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Originally developed as a feature film adaptation, the idea was re-imagined as a television series for Netflix when the service had given the production a series order for a first season. Filming takes place in multiple locations in Andalusia, Spain, such as Antique, where the headquarters of the fictional Order of the Cruciform Sword was filmed.

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The series is narrated and led by Portuguese actress Alba Baptista in the role of Ava Silva, a quadriplegic orphan who discovers she now has supernatural powers which force her to join an ancient order of warrior nuns. The cast also features Toy Turner, Sheila Reuben, Lorena Andrea, Kristina Tonteri-Young, and Tristan Allow.

The series debuted on July 2, 2021, on Netflix, to generally positive reviews. Warrior revolves around the story of a 19-year-old woman who wakes up in a morgue with a new lease of life and a divine artifact embedded in her back.

She discovers she is now part of the ancient Order of the Cruciform Sword that has been tasked with fighting demons on Earth, and powerful forces representing both heaven and hell want to find and control her. On September 28, 2018, it was announced that Netflix had given the production a series order for a first season consisting of ten episodes.

Simon Barry was set to serve as showrunner for the series. Barry is also credited as an executive producer alongside Stephen Eyes with Terri Hughes Burton serving as a co-executive producer for the series.

Production companies involved with the series are Barry's Reality Distortion Field and Fresco Film Services. On August 19, 2021, Netflix renewed the series for a second season.

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Sometime after the series order announcement, it was confirmed that Alba Baptista, Toy Turner, Tristan Allow, Sheila Reuben, Kristina Tonteri-Young, Lorena Andrea, and Emilio Soraya would star in the series. On April 1, 2019, it was announced that Sylvia De Fanti had joined the cast as a series regular.

Hawaii said that Warrior is undoubtedly familiar” influenced by the likes of Veronica Mars, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Alex Garland's Devs, but that when the show really clicks it becomes “its own distinct experience rather than simply a derivative facsimile of those inspirations.” She praised the performances, particularly Toy Turner as Shotgun Mary, and gives the show a grade B-.

Robyn Bar, of The Hollywood Reporter notes, “Thematically, Warrior is nothing you haven't seen before, and aesthetically, nothing you ever want to see again...leak, dour and trudging, the series contains none of the kitschy, blasphemous fun of its title.” Critic Steve Murray notes that Warrior has “both potential and problems in equal measure”; supposing that the series is trying to recreate the feel of Buffy the Vampire Slayer but with less witty dialogue and creativity.

Reviewer Danielle Broadway of BlackGirlNerds states that, although the program has good intentions, Warrior “fails to live up to expectations”. Broadway says the elements of a good series are there, but “if the plot, pacing, and character development (don't improve), there will be no resurrection for Season 2”.

' The I-Land' Starring Kate Bosworth, Natalie Martinez & Alex Petty fer Among 3 Sci-Fi Series Ordered by Netflix”. ^ “Netflix adds three new series to thrilling sci-fi drama slate including THE I-LAND, OCTOBER FACTION and WARRIOR NUN ".

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' Warrior Nun ': Alba Baptista To Star, Toy Turner, Tristan Allow, Sheila Reuben Among Six More Cast In Netflix Series”. “Game of Thrones Production Company Preps Avatar's Warrior Nun Netflix Series”.

Warrior Nun begins production for Netflix”. “New on Netflix in July 2020: 'Kissing Booth 2,' 'Baby-Sitters Club,' Charlize Theron”.

' Warrior Nun ': Sylvia De Fanti Cast In Netflix Drama Series”. “Game of Thrones company shoot new 10-part Netflix series on Costa del Sol”.

“Streaming in August: “Baby-Sitters Club,” “Unsolved Mysteries” reborn on Netflix”. “Netflix's Warrior Nun Fails to Meet Expectations”.

Edit Series cast summary: Alba Baptista ... Ava10 episodes, 2020 Toy Turner ... Mother Superion5 episodes, 2020 Emilio Soraya ... JC5 episodes, 2020 View production, box office, & company info.

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Edit After waking up in a morgue, an orphaned teen discovers she now possesses superpowers as the chosen Halo Bearer for a secret sect of demon-hunting nuns. Plot Summary | Add Synopsis Taglines: Deliver us from evil.

Edit Release Date: 2 July 2021 (USA) See more » Confused but excited by her newfound abilities, Ava soon realizes she's in over her head, but her need for a helping hand may be a blessing in disguise.

Ava takes her first steps toward understanding the halo's power, but a baptism by fire at the hands of the Order leaves her feeling burned. While Mary squares off with Sister Lilith, Ava begins to open up to JC, and Jillian Salvos fires a warning shot at the Church.

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Ava (Alba Baptista) fast zunehmend Overtaken EU JC (Emilio Soraya). Mary (Toy Turner) UND Sch wester Lilith (Lorena Andrea) greater Alexander.

Premiere in her Schwas: Donner stag 2. Ava (Alba Baptista) Hoff AUF Anchormen AUF hire Frauen ALS she such a die Wissenschaft wended.

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Ava (Alba Baptista) is com Inhale DES Grades geschockt UND was night water. She muss hinter die Geschichte DES Heiligenscheins common.

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