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Christina Perez
• Monday, 21 June, 2021
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I'm not really a person who eats a lot of desserts or who had a sweet tooth but these are fantastic. 6 Reviews, 12 Followers Went today to try out a few cupcakes for my mother's birthday that is coming up.

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As I mentioned earlier, in the past couple of days, I’ve been in Oklahoma City, Fort Worth, Waco, and I am about to head to Dallas. Before leaving Waco, we stopped by a cupcake bakery that came highly recommended.

It is now just a matter-of-course that if any of us are traveling, we have to check out the local cupcake bakeries, and if they are fantastic, order samples. One of these years, I keep half expecting to get a phone call informing us she has signed a lease in Kansas City and written to check to launch her own cupcake empire.

Prior to this trip, the reigning champion was a place called House of Cupcakes in Princeton, New Jersey. It was a small business that you could tell someone started with nothing but a recipe and a spot in the local community.

Local owners, Laura Hill and Holly Hefelfinger, are proud to receive recognition for the best cupcakes in Waco. Laura and Holly feel confidant their cupcakes are the ones you’ll crave and remember forever.

A few weeks ago my family and I decided to go to Waco for the day since we were in Texas visiting my mom in Houston. We knew we wanted to see as many of the Magnolia things as possible, and I luckily came across this absolutely perfect blog post called Magnolia in a Day by Kristin Pedicure (who I was already following on Instagram) where she shared her itinerary for the day she visited Waco.

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Our day ended up looking a little different because of timing and preference, so I’ll share what we did in the order that we did it! It’s important to note that we drove up from Houston the night before and stayed in an Airbnb, so we would have the whole next day to get to everything.

My sister wanted to go to Magnolia Table specially for their breakfast, and since Kristin had recommended going here first, we made it our first stop of the day. We grabbed a bunch of Joanna’s classic pastries and biscuits to go as well as some delicious iced coffee and made our way to the Silos to be there right when it opened.

Deciding to not wait to eat at Magnolia Table turned out being a good decision because we got to The Silos right before it opened at 9am. After taking some pictures we ate our breakfast and quickly got in line for the Silos Baking Co. We decided to get the Spring at the Silos Box which included six cupcakes : The Classic, Celebration, Strawberries & Cream, Lemon Lavender, Carrot Cake and Toasted Coconut.

We took them back to the car to enjoy later and headed to Magnolia Market to shop. A few minutes drive from Harp Design Co is the original Magnolia store.

They call it the Little Shop on Mosque now and sell slightly damaged or last chance items at a discount. When we got to JD Iron Designs my dad asked if Jimmy Don was there today, and they said no he was actually at his pop up shop over at The Silos.

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Due to the time, we skipped the next two things on Kristin’s list (the bed and breakfast and the antique shops) and went straight to Homestead Heritage. I was really excited about this place because it’s an agrarian community that focuses on quality craftsmanship.

We made it back to the JD Pop Up Shop just in time to meet Jimmy Don! After meeting him we walked across the street to the Silos to eat our cupcakes.

I met up with 11 other amazing bloggers as we ventured to Waco, Texas, home of all things Fixer Upper. Appropriately named after the green door that greets you, this exquisite lodging sits smack dab in the middle of Austin Avenue.

It’s in walking distance from all your must-see places including The Silos, The Finder, Spice Village and Linen & Cake, just to name a few. Spice Village hosts a plethora of specialty shops under one roof, so you will definitely want to carve out time to spend here, and you probably won’t leave empty-handed.

The history of this over 100-year-old Percy Medicine Building that houses this magnificent shop is worth reading about, and you can find that right here. You will be able to snag new and old home decor items and see a warehouse full of custom finds.

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Don’t forget to stop by Linen & Cake on Austin Avenue while you’re in town and say hello to its owners Theresa and Bret. I remember the first time I saw them a couple of years ago, I literally started hyperventilating and once I got closer, they did not disappoint.

