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Yahoo, Wacko, and Dot Central Characters Yahoo Warner, Wacko Warner, Dot Warner, Dr. Scratchansniff, Hello Nurse, Ralph T. Guard, Thaddeus Plot, Nora Rita Morita First Episode Definitized Total Episodes 112 (Cartoons: 90) The main segment of Animatics, Yahoo, Wacko, and Dot focuses on the exploits of the Warner siblings. In a last minute effort to get some laughs out of an in-production Buddy cartoon, a Termite Terrace artist cranked out the Warner son the night of February 30.

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After a failed cartoon contract that resulted in the Warner shaving complete freedom resulting in chaos on the Warner Bros. movie lot, security trapped them inside their water tower and the company disavowed any knowledge of their existence to the public until their escape 60 years later. Since then, despite ongoing efforts by management and studio psychiatrist Dr. Scratchansniff to “definitize” them, the Warner shave continued to be unstoppable, going wherever and whenever they pleased.

Animatics logo, featuring Yahoo, Wacko and Dot plus Pinky and the Brain asphalt the loudest on the game room Series creator Tom Rugger initially modeled the Warner's' personalities heavily after those of his three sons.

Although they looked somewhat like dogs & cats with floppy ears, a snout, and tails, the Warner's' specific species was never explicitly declared. It's been explained that the Warner's' parents have been killed by King Salazar and threw the three kids away to the orphanage in the movie Wacko's Wish which was set in a medieval version of the show, the children learn that their parents were the king and queen of Warner stock.

A running gag throughout the Animatics series is the question of what animals, if any, the Warner's are meant to be modeled after. The series' other characters are cartoon representations of various animals such as mice, birds, monkeys, and squirrels, but the Warner's are intentionally ambiguous.

Various characters in the series question the Warner's about this and refer to them as a variety of different animals, frequently “puppy children” owing to their ears and tails or sometimes Too s because of their 1930s appearance. In the opening to some episodes of the series, a faux newsreel, Newsreel of the Stars, is played with an abridged history of Yahoo, Wacko, and Dot Warner; in 1929, they were created by the Termite Terrace Animation Department and starred in several cartoons until their zaniness caused a falling out with the studio.

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In the “65th anniversary” episode, which aired in 1994, their history is elaborated as a retrospect with interviews of witnesses to their rise and fall. Animator Lon Borax stayed up all night trying to come up with new characters until, in a fit of madness and exhaustion, he created them.

Dot was said to be close friends with Fanny Brice, while Yahoo had a famous feud with Milton Berle. The moment he saw it, he unilaterally canceled their contract, angering the Warner's' agent Irving “Swift” Labor (actually Chicken Boo in costume).

With no more cartoons to make the Warner's were free to run around the studio lot as they pleased, causing even more chaos for the company. Eventually they were captured by studio security and locked away in the Warner Bros. Studios water tower in Burbank, California.

The Warner's' cartoons “which made absolutely no sense,” were supposedly so insane and nonsensical that the studio executives also locked the films away in vaults, never to have them released. The Warner's were held in the water tower until, as said in the show, “this very day,” meaning September 13, 1993, when the series premiered.

Later episodes showed that they often escaped during various points in history, being let out for a day every few years while the water tower was being fumigated, and were occasionally loaned out to other animation studios, particularly during the 60s. In this episode the eldest sibling stated that because he is the last remaining family member in the royal bloodline it makes him the last rightful king.

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Finally, in the movie Wacko's Wish, it was revealed that the Warner's were the children of the late King and Queen of WiddlywarnderStock. The comedy that the trio performed can be described as an updated version of that of The Marx Brothers and early Bugs Bunny cartoons; each segment would usually involve them at odds with an authority-figure antagonist, defeating any attempts at control with a non-stop barrage of slapstick comedy and wit.

In this episode, after being asked (and begged and pleaded) by Dr. Scratchansniff to keep their lunacy under control for one evening during an important studio banquet, the three siblings did so and were very well-behaved...until they were promptly asked to leave the banquet hall before they caused any trouble. Feeling snubbed and insulted, the Warner's then snuck back into the banquet hall and began causing mischief in their own fashion.

Each of the trio has a different personality and role in the group, including purpose in a skit and separate obsessions with different celebrities, etc. Wacko is the “other” one or, due to Middle Kid Syndrome as Yahoo puts it, the most insane one.

Together they have been known to sing songs, including the names (and a few facts) of all the presidents in order at that time period. Yahoo (voiced by Rob Paulsen) is the tallest, oldest, at age 14 and most verbal, and serves as the leader of the three siblings.

Yahoo has the amazing ability to talk an unsuspecting (yet deserving) person's ear off (thus the first syllable of his name, “Yak”). Highly reminiscent of Grouchy Marx, he wears tan slacks with a black and yellow belt, in which he can store massive amounts of bologna and retrieve a number of improbable objects including a yak.

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Wacko, (voiced by Jess Parnell) the middle child, wears a sky-blue turtleneck and a red cap turned backwards with holes cut out for his ears. He speaks with a Spouse accent that Parnell explicitly modeled after Ringo Starr (initially Parnell created a John Lennon rescue voice for Wacko until he saw that the character was short, so he just raised the pitch), he also has the deepest voice out of the three.

He often carries a Gag Bag, ” from which he can produce objects as needed, and also uses a large mallet when situations call for it. Wacko can walk backwards just as well as he can forward, and is very flexible (there are a few episodes where the others make use of him for ladders and measuring tape).

Wacko appears to have a ridiculous appetite in the show, and will eat anything, including gum found under a seat and even rocks for shock value or perhaps simply to see how they taste. Often his siblings use variations of “taboo”, as in calling a male antagonist “Dado” to annoy them.

He appears to be the most musical as well, being able to belch pieces of classical music (under the stage name “The Great Wakkorotti”), play the violin, the piano, the accordion, and get behind a drum kit to deliver the occasional sting after a punchline. In the episode, “Chalkboard Bungle”, Wacko can impersonate Ray Charles pretty well.

Dot (voiced by Tress Marseille), the youngest of the three, wears a pink skirt, has hair resembling that of Ran from Castro Boy, and a yellow flower tie in her ears, and is nine years old. Her full name is Princess Angelina Contest Louisa Francesca Banana Anna BO Becca the Third (a reference to Pippin Longstocking's long real name, “Pippilotta Delicatessen Window shade Mackrelmint Ephraim's Daughter Long stocking”), which is the reason why some fans call her “Princess Dot for short, as revealed in Wacko's Wish.

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She is very outgoing and strong-willed, but can be vain, rude and a bit bossy at times. She often makes fun of Wacko’s idiocy behavior and his ridiculous eating habits.

Despite herself finding her brothers’ behavior around beautiful girls absurd, she has reacted similarly to attractive men, most notably Mel Gibson (She said she would “marry that man”). But, like Wacko and his cap, Dot would also wear a head piece like her usual flower on her hair.

However, when Yahoo tells her this story at bedtime, he makes it sound a lot like a fairy tale. The zany, loony Animatics has been part of a Saturday morning staple for kids that grew up in the 90s.

It is after all a time-honoured tradition of being seated before the warm CRT glow of kids programming with a side of sucrose-laced cereal. Now Hulu has used there voodoo to give new lease of life to the Animatics IP to bring back the Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister) their own animated series.

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