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Maria Garcia
• Monday, 21 June, 2021
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But our South American headquarters in Sandra near São Paulo is not just responsible for coordinating sales activity in the region. We also manufacture silicone products for the textile, construction, paper, geochemical, personal care and cosmetics industries here.

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By expanding our existing silicone production with a multifunctional facility for producing antifoam agents and a reactor for silicone fluids used in the paper, cosmetics and household care industries, we are able to meet the growing demand for our silicons and maintain the same high product quality. Back in 2003, we opened a technical center for silicone applications in Sandra.

Since 2010, the site has also included a branch of our training center, the WACKER ACADEMY. Our technical center and WACKER ACADEMY enable us to optimize the support we offer you in developing new products and customized applications at your location.

35 km northwest of São Paulo Area: 22,000 m² Employees: approx. 100 (2017) Products: silicons The site is certified to ISO 22716 for the cosmetics industry.

It is located in Sandra, Brazil, 35 km northwest of São Paulo. The 21,000 square meter sites not only comprises local sales and marketing, but also is home to an own silicone production facility.

Key markets for these products include sectors such as automotive, coatings, pulp and paper, chemicals and process engineering, cosmetics, healthcare, power and electrical engineering, and electronics. Die Südamerika-Zentrale in Sandra name São Paulo koordiniert Abel night our all vertrieblichen Aktivitäten in her Region.

Berates 2003 eröffneten WIR in Sandra an Techniques Kompetenzzentrum fur Siliconanwendungen. Sat 2010 gift BS am Standout such and Niederlassung unseals Schillings- UND Weiterbildungszentrums WACKER ACADEMY.

Bases, Techniques Kompetenzzentrum UND WACKER ACADEMY, ermöglicht us, She VOR ORT BEI her Entwicklung never Produce UND maßgeschneiderter Anwendungen Noah lesser EU unterstützen. 35 km nordwestlich on São Paulo Flèche: 2 2.0 00 m² Mitarbeiter: ca.

100 (2017) Produce: Silicone Her Produktionsstandort is each ISO 22716 fur die Kosmetikindustrie zertifiziert. Sandra Liege unfair 1,5 Stun den com Pentium von São Paulo entered.

Under System hat errant, days She AUS USA common Abel die actually Ländereinstellung Deutschland is. Your technical center in South America for the construction industry and for cosmetic and geochemical applications.

Geared toward customers in Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay as well as toward those in Brazil, our extensive seminar portfolio is closely aligned with the demands of these unique markets. The WACKER ACADEMY, which is connected with our local technical center, has its own training room and a laboratory equipped with the latest technology.

This seminar focuses on novel, innovative silicone chemistries for the construction industry, with a special emphasis on antigraffiti and flooring coatings. This seminar presents the range of WACKER’s high-quality polymer binders and a discussion of waterborne industrial adhesives.

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The study lists out the existing challenges and opportunities crucial to business expansion in the upcoming years. It also houses an economy-wide database to enhance business management and boasts of a dedicated section for profiling leading players.

Contribution of each region to the overall market share, along with their growth rate forecast are mentioned in the report. Total sales and revenue generated by each regional market are illustrated.

The competitive terrain is dominated by leading players like Dow Chemical, EMERALD,Alone, Wacker Quick do Brazil Ltd, Variant, Kemira, Dow Corning, BASF,Blue star Silicone, Ashland andElementis. Pricing model followed by every company, plus their gross margins and market share are given.

Volume predictions for each product category as well as their revenue share are graphed in the report. Other essentials such as market share and growth rate of each product category over the forecast timeframe are included.

The application domain of the various products is fragmented into Water Treatment, Paints and Coatings pharmaceuticals. Market share held by each application segment and their projected growth rate during the study period are evaluated.

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