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He was rumored to have bought the Elephant Man's bones, Jackson allegedly shared a bed with a chimp and then married the daughter of another pop culture giant in a lifetime spent in the public eye. Over the years, his image changed from cute child star to that of a secretive singer who was the target of ridicule and devotion in equal measure.

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The release of Thriller in 1982 made him a massive international superstar and the first cracks in his public persona began appearing not long afterwards. Around the same time, wild stories about his personal life began to circulate, including that he slept in an oxygen tent and had adopted a chimp called Bubbles.

His appearance at the Brit Awards in 1996 again pushed him on to the front pages when Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker took exception to his bombastic performance of Earth Song and ran on to the stage. In 2002, he was criticized when he dangled his 11-month-old son Prince Michael II from the window of a Berlin hotel in front of an astounded crowd.

In what would prove to be his last public appearance in the UK, he put on a bizarre display that left the assembled journalists baffled. During a speech littered with long pauses, Jackson said: “I'll be performing the songs my fans want to hear.

By the age of 50, he had amassed a vast fortune which allowed him to indulge every whim, no matter how strange it seemed to the outside world. It’s not clear who started the nickname but even in the 1980s, there were whispers in the tabloids that Michael was sleeping in an oxygen tank to maintain his youthful looks.

However, as reported by the Sydney Morning Herald, this wasn’t exactly true, “a 1986 tale about him sleeping in an oxygen coffin and another story about him seeking to buy the bones of The Elephant Man were both fictions fed by Jackson to a hungry media.” He did, however, own a £22,000 gold-plated Egyptian sarcophagus. By 1987, Jackson had purchased his famous Neverland Ranch and over the next decade he would create his very own theme park with rides, a video arcade, and a zoo.

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The cost of running Neverland was said to be £160,000 a month, and he showered his friends with expensive gifts, such as a $1 million necklace for Elizabeth Taylor. The WackoJacko moniker went into overdrive when Jackson started to drastically alter his appearance.

Around the same time, Jackson started to undergo plastic surgery which he claimed was to help him breathe. Looking at photos of Jackson show evidence of work done not only to his nose but also to his cheeks, lips and chin.

He took full custody of all three children and made sure that they were kept out of the public eye, wearing something to cover their faces whenever they were outside Neverland. For a celebrity such as Michael Jackson, this need for privacy can be understood, but this decision was met with critical scrutiny from the press.

There was also the unfortunate moment where he dangled his third child from a balcony, something he later said he regretted but was used at the time to show a lack of parenting skills. Michael Jackson passed away on June 25, 2009, and will be remembered both for his far-reaching effect on music and culture and for his extravagant lifestyle.

It was a nickname that a British tabloid came up with for Michael Jackson. People called Michael Jackson wacko because they thought he was crazy, or in other words, different.

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The mascot that is the least offensive to an environmentalist wacko is the projected winner. Limbaugh has used the term environmentalist wacko when referring to left-leaning environmental advocates.

From This example is from Wikipedia and may be reused under a CC BY-SA license. She explains that he's a wacko, and that he treated her poorly when she rebuffed his advances.

Jan is always the one who has to clean up all the messes that people cause, no matter how wacko it is. I watched four hours of Michael Jackson’s alleged abuse of two young boys with the Leaving Neverland documentary.

Now that I’ve completed the documentary I want to provide my unsolicited opinion on Michael Jackson and the questions about his sexual molestation allegations. Since there is a gray area on this one where one could argue either side of this case, I decided to provide two viewpoints and supporting ideas from each.

“Jackson was acquitted of child molestation charges in 2005, partly based on the testimony of Robson, his sister and his mother. I’ve heard many other voices in Jackson’s camp retelling this claim, but clearly MJ could be guilty and the men who defended him were just under his hypnotic celebrity spell (yes- even many years later, after his death).

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Michael Jackson could’ve easily fooled a jury or paid off witnesses to corroborate his story. In fact, that is basically what the documentary tells us- MJ reached out to his mind controlled defense witnesses to try and get him off the hook.

“Reed notes he initially approached Robson and Safe chuck’s stories with “a good deal of skepticism” but after extensive research, verified their claims with police documentation from 1993 and the 2003 to 2005 criminal investigations against Jackson by the LAPD by the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department. He even tried manipulating Martin Bashar in the Living with Michael Jackson documentary when he lied about all the obvious plastic surgeries he’s been through.

