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Earl Hamilton
• Monday, 21 June, 2021
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PVP is ruled by people who load their decks with the same cards to the point on higher levels every match feels the same and can be won in the first 3 turns. This game would be a lot better if some of the cheesier cards that allow you to summon 3 or 4 monsters per turn were actually rare and not handed out to everyone.

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I want an actual duel not just watching somebody play half their deck in one turn and win. Not just in those 15 turns but I played 15 straight Pops and didn't see that card once.

I even rearranged my deck and see no improvements. Overall playing the computer on higher levels is fun but Pops get monotonous when everybody’s playing the same way in order to get quick and cheesy wins in 3 turns. The number one thing to give credit, is it is not pay to win.

Which makes easy to catch up if you haven’t played in a while. Also, I do understand there are a lot of cards missing and the reason would be to progress the game through time and keep it relevant.

It is definitely time for the synchro era and all of its characters to get their support maxed. There are so many, stardust, red dragon, black wing and many other cards lacking from the game today.

This game is very fun and I play it every day, and I don’t plan on stopping as long as the progression system stays the same, and they update the cards. There definitely needs to be more cards, overall though; a great game and I even recommend to people who have never played Yugo.

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I played Hearthstone, but it felt like such a horrible grind just to get cards that were remotely useful. This app gives you so many options to get competitive fairly quickly.

You can definitely pay for packs, and I have honestly considered it (because I legitimately want to support this app, not actually because I need the cards) but the nice thing is I don’t feel like I have to in order to play competitively. I want to throw a special shout out to one particular feature that really deserves recognition: the vagabond.

If you don’t know his reputation just do a quick google search, he has challenges that make it hard to win but used super op decks that seemed to always get the best draws. His challenges are a little better tuned, and the XP gains are still wonderful.

ZEAL”: Yuma Tsunami and Astral, Tori Meadows, Brock Stone, and so on Is a popular manga created by Kabuki Takanashi that has been serialized in SHEILA Inc.'s “WEEKLY Shnen JUMP” since 1996.

Anime series created from the original manga, that are enjoyed around the world. The developer, INAMI, indicated that the app’s privacy practices may include handling of data as described below.

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The following data may be used to track you across apps and websites owned by other companies: Privacy practices may vary, for example, based on the features you use or your age.

This App has tons of features which are beneficial to any Duelist!standout FeaturesIdentify various Cards through your Camera! You can easily read Yu-Gi-Oh ! TCG Card DatabaseInstalled with many useful features like calculating Life Points, tossing coins, rolling Dices, placing/removing Counters etc.

about Yu-Gi-Oh !“ Yu-Gi-Oh !” is a popular manga created by Kabuki Takanashi that was serialized in SHEILA Inc.’s “WEEKLY Shnen JUMP” since 1996. Currently, the Card Game has expanded to over 75 different countries and locations, especially in Japan, USA and Europe, printed in 9 different languages, and is enjoyed by fans around the world.

Enjoy thrilling duels against players from around the world and characters from the animated TV series! Collect cards that represent powerful Monsters, magical Spells and surprising Traps to build a winning Deck to smite your foes.

Limitless play offline or online and unique weekly challenges makes Yu-Gi-Oh ! DUEL GENERATION the perfect free-to-play Trading Card Game for all players.

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A Tutorial is included to assist new players as well as a campaign mode that lets players focus on easier opponents until they’re ready to take on greater challengers! WEEKLY CHALLENGES: Each week the game features the opportunity to battle a fresh lineup of progressively more difficult opponents for new cards that can be added to your decks.

We're working on a collection manager, and the ability to create multiple decks. Card images and character names are trademarks of INAMI.

This is a really awesome app for getting card values and digitizing a deck. One feature that would make this app perfect would be to be able to create a digital collection through scanning like you can do a deck.

You can scan them, but I’ve noticed if it doesn’t, you’d just have to stretch it so no worries. For me personally besides the bonus of the price checker is the deck editor.

I don’t use it for the price feature, I use it because I can translate any card in seconds. When someone plays a card I don’t know, I can scan it and get everything I need to know in English.

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The developer, ARCANE BINMEN APS, has not provided details about its privacy practices and handling of data to Apple. The developer will be required to provide privacy details when they submit their next app update.

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