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Anime created by Martin Bill any, better known by his screen name, LittleKuriboh. During the first two seasons, all characters in the series were voiced by LittleKuriboh, even the female ones, adding to the comical effect of the parody.

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A notable exception to this were the characters of Rebecca Hawkins in the regular series and Gary Stu in the Other Abridged Movie, which were voiced by LittleKuriboh's now ex-wife, Abigail, mostly referred to by her screen-name Safety. The series is focused on making fun of the eccentricities of the series, most prominently the fact that Duel Monsters is a children's card game, yet is played by teens and adults with unfaltering seriousness and unreal consequences.

This leads to frequent commentaries about the role of the game in the series and the plot of such. It also lampoons the changes made to the series in the English dub, and greatly exaggerates the characters' personalities from that version, to comic effect.

The humor of the series has constantly varied and expanded from its original premise. Rather than just making fun at the original series, other elements have been added throughout time to the parody.

All episodes would end with a scene from the anime juxtaposed with audio from another source. For example, the end of episode 2 featured Tea and Yam Mark as Lois Lane and Led Author, respectively, in a scene from the Superman Returns trailer.

In addition, Littlekuriboh has created many other short videos set in the same universe as Yugo: the abridged series. The series was on a hiatus from 2018 to 2020 due to Martin Bill any's commitment to professional English dubs such as writing the English translation for the Brazilian Netflix original series Reality Z and dealing with his mental health.

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Most characters have recurring catchphrases and are depicted in comically exaggerated versions of their personalities in the 4Kids anime. Sakura You is made fun of due to his British nationality as well as the fact that he is a minor character despite his evil half being the main villain of the series.

He also has a “radar” installed in the Millennium Ring to locate gay people, as he is described as looking effeminate. The dream in which Set turns him into a dog is repeatedly referenced, and implied to have been a sexual fantasy.

In fact, the classic line from episode one is changed to “My Grandpa's Deck has no pathetic cards, Kaaba... except maybe for Turbo”. In later episodes Turbo is photoshopped to have a large grinning mouth, and constantly talks gibberish as another reference from Perfect Hair Forever, making him a further annoyance.

“, a poke at the Herculean feats Tristan frequently performs in the show despite ostensibly being a normal man. Make Tsunami is called a “freaky fish guy” and throws harpoons at people.

He regards the ocean as a sentient being, and his romantic relationship with it is an ongoing subplot in the first two seasons. He also is hinted to carry on a sexual relationship with a Black Luster Soldier poster.

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Since being fired by Albacore, the Big Five have been hired by and act as the executive board of 4Kids entertainment. In the beginning of Season 3, it's revealed that Noah Kaaba is the executive producer of 4Kids, and was completely oblivious to the fact that the group lost rights to various anime they had licenses to, or even knew about other studios responsible for dubbing anime.

Justin Timberlake's Setback plays almost every time Duke Devlin talks. When questioned, Shade says that his job is to fill in the plot and to prevent the fourth wall from being broken.

Maxi million Pegasus is thought to be gay, as he greets many situations and characters with a large affectionate “Ooooooooohhhhh”, and the revelation that he had a wife is treated as a plot twist. Yam Yuri moves between outright proclaiming that he is gay to blatantly hitting on the female characters.

Obnoxious Celtic Guardian is referred to by a different adjective every time he is summoned, such as “disgruntled”, “frustrated” and “agnostic”. “ The Winged Dragon of Ra is called “Mega Ultra Chicken”, which is a reference to Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

A sound clip of Joey and Tristan saying “torment” plays whenever Obelisk the Tormentor attacks. The show stars Zorn and Sakura as a romantic couple and is a parody of fantastical 1980s sitcoms.

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Dartz's thick accent makes it difficult for even his henchmen to understand him (the words “do” and “duel” are frequently confused) and his hair is constantly changing color. Serenity Wheeler's strong faith in and love for Joey is frequently juxtaposed against his ineptitude and insensitivity.

Since characters in the Abridged Series see all the holes in the plot lines, they question a lot of Isuzu's explanations, to which she invariably answers “Because shut up.” During the Waking the Dragons Arc, however, most characters blame the season itself, while Dart remarks the source as simply “Magic”.

Even Tea admits the whole train part of the story is idiotic; when it's brought up that the photos the group needed to see could have just been sent to them via computer. Yuri's soul being taken is equally made fun of, because of Yam's impatience making him miss Professor Hawking return safely and the fact there was no real stakes in the duel with Rafael.

Whenever a character is speaking in Ancient Egyptian, it's actually a sentence backwards. During Duels where the rules of the Duel heavily differ from the actual game, characters will often call attention to it as obvious cheating, or question whether anyone actually knows how to play the card game.

Into is said to have the power to block Internet memes (a play on his ability to block Trap Cards in the anime and card game), much to the annoyance of Kaaba and Joey, whose Decks are said to be filled with internet jokes and references. Despite being a renowned archeologist, most of Arthur Hawkins's “discoveries” are just obvious things or pieces of information the main characters are already aware of.

