Xenon Bow Best Perks

David Lawrence
• Monday, 26 July, 2021
• 9 min read

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Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts STW is a Eve tower defense game that features quite similar characteristics with its younger BR brother.

Like the BR version, Epic Games tinkers with the guns and adds new ones to spice up the gameplay. STW community may look tiny compared to Fortnite : Battle Royale, but it still has excellent content creators that strive to guide the players toward the best.

Spectral Blade relies heavily on perks to reach its full potential, but it can still shred through the early game even in its base form. A time will come when you'll need to bust out your trusty bow and start dealing area of effect (AOE) damage.

Vacuum Tube Bow comes with the necessary stats and perks to take it to the next level, but what makes it unique is its passive. In any case, your setup is lacking ways to slow down, The Powder Keg also turns into an excellent alternative due to its snaring ability.

Ground Founder shines a little more compared to the rest due to raw damage output and flexibility. As powerful as Ground Founder may be, you should still watch your movements since you'll be fighting in a close range scenario versus all the monsters.

Based on stats, Thrasher simply takes the crown due to its sheer damage output. With critical damage focused perk set, Thrasher just takes off and turns into a laser beam.

Like how it was for the Spectral Blade, it's yet another damage stacking perk that allows Rattan to stand aside from the rest. Each fired shot grants 1.8 percent extra damage for a second, and this buff stacks up to 15 times.

Not only is the Atomizer one of the most solid launchers in the game, but its perk potential allows it to turn into a demolition machine. Using the expanding ring of damage perk can fasten up clearing crowds immensely, and it's just an overall critical hit machine.

You can follow this spreadsheet to see how your arsenal stacks up against the rest and to monitor any changes to the power rankings in the future. Nothing is more thrilling, exhausting and frustrating than hunting high country mule deer with a bow during late August and early September.

The number one perk and benefit to hunting during the opening week of the season is that it gives hunters a better chance to tag mature bucks. This has proven true in my experience because only the opening week of the season gives you the ability to arrive early and pattern a mature buck.

After opening week, bucks typically feel mule deer and elk hunting pressure and change their patterns and become more nocturnal until the rut. Typically, bucks will drop into that middle elevation ground that is usually significantly more densely covered and deer will be harder to find.

Overall, anytime you are hunting mule deer in the high country is a good time; however, the opening week of archery season has some perks. Arriving before the season to scout, hunting before the pressure is really turned up and enjoying some great backcountry camping are just a few of the reasons why opening week may be a hunter’s best bet at a mature buck.

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After spending the last 2 years living and working in South Korea, she continues to travel the world and document her adventures at LiveLearnVenture.com. The pinnacle PVP event known as Iron Banner has returned this week for Guardians to test their mettle against each in The Crucible and earn exclusive gear.

The wording of ‘opponents defeated’ means that this objective counts both final blows and assists against enemy Guardians as a point each. Be sure to combine fire with allies to damage as many opponents as you can to obtain many assists/kills to progress this part quickly.

Some great Hand Cannons to use for this step are the Spare Rations, Waking Vigil and Dire Promise. Aim to clean up as many kills as possible while remaining within the ideal SMG range of close to mid-range.

Be sure to use High Impact Fusion Rifles like Rental FR4, The Wizened Rebuke and Agatha FR4. Combat Bows excel at medium to long-range so unlike the previous steps, you want to use these on the large maps like Widow’s Court for the best chance of success.

Bows have never really become a staple in the meta as they simply don’t do enough DPS in Eve activities and are extremely unforgiving in PVP as a single missed shot means you just straight up lose the 1v1 gunfight to almost any other type of weapon. Not much would be lost by skipping this weapon but who knows, maybe Bows will be buffed next Season and Point of the Stag will become a true beast.

I'm just looking for tips on how to make a crazy powered assassin. Right now I got sneak at 100, 1 handed at 60, Archery at 60, Light armor at 50, and i don't know if I should go for alchemy/smiting/enchanting/illusion.

I want to hear your guys opinion on making the ultimate assassin Update:I've completed the brotherhood quests, and I'm level 30 right now.

Then you can make a separate set of clothing that is enchanted with fortify smiting. For the perks on enchanting I made it, so I could place 2 enchantments on my clothes and weapons and made my clothes fortify archery and my bow do 2 different types of magic damage.

My blade of woe does 98 DMG being legendary and my meh runes razor being legendary 60, now with the sneak bonus of the gloves and your assassin blade perk in the one handed tree you are doing 30x that DMG. With the power attack for dual wielding 50% more DMG perk you can expect and even greater rise.

Do not forget the importance of Archery however as you will have random engages where you cannot sneak to do your crazy dagger DMG. When you do engage a Dragon when stealthed you should, once maxed with these skills/ perks be able to one shot them.

Source(s): level 60 assassin 150 hours Gameplay Official Skyrim Game Guide Currently, my sneak is at 75 and lock picking at 60 or so, I'm level 28 (don't play it that often) and I actually found that wearing the nightingale armor along with the ancient hood from the gear you mentioned makes my character 30 percent better at sneaking.

Thus, most of my targets I'm capable of sneaking behind them silently and slit their throats. It's pretty much easy for me to finish any kind of mission, though I already have completed the Dark Brotherhood's quests.

Also I prefer the 20% bonus to any 1 handed weapons as I'm more of a blades man type assassin. If u join the dark brotherhood u get enchanted armor to help u assassinate people.

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