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Elaine Sutton
• Monday, 26 July, 2021
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So after close to five years of service, my driver side Center HID headlight kit has begun to intermittently fail. The bulbs still work perfectly, no clouding or purple tinge, to my surprise.

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The ballast sporadically emits a high pitch buzzing sound and doesn’t fire up the HID bulb. This appears to occur randomly while the passenger side set up continues to work perfectly fine.

Rather than buying a replacement bulb, ballast or a new HID replacement kit, I decided to upgrade my headlights with a set of 5700K Extreme LED bulbs rated for 50,000 hours by XenonDepot. The Extreme LED bulb upgrades definitely do not come cheap at $130.00 a pair (more on promos below) in a sea of cheap eBay LED bulbs, but the quality of their construction and craftsmanship is a testament of the quality associated with the XenonDepot brand that has been doing custom retro fits, LED bulb upgrades and custom HID application since the early 2000s.

Installation is straight forward, although some maneuvering is required due to the elongated shape of the LED bulb. Out of curiosity, I ordered a set of cheap LED bulbs from eBay labeled as “CREE” brand for $30.

The eBay LED bulbs are rated at “90 W but outputs 120 W.” I had to stand back and chuckle a bit. The Extreme LED bulb do not have a bulky cooling fan but instead flexible anodized copper heat sink for “positional versatility,” which is quite accurate.

It can be adjusted by loosening the bulb at the base with an included small Allen wrench. This is done to achieve optimal light distribution for your specific lamp application.

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The correct position for the LED bulb is perfectly horizontal once twisted inside the Prius projector; that is, the chips on both side of the bulb stalk should be facing the 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock position. They have deals and promotions running throughout the year, so subscribe to their newsletter to get in on some great savings.

Used approx 6 months until I sold the car. This is not some cheap crape bay kit...has the anti-glare shields. The kit is for lo-beams only and is VERY safe & simple to hook up.

I need to double-check the color temp -- its either 5000 or 6000 not sure which, so I put 5500 above The color temp is 5000K, which gives you a great color + excellent light output!again, this kit is for lo-beams only...(it eliminates the hi-beams).....believe me -- with these installed you won't need hi beams...BUT I never had 1 person flash me.

I'm sure it's because that the HIS in conjunction with the projectors emit the brighter output safely underneath the oncoming traffic's line of vision. Notice that in his first pic the beam cutoff is very close to the ground, this is the actual light that is blinding in most cases, but it doesn't come up high enough to blind traffic.

And the reason that your high beams do blind people are because they don't have the necessary reflectors/projectors to focus the light underneath oncoming traffic vision, they just light up everything hence the name high beams. The reason why you don't blind people are the cutoff is underneath their vision.

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That's b/c 6k has less light output and is more for looks (purple BMW look). The higher output rating you go the further you deviate from pure white.

Color temperature (K) has nothing to do with Light Output (lumens?) The Philips 4100k bulbs has a lumens rating of 3200Lm bright.

The Philips Ustinov 6000k is approx 2400Lm bright. Artistes was right in bringing up that white is the brightest output possible.

I'm guessing that the projectors make a big difference in the color output...like RSX's wouldn't get that bluish look in the last pic? “Brights” is an inaccurate term for high beams.

Just thought I'd clear that up, even though its common sense. Eje_17,The type of housing definitely makes a huge difference however It's also a question of how the picture was taken.

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The 4100k bulbs start off looking blue and then fade off into a bright white. Select BrandACTAEMAPEXiAPRAUGAuto MeterBroadwayDC SportsEibachEikoshaEnergy SuspensionGreddyH&RHAWKInjenInnovative MountsK&NKONIKS LightingKYBLanesMagnecorMizuMTKNOKYANRGPIAAPolargSkunk 2Sonar LightingSparcoSPEC-DSpyderTeinTokicoTop FuelTunersdepotVansWINJETX3 Products YAC RSS Subscribe Lexus LX450 HID Kit installations are probably the most common upgrades performed to increase the brightness of the stock headlight assemblies on your LX450.

HID kits use High Intensity Discharge technology (hence the term H.I.D.) This Xenon charged HID light bulbs are then electrified by a self-regulating ballast that provides a constant current, resulting in a super bright light from your existing LX450 headlights.

