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We were so struck by this zenned-out room by Los Angeles-based interior designer Lucie Acres of 22 Interiors, created for an anesthesiologist’s West Hollywood home, that we’re pulling together a guide to bootstrap your own calm cave, fueled by advice from the designer herself. Now, if the thought of putting together a designated space starts to stress you out, fear not: Ayers’ first piece of advice is to keep it extremely simple.

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Zebulon padded merino wool felt seat pillow by Graph Last, $75. Acres turned a photograph by artist Lane Coder into a mural for this space, but toucan create a similarly tranquil scene with wallpaper (yes, temporary versions are available; renters crave calm too).

Your warm drink and notepad deserve a nice landing spot, and by incorporating a handmade walnut plywood piece, you’re making room for a thoughtful, grounded addition. And a pair means toucan have a matching table in another room to keep the vibe going through the rest of the home.

Unless you’re the type who finds cleaning particularly calming, we recommend employing some assistance in keeping your space as tidy as possible. Use your phone to schedule cleanings while you’re not there, and walk into a freshly spruced space each time.

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However, the initial “introduction to Zen meditation” (or taken) lesson is about the same no matter whether the teacher is Soto or Sinai. You will be shown a small contraption called a seize bench.

Do look at the photographs carefully, noting suggested leg positions. Having participated in a number of “intro to taken” classes, I've noticed newbies tend to react to these instructions in one of two ways.

Some seem puzzled why the instructor spends so much time on this peripheral stuff about one's legs instead of explaining what to do with one's head. This not only allows your internal organs to function correctly, but it also makes a huge difference in the meditation experience overall.

Try sitting absolutely still for 35 minutes in a “bad” position, and you will understand. Now, if your knees are not planted on the floor, supporting you, but are instead higher than your ankles, you are in trouble.

Standard cross-legged sitting for westerners such as in this photo (sorry, Aunt Yoga) pulls your spine into a slight curve that is unacceptable for taken. One of my teachers often reminded us that taken is a body practice, like dancing or walking.

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My first Zen teacher taught us to rest our awareness in the Hara, which is a point an inch or two below the naval. My second teacher disagreed, and thought it's better to sit in pure awareness of body and mind.

I'm inclined to think the Hara focus is better for beginners, though, because it helps you “get out of your head” and become more aware of your body. The Official Zen Hand Audra is shown in the photograph, sort of.

I'm not entirely happy with the photograph, because the joints of both hands are supposed to be aligned, but that's the closest photo I could find. I have found it useful at times to focus my awareness within that oval space in the hands.

The whole body sits taken -- feet, shoulders, earlobes, the whole assembly. So there you are, your lower body working as a tripod base for your nice, straight spine and upper body; your hands are in the universal Audra; your head is straight, with your chin down just a little so that the broadest part of your skull is pointed to the ceiling.

Your jaw is relaxed, and your tongue is resting on the roof of your mouth. You may be instructed to count the breaths from one to ten, which is harder than it sounds.

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If you're new to this and feel a need for more direction and support, do check out the online Tree leaf Zeno. Her massage skills alone are fantastic, but that only scratches the surface of her gifts.

She focuses on my trouble spots and works the aches and pains out every time. I have a lot of stress in my life trying to balance my job as a realtor, my marriage to a small business owner stressed by the current economy, and being one of the caregivers for my elderly father.

When the stress gets to be too much I can always count on a massage from Sharon at Zen Newburgh to give me a way to leave the cell phone calls and the general stresses of life behind for an hour. Being a Territory Manager calling on many customers in several states causes me to spend several hours a day in my vehicle.

I sometimes experience painful muscular tension in my upper back and shoulders. I believe therapeutic massage releases endorphins and provides many other physical and psychological health benefits.

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