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During Duelist Kingdom Joey's Deck composed mainly of Warriors, Beast-Warriors or other tough-looking anthropomorphic animals; cards that befit his rough and tumble personality. With the rules changed to be closer to the OCG, Joey's Deck includes fewer high Level monsters as they must now be Tribute Summoned.

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The second is both Yuri and Joey had a draw and neither of them won or lost, but Joey earned back his Red Eyes, or lastly he defeated Yuri in the Duel following the tournament, earning back his Red Eyes. He runs a Burn Deck, with Mark adding a number of Magic Cards to his Deck which allow him to directly destroy monsters and inflict damage, despite such cards being outlawed in the Battle City tournament.

He made one close to his Battle City Deck, but also included a number of Harpies cards as a tribute to Mai Valentine. He retains his rare and luck-based cards, having acquired more of both, and continues to occasionally use Fusion Monsters.

The most notable addition to his Deck is the Time Machine card that he took from Bandit Keith after the Duelist Kingdom arc. In order to unlock him, the player must defeat all the Level 2 Duelists at least five times and have a Into in their Trunk, but not in their Deck.

Fitting his aggressive personality in the anime, Joey's Deck is full of high-ATK monsters, primarily Warriors and Beast-Warriors. On the other hand, Joey's Deck has no Spell or Trap negation apart from Into, and very little defense against monster Summons (other than his Ring of Destruction cards).

Power of Chaos: Joey the Passion is a 2004 video game developed by INAMI. This game is featuring Joey Wheeler as the opponent, adds new cards, new dueling choices, new dueling options and more Decks for the opponent, making this the Power of Chaos game with the most content.

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