After you browse and shop in the Magnolia store, make sure you sit down on the lawn or on one of the many picnic tables scattered around and enjoy the grounds. The gardens, when they are in season, will take your breath away and your mouth will surely be watering when you smell the aroma of the many food trucks on the property.

You might find the line a bit long, but I guarantee you, these sweet treats are definitely worth the wait. If you’re wondering what to wear while on your girls’ weekend and thinking you might need something knew for a night out on the town while you’re in Waco, be sure and stop by Courtney’s Boutique.

They hosted a wine and cheese shopping night for us while we were there, and we couldn’t have had more fun with Vicki, Courtney and the rest of the staff. In fact, you might go home carrying a little extra baggage, and I don’t mean the shopping kind.

Classy Glass Wine Bar & Bistro is a great place for casual dining with your girlfriends. It’s located in historic downtown Waco right across the street from The Green Door Lofts.

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The amount of knowledge you will receive by bouncing ideas off of each other and sharing your dreams will leave you not only with a full creative bucket, but with lifelong encouraging and supportive friends that just “get it.” Residents experience a humid subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters.

Public transportation is provided by the Waco Transit System, which operates five days a week with routes throughout most of the city. The Brazos River provides a scenic backdrop for this premier university with a student population that hails from many states, as well as other countries.

The Baylor Bears football team is well known across the country for having won several conference titles and bowl games. Visitors have the opportunity to pay their respects to fallen rangers and learn the details of their lives.

For a change of pace, the Dr. Pepper Museum offers visitors three floors of exhibits with important information about the popular soft drink that originated in Waco. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy scenic river walks along the banks of the Brazos, which extends from the Baylor Campus to the Cameron Park Zoo.

The peaceful walk or jog passes underneath the famous Waco Suspension Bridge. Lake Waco is located on the western side of the city where anglers frequently gather.

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James Connelly AFB was the airport of choice for former President George W. Bush when visiting his ranch in nearby Crawford. The Lone Star State has a bevy of beautiful cities that burst with Texas pride.

In spite of some negative publicity a few years ago, Waco is truly a Texas treasure with lots to offer. My husband is a huge history buff, so I've made many visits to the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and the Mayor Museum.

The barbecue at Rudy's Country Store restaurant is a must every trip. When we stay overnight we like the Waco Hilton, as long as it isn't a big Baylor football weekend! Source: The Waco, TX data and statistics displayed above are derived from the 2016 United States Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS).

Since I know a lot of you all are from Texas, or might visit Waco someday (Magnolia can do that to a person! I had no idea that there was so much to see and do in Waco until our girls trip, and I can’t wait to go back to check out even more.

They have a variety of flavors to choose from, like Jalapeño Popper, Blackberry Cream Cheese or a simple Cinnamon and Sugar. However, if you’re looking for some of the best burgers in Waco, you’ll fall in love with the Health Camp.

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Downtown Farmer’s Market- This is one of my favorite things to visit in Waco, since I love checking out the different produce, trying all kinds of free products, and enjoying the fun Saturday morning atmosphere. They have food trucks, booths, and maybe you’ll get lucky and go on the day the animal shelter is set up, looking for homes for some of the most adorable puppies ever.

It’s a huge store full of different booths of some of the cutest clothes, cups, decorations and everything in between. If you love Dr Pepper as much as the next guy, then you’ll have a blast at the museum, looking at the memorabilia, learning about the franchise, and checking out the old bottling warehouse.

You can also catch some of your favorite bands on the stage out back, and get some studying or reading done on one of the comfy couches indoors. After the Vaudeville era it became a silent movie theater, and stayed open until the late 70s.

They closed their doors due to local competition, but after years of renovations it opened again in the late 80s as a live theater. In 1978, two men discovered the first bone, and after years of excavation, you can now see over TWENTY mammoth skeletons.

You can take tours around the site, where you will learn all about the Ice Age, the fossils, and their importance to us now.

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