Though his counterparts help him tame the Four Dragons, Yuma learns he made no progress with Riley. This act awakened Ray, who appears in the Pendulum Dimension and revives as Zulu, with her counterparts now a part of her, similar to Yuma's case.

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Originally only having users of Tribute Summoning, the Standard Dimension now contains all three summoning methods of Fusion, Synchro, and XYZ, introduced to it by Leo Arab and his Leo Corporation. This dimension is known for its unique Action Dueling, which uses the Real Solid Vision System to give mass to its holograms and allow Duelists to interact with their monsters and the artificially created environment.

The Real Solid Vision System is an evolved form of the original Solid Vision System, which only had intangible holograms. New Domino City thrives on a free competition society consisting of two classes.

The elite class of 1%, the Topsides, are the upper class society living in wealth, while the poor Commons are the lower class 99% of society living in poverty under the Topsides' area. Discrimination against Commons is high, and they are treated as the tools for allowing the Tops to live in wealth.

New Domino City is ruled by the High Council, which upholds Martial Law and Sector Security who act as police for the Topsides. To maintain the peace of the city, the High Council holds the yearly Friendship Cup, where Duelists from both the Topsides and Commons can fairly duel each other on Duel Runners.

However, those who lose are sent to an underground garbage refinery with little to no chance of returning to the surface. After Yuma's duel against Jack in the Friendship Cup final match, the High Council retired and the social class system was abolished.

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Some characters from the 5D's series reappear as different dimension counterparts, who are primarily the main characters, Jack Atlas, Crow Hogan, and Lamar, who only appears for one episode when Yuma duels Jack a second time. Heartland City was reduced to ruin from the invasion by the Fusion Dimension's Duel Academy with the remaining survivors forming a Resistance group based in the ruined Heartland City becoming their base.

When Leo comes to the Fusion Dimension upon regaining his memories, he establishes the militant-based Duel Academy and gathers many strong Duelists from all over the dimension to achieve his goal of hunting down Ray's incarnations. The students of Duel Academy are mostly children who were taken from other families once of age.

They are forced to remain on the campus to be trained as child soldiers until the Arc-Area Project is completed. Those who escaped from Duel Academy are branded as traitors and will be turned into cards as punishment.

Alexis Rhodes and Aster Phoenix are two of the main characters from GO, who make their reappearance as different counterparts in this dimension. When Arc began his rampage, Ray used the Four Nature Cards her father developed to splinter this reality, dividing Arc's being and rendering him harmless at the cost of getting herself splintered in the process.

Leo's goal is to restore the Original Dimension as a new dimension that he renamed ARC-V, by fusing the four dimensions and merging Zulu and her counterparts with the ARC-V reactor he had created, which is powered by the life energies of the people who were turned into cards, so his daughter Ray can be reborn. After Ray uses the Nature Cards to split the world back into the four dimensions, Declan reveals the dimensions are still linked by the still active remains of ARC-V serving as wormholes, with Ray's essence still in the reactor core within the Fusion Dimension, until Yuma pacifies Arc.

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After Arc is defeated by Riley the standard dimension changes to the Pendulum Dimension and everyone there gained the ability of pendulum summons. Which is where Yuma saves Riley from Arc's evil in an all out duel against Declan Arab.

The 4K version had its debut on March 12, 2015, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as part of the Yep! In North America, the English Dub began airing on Canada's Telethon on July 24, 2015, and on Fictions in the United States on February 21, 2016.

A manga one-shot illustrated by NATO Hiroshi was published in the July 2014 issue of Shueisha's V Jump magazine released on May 21, 2014. An English version was released on May 26, 2014, on Weekly Shnen Jump.

A full adaptation by Hiroshi began serialization in V Jump on August 21, 2015. It began publication in English by Viz Media in its digital Shnen Jump on August 24, 2015.

Was serialized in Spiky Jump between April 3, 2015, and August 3, 2017, and was collected in two volumes. Opening themes “BelieveBelieve” by Bullet Train () (EPS.

31-49, Replaced) “UNLEASH” (, KHANATE) by GEIPAN Niagara () (EPS. 50-75) “Trump Card” (, Garífuna) by Cinema Staff (EPS.

76-98) “LIGHT OF HOPE” (, KIROV NO HIKARU) by Unknown Number!!! 125-147) “Gallop (Japanese Version)” by Park eung-sik (EPS.

76-98) “Vision” (, Bison) by USO pinkie () (EPS. 99-124) “Dashing Pendulum” (, Scissor Pendyuramu) by M!OK (EPS.

125-147) “Blue Flame Syndrome” by Riga Linda (EPS. English opening theme “Can you Feel the Power” by Max Surly, Ali Theodore, Sarah Howard, Jordan Yeager and Sergio Cabral (EPS.

Following the release of Starter Deck 2014, Pendulum Monsters were introduced to the trading card game. A hybrid of Monster and Spell, they can either be summoned conventionally, or “activated” in the newly added Pendulum Zones as Spell Cards, with their own separate effect.

On the Pendulum Scale, the cards have a “Scale” a number that if there are two Pendulum Cards on both zones, the player can perform a new type of summon. Known as Pendulum Summoning, the player is allowed to simultaneously Special Summon an unlimited amount of monsters from their hand (or face-up from their Extra Deck) to the field provided their Levels are in between (and not equal to) the Scales of the cards on the Pendulum Zone.

Players can only perform one Pendulum Summon per turn. If a Pendulum Monster is destroyed or tribute while on the field, they do not go to the graveyard and instead go face-up into the Extra Deck, where the player can re-Pendulum Summon them at their next opportunity.

However, the series was received poorly on Japanese streaming site Iconic, taking all spots in the Top 10 Worst Rated Episodes. ARC-V RANGE TO COINCIDE WITH TV SHOW'S GERMAN PREMIERE”.

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