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LittleKuriboh encourages this, and has made guest appearances on both of those shows, and even created a friendly parody of the Naruto abridged series, titled “Naruto The Abridged Comedy Fan dub Spoof Series Show” and is a part of Team Four Star, the creators of one of the more popular Dragon Ball Z abridged series. Voice actors for Yu-Gi-Oh's American dub are aware of the Abridged series and have actually quoted lines from episodes as per fan requests at conventions.

Dan Green read an excerpt from the second episode of Capsule Monsters in his Yuri and Yam voices. Greg Abbey and Bella Hudson also refer to the concept of Turbo Dueling as “Card Games on Motorcycles”.

The Abridged Series was referenced in the 2020 novel “Ready Player Two” by Ernest Cline. LittleKuriboh's fans responded by blocking the users and flagging their videos to have their accounts closed.

On June 22, 2007, LittleKuriboh began offering direct downloads of every episode in MV format, plus episode 1 of Capsule Monsters, the Christmas Special, and the Abridged Movie, through a website with the domain http://www.yugiohtheabridgedseries.com/ to avoid the risk of removal by YouTube and Dailymotion. The official website began hosting their videos on the site REVVED, which, by including ads at the end of every video, helps Little Turbo pay for the site's server load, which is excessive due to the episodes' extreme popularity.

On October 5, 2007, LittleKuriboh's site was accidentally crashed by the admins in an attempt to add a friends list function. On July 10, 2007, LittleKuriboh's account was suspended on YouTube, likely due to repeated flagging by other users.

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However, the account was re-opened again three days later on July 13, as well as LittleKuriboh being awarded status in the Most Subscribed and Most Viewed league tables, which some fans believe he should have been in previously. Disguising videos by the thumbnail is a violation of YouTube's terms of service, and may have played a part in the second suspension.

This created another uproar from his fans demanding for LittleKuriboh's account to be returned once again with no response from YouTube's administrators. On April 13, 2009, LittleKuriboh uploaded a Redux version of Episode 1 with better quality video and audio.

A bonus ending was also added with a little variation of the “Screw the rules” joke. In June 2011, CardGamesFTW was banned from YouTube due to copyright claims from several Japanese sources, but reopened one week later.

May 20, 2008 056-057 029 “The Not-So-Super Rob Bros.” June 11, 2008 058-059 030 “Sore” July 12, 2008 060-061-062 031 “Perfectly Ultimate Bunghole” November 11, 2008 063-064 032 “The Worst Of Both Worlds” December 31, 2008 065-066-067 033 “Harpoon shipping” February 19, 2009 068-069 034 “Dork Side Of The Moon” February 28, 2009 070-071-072-073 035 “A Tale of Two Tories” March 7, 2009 074 036 “The Man Who Would Be Steve” March 15, 2009 075-076-077-078 037 “Single White She male” March 27, 2009 079 038 “Magnum Farce” April 10, 2009 080 039 “Card Games At 20,000 Feet” April 25, 2009 081 040 “Final Destination” June 17, 2009 082-083-084 041 “Chenquieh!” June 25, 2009 085 042 “So Long & Thanks For All The Trading Cards” August 26, 2009 086-087-088-089 043 “Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mai” November 1, 2009(Macon: October 31, 2009) 090-091-092 044 “Isuzu Explains It All” November 1, 2009(Macon: October 31, 2009) 093-094 045 “Requiem for a NEH” December 9, 2009 095 046 “Melvin'd” January 6, 2010(Magnet: January 2, 2010) 096-097 # Name Release date Episodes parodied 047 “Beyond The Fourth Wall” May 25, 2010 098 048 “Penguin Ex Machine” August 3, 2010 099-100-101 049 “The Incredible Hobson” September 16, 2010 102-103 050 “Joey Wheeler Ace Attorney” November 1, 2010(Macon: October 31, 2010) 104-105 051 “The Death Of Tristan Taylor” March 30, 2011 106-107 052 “Set Kaaba vs.

Kai” November 10, 2014 144 # Name Release date Episodes parodied 064 “A New Evil Arises” March 4, 2015 145, 146 065 “Puzzled Shipping” October 15, 2015 147 066 “United Sucks” December 16, 2015 148 067 “Too Pangs” February 15, 2016 149-150 068 “Mad Mai” April 23, 2016 151 069 “Age/Sex/Life Points” June 28, 2016 152-154 070 “A Convenient Truth” August 19, 2016 154, 155 071 “The Break-Up” October 24, 2016 156-158 072 “Rex & Weevil Do Atlantic” December 21, 2016 159 073 “Throw Saga From The Train” February 15, 2017 160-162 074 “Right in the Feels” April 17, 2017 163 075 “Valley of the Duels” June 15, 2017 164 076 “Becky With The Good Deck” August 15, 2017 165 077 “Loopy In The Sky With Duel Disks” October 15, 2017 166, 167 078 “Binary Sunset” December 15, 2017 168 079 “GO Miami” February 15, 2018 169-173 080 “Roof Ralph” May 15, 2018 174-176 081 “Rocks Fall, Everyone Duels” August 25, 2018 177-182 082 “Bullseye” December 1, 2018 183-184 # Name Release date Episodes parodied 083 “A Grand Day In” January 9, 2021 185-187 Below are a list of links as to where you can find the episodes as well as updates on the abridged series.

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