W-i-c-k-e-d Descendants 2 Lyrics

Ava Flores
• Sunday, 16 May, 2021
• 9 min read

Mother always knows bestow her, pass every testier her voice in my bedevil is the only real way to win “Ways to Be Wicked” is the first official song released for the Disney Channel Original Movie, Descendants2.

descendants lyrics music
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“Ways to Be Wicked” is official soundtrack of Disney Movie Descendants2 which will be in theaters in summer 2017. It is a fantasy teen drama telling the story of characters “Maleficent”, “The Evil Queen”, “Cruelly DE Oil” and “Afar”.

The lyrics of the song is pretty long for its genre with 3 verses, a hook and a chorus. The verses consist of long lines more like in a narrative tone but having clear statements.

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