So it seems that WackoJacko was really out of his mind and he fell in line with the behavior of many child-celebrities and sexual molestation victims where he perpetuated the actions he learned as a child. Add in the eccentricities of a creative artist that has a soft spot for children, and it makes for a perfect setup.

LAPD found no reason to bring charges (they even pulled the FBI in), but another accusation would result in Michael’s arrest and subsequent trial in 2005 (this is the court case that brought Wade Robson, Jimmy Safe chuck and Macaulay Colin in to testify on Michael’s behalf- later Robson and Safe chuck would claim they lied under oath). Investigative journalist Ian Hampering wrote a series of articles detailing the disturbing coincidences surrounding Michael’s death.

He claimed that a cadre of bankers, agents, doctors and advisers pushed Michael into doing his 50-date concert series even when he was too sick to carry it through. Hampering alleged that Sony was lending Michael hundreds of millions of dollars since the banks would no longer loan him money.

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In 2013 Wade Robson retracted his previous defense of Michael (the 2005 trial) and proceeded to file lawsuits against now deceased Jackson’s estate. Two years later, in May 2015, a judge in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Mitchell L. Kickoff, dismisses Robson’s suit against the estate, saying that he waited too long to file his claim.

Clearly Robson and Safe chuck were only interested in getting some of that vast estate of money from Michael Jackson. My book on hip hop conspiracy theories goes deeper into Michael’s sordid past, including allegations from his maids about him peeing on the floor or holding onto dirty baby diapers.

I wrote this entire analysis before watching Oprah’s post- Leaving Neverland special on HBO. Even if he did molest these kids, we could easily argue that he’s damaged goods and a product of his environment and upbringing.

We also have to consider the latest hot topics of the Metro movement and the Surviving R. Kelly documentary which started the #MuteR Kelly trend. It seems that there is a consideration to stop listening to R. Kelly which will surely not apply to Michael Jackson.

If we get into the seemingly absurd theories on blood sacrifices and Faustian bargains then it's not so difficult to proclaim that celebrity deification is a trap for all those involved. On the other hand, it seems that people who perpetuate a crime are the loudest critics of it, so maybe they are just trying to stop the cycle and spread awareness because they are too close to it.

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Either way- the fact remains that Hollywood has a real problem with sex in all its forms, but I believe it comes from the first point (celebrities are mistakenly treated as gods). People have a tendency to desire full and comprehensive understanding and explanations of who is who and what is what, but sometimes it’s just not that clear (we can thank the dogma of science for making quantities metrics for everything).

For instance, the jury from the 2005 Michael Jackson molestation case thought the boy wasn’t acting “distraught enough” for someone who’d been molested (SOURCE: Theft) (*NOTE: I watched The Jury Speaks on Oxygen and a woman named Juror #6, Tammy Bolton, said almost the exact same thing that Theft is claiming Cocoa said, so I don’t personally know which juror really said it). “Of then-15-year-old Gavin Arezzo’s testimony against Jackson, juror Paulina Cocoa said “He didn’t seem as distraught as you would think somebody who’d been molested would be.” But what Cocoa found insufficiently “distraught” is just one of many possible reactions to trauma, says Jennifer J. Fred, a professor of psychology at the University of Oregon and expert on the psychology of sexual violence.

Instead, people want to compartmentalize and live in a black and white version of reality because it’s easier that way (like how Defaming the Dead on YouTube belittles the victims and pushes the audience to think it’s simply not possible to lie under oath). Plus- add in the confusion a young boy must feel who is hanging out with a modern day “god” like Michael Jackson who was providing a plethora of gifts and opportunities; yet (*allegedly*) snuck in various sexual activities in a way that might have even felt good to the young boys.

These victims grew up to be heterosexual men (presumably from the documentary) but surely there was some form of satisfaction during their times with Michael which must be extremely confusing. I was on the fence about my judgment on this because it seems strange that the two men in the documentary had filed lawsuits against Jackson’s estate after supporting him for so many years.

Instead, I’d offer that we use it as a redemption lesson of sorts to share the story and warnings of celebrity deification. It’s also a good time to discuss human sexuality and how to work on reducing the number of molestation that occur (instead of oversimplifying it and saying to chop dicks off or whatever).

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