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Spiky pea Japanese Opening Keaton Japanese Ending best friends English Opening TBA English Ending TBA Season Voids : Wild Episode (season)041 (Voids : Wild) Episode (series)041 (Wild series) Episode (lifetime)210 (Voids) Japanese AirdateApril 27, 2019 English AirdateOctober 01, 2020 (Netflix) Previous Hometown Hero! Following the lead for the Great Ancient Treasure Z, the team make their way to an archaeological site.

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Death Metal had formerly used it to dig up Voids, now there was just one man trying to scrounge up remaining parts to create a Raptor. He explains to Penne that there should be parts nearby to repair her Scorer, which was still missing a claw from the damage in previous episodes.

The two make their way back to the dig site, and they realize the man needs electricity to revive the Raptor he was working on. Penne and Woman decide to head to a Death Metal camp to steal the gear and fix the Scorer.

Penne busts out, with her Void now fixed and both use their Wild Blasts, taking down all but one opponent. When they get back to camp, they try using the electricity to revive the Raptor, but ultimately fail.

Woman is a general term which refers to this jelly dessert made of red Audi beans, agar, and sugar. Woman is typically molded into a long rectangular block which is then sliced prior to serving.

It is often chilled and served during the hotter summer months and is quite a refreshing dessert. Examples of additional ingredients include foods such as chopped chestnuts, sweet potato, and fruits.

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Another popular flavor addition is green tea or match powder. The Spruce / Uljana Verbytska Prepare the gelatin mixture: In a large bowl, soak the dried wanted (agar-agar) stick in water for one hour or until softened.

The Spruce / Uljana Verbytska Using your hands, tear the wanted into small pieces. The Spruce / Uljana Verbytska Add pre-made sweet red bean paste (ankh or Bosnian).

The Spruce / Uljana Verbytska Pour the mixture into a shallow rectangular plastic container. The Spruce / Uljana Verbytska Cut the size woman into small blocks and serve chilled.

Name TranslationBeautiful Woman who controls the eye's thread Japanese Name RomanizationAyashiki Xiaomi Ito o amateur bio Japanese Opening Sky Flight Japanese Ending Speed Up English Opening TBA English Ending TBA Season Voids : Wild Episode (season)035 (Voids : Wild) Episode (series)035 (Wild series) Episode (lifetime)204 (Voids) Japanese AirdateMarch 9, 2019 English AirdateOctober 01, 2020 (Netflix) Previous Bronson's Bond! This episode introduces a new Void, the Spideath, and it's partner, Woman.

The episode starts with Yoga, Origin and Penne coming down with allergies, so Salt and Arash go into town to find medicine. He gives them two plates of food, but sabotages Salt's with hot sauce.

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That night, the thief returns and Arash wakes to find the chest he was guarding, floating off out the window. Arash follows and runs into a girl riding the Death, a new spider-type Void.

The man was trying to capture Arash for the reward, and sent him straight into Death Metal's base. The Liner is disabled and Arash is pinned by Drake's subordinates (Happy, Lucky, etc).

Arash slips out and while looking for a way to free the liner overhears some researchers talking about the Death Metal keys. She knew of Arash and despise Death Metal for destroying her village.

Arash promptly defeats most of the forces using his Wild Blast. When it's just the commander left, Woman intervenes and unleashes the Death's Wild Blast.

She responds saying she can't join the team just yet, but takes the badge nonetheless. This episode is a good example of the unique “Z boys” that make up the death metal forces.

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These humans pilot the titular robotic animal life-forms called Voids. They resemble various species of the animal kingdom like dinosaurs, mammals, etc.

Numb-Lock's personality quirk largely revolves around music references, with him hold drum sticks most of the time. He’s able to take a direct hit from the Liger's Wild Blast and remain largely unaffected.

Notably, when using the Bonesaw's spines as swords, he manages to inflict serious damage to all team Freedom's Voids. Like many characters in Voids : Wild, Numb-Lock's Japanese “Foe Gas” name is based on food.

He is hit by Haxile's trump card, the Dimepulsar's Dark Blast infused with Demise DNA and amplified by Dildos. The attack causes Tremor's Gray to go rogue and join the Dark Metal Empire.

Tremor, like all members of Team Supreme, is a very competent Void fighter. Its overwhelming strength make it a huge asset, but its slow speed means he's often reserved as a trump-card for taking down strategic opponents.

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Like many characters in Voids Wild, Tremor's Japanese name “Surname” is based on food. In the Japanese version, he shares a voice actor with Arash's father and the narrator.

Tremor's English voice actor is shared with Analog. Crossover War Heroes is a main storyline for LOT series directly focused with the heroes: Luigi Lahore, Sent Kirk, Melinda Granting, Altaba Chinese, and Chinese Trauma.

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