In addition to high wattage 50W kits for super high intensity light, we also offer the more common 35W Low Wattage HID Kit, which are recommended for their longer life and trouble free usage. For headlights and fog lights, a 6000K super white HID kit (low watt) is by far the most popular choice among LX450 owners.

Unless otherwise listed, every set of HID lights we offer is single filament, meaning if your LX450 has one single bulb for the high and low beams, you can only change one function to Hide. The other function would be eliminated, thus, we only recommend connecting the HID kit to your low beams in those situations.

HOWEVER, please be advised that aftermarket headlight and some fog light PROJECTOR LIGHTS USE DIFFERENT TYPES OF BULBS (usually H, H, etc). We recommend customers to get their projector headlights first to find out exactly which type of HID conversion kit they need.

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Warning: YOU MUST USE LOW WATTAGE HID KITS WHEN INSTALLING INTO PROJECTOR HEADLIGHTS. Headlight kit if your community has such a law and your stock bulbs use one dual filament for both high and low beam functions.

Park facing a wall and adjust until the light is set to an appropriate level usually LOWER than your headlights (to ensure a downward angle) Sorry, but no. Every LX450 HID Headlight kit and LX450 HID Fog light kit we sell is valid for warranty replacement for 1 year from the original date of purchase so long as they are properly installed on your LX450, unmodified, and used for normal daily driving.

--Brand--ACTAEMAPEXiAPRAUGAeroAiraidArmordillo Auto MeterBilsteinBlackworksBloxBroadwayBrownlineCPT Check Point TuningCTEKD1 Spec DC SportsDEIDefiEibachEikoshaEnergy SuspensionFujitaGreddyH&RHAWKHusky LinersInjenInnovative MountsInvidiaJNC WheelsK&NKONIKS LightingKYBLanesLazer StarMOMOMST WheelsMTKMagnecorMegan RacingMizuNOKYANRGOfficial GM LicensedOption Lab WheelsPIAAPolargRebel Racing WheelsSPEC-DST SuspensionsSeiwaSkunk 2Sonar LightingSparcoSpyderStillenStoptechTanabeTeinTokicoTop FuelTruHartTunersdepotVIS RacingVansWINJETWeapon-RX3 ProductsYACaFe All text, images, graphics, code and other information on this page are subject to international copyright laws.

Any unauthorized usage, copying, or distribution of the content on this page will be reported to the major search engines for blacklisting, and violators will be held accountable by the full extent of the law. Product description: This listing features one pair (2 pieces) led genuine E60 angel eyes.

This amazing bright Cree LED bulb replaces the traditional ... Product description: This listing features one pair (2 pieces) led genuine E92 H Cree angel eyes.

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This amazing bright Cree LED bulb replaces the trad ... Car LED Headlights Available models: H/H/H/H/H11/H13/9005(9145)/9006/9007/880(881) Light Color: 6000K White Application: Head ...

Volvo Xenon Headlight Failure Ballast Bulb Igniter OEM HID Parts Replacement AcuraAlfa Romeo Aston MartinAudiBentleyBMWBuickCadillacChevrolet / ChevyChryslerCitroenDaewooDodgeFiatFerrariFordGMCHondaHummerHyundaiInfinitiIsuzu JaguarJeepKiaLamborghiniLand RoverLexusLincolnLotusMazdaMaseratiMercedes BenzMaybachMercuryMiniMitsubishiNissanOpelPontiacPorschePeugeotRenaultRolls-Royce motor carsSaabSeatSaturnScionSkoda Smart SubaruSuzukiToyotaVolvoVauxhall (Opel)VW VOLVO factory car models with OEM xenon headlight Assembly are : Cross Country SUV : XC60, XC70, XC90 We can supply all kinds of OEM xenon parts for these models of cars.

If your Volvo OEM low beam or bi- xenon headlight (gas discharge) have problem, like light failure, not working, flickering etc, only need to change or replacement corresponding OEM xenon part like ballast, bulb, igniter, igniter, power plug, cable is ok, no need to cost a lot of money to change a brand-new whole headlight assembly like your car dealer tell. About Shipping DetailAbout Payment Detail If you do not find the correct model of your car in the above list, you can email us directly, we will reply you in the first time upon we received your email.

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