Voice Actor For Keith Voltron

Christina Perez
• Monday, 21 June, 2021
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Steven Yen was born in Seoul, South Korea, and his family first immigrated to Canada before moving to Michigan. He is best known for portraying Glenn Rhee on the AMC television horror drama series The Walking Dead.

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He was excited for the prospect, having watched past versions of Vol tron as a kid in Korean and Japanese. Yen thinks this makes Keith a complex and fun character to voice, and he enjoys playing a brooding kid shoved into a position of leadership that seems terrifying.

When comparing the two characters, Yen thinks Keith and Glenn of The Walking Dead fame both come from an honest place inside yet remain very different: both think from their heart, but Keith has less control over his fiery self, leading him to make brash decisions which can be right or wrong, whereas Glenn has a firm grasp over himself and thus can make more intelligent emotional decisions. Yen praises Vol tron : Legendary Defender for “not talking down to anybody” and cultivating great taste for kids.

Of course some scenes or episode descriptions I've put down have been subject to my interpretation of them (i.e., the product of an overly romantic person who has spent too much time watching and thinking Vol tron when she should have been studying), so take them with a grain of salt. But, to the true believers, sit back, read on, and get thrilled by these signs that our favorite couple are going the right direction! By the way, I wouldn't have been able to compile this list without the invaluable help of the Lion Force chronology from Shannon Muir's Vol tron Page.

There's a cute scene between Keith and Allure in the episode where Corn and Nanny discuss plans to for Princess Allure to marry and the Force picks up a distress call from Planet Alto, Ridge's home world. One is where Corn and Keith have a private conversation about what to do about Allure's safety in the ensuing battle.

So please excuse the scanty number of entries... :) In the episode where the Vol tron Force attends a conference back on Earth and is attacked by the combined forces of Carbon and his new ally Largo, Allure is taken hostage by Motor and demands for Keith's surrender. There's a scene in the episode where Allure goes to the Valley of Zohar to see if her father has come back to life where Keith keeps her from being crushed by a statue by tackling her and shielding her with his body.

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