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RNA BekermanPrincess Allure Sarah Michelle Cellar Faced by 8 BBVA Members Listen to all the actors who have voiced Princess Allure and vote for your favorite.

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She was a formidable combatant, strategist, speaker, alchemist, and the last of the Sacred Aliens: once revered for their ability to channel and manipulate Quintessence. Allure was the face of the resistance against the Gala and stopped at nothing to bring peace and balance throughout the Universe, even at the expense of her own life.

Her skin tone is warm brown, her eyes are a mix of galaxy blue and turquoise with purple pupils, and her Altman marks are light pink. The dress has a sky blue bodice, a white skirt and a knee-length pink cape; all accented with gold.

It was a white coat with a mandarin collar, pink chest and sleeves, buttoning up near the right breast pocket. It had a black belt with the Vol tron 'V' on the buckle and two gold stripes acknowledging her rank as Princess.

For her date with Lance, Allure wore a pale pink, knee-length dress with a notch neckline and three-quarter length tulip sleeves. Allure in the alternative reality Minerva visited was physically the same with a few exceptions: she wore her hair in a long braid.

Alter was ultimately lost as a result of Alford's actions, with only the six residents of the Castle of Lions being known to survive the tragedy. Allure is first seen in her sleeping pod when she is awakened by the future Paladins of Vol tron : Shirt, Keith, Lance, Ridge and Hunk.

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After revealing hers, Allure checks the castle only to find that she and Corn have been asleep for 10,000 years and that Alter along with its neighboring planets have all been destroyed by the Gala. She assigns the Paladins to attempt to recreate Vol tron, and uses the castle's defenses to spur them into action.

After Hangar's Omar device sent the paladins flying through the universe, the Castle of Lions was trapped in a time loop where Allure was unaffected, but Corn and the mice were. Before Corn's erasure from existence, Ridge was able to activate a homing beacon, and this allowed Allure to create a stable wormhole out of the loop.

But with LAZ's sacrifice to save them, Allure partly felt the concern the Paladins had, but still held some strong reservations about trusting a Gala rebel group like the Blades. While Keith searched for Shirt, Allure contacted the leader of a planet they freed previously, in an attempt to reform the coalition.

Being a member of the Altman Royal Family, Allure was known for her commanding attitude towards the Paladins, her serious demeanor and occasionally playful personality. However, she did have a deep-seated bitterness; Carbon was the focal point of Allura's rage and suffering because of his betrayal of her and her family that resulted in the murder of her father, her entire race, and the destruction of her home planet.

Allure greatly admired her father and misses him, and tries very hard to take up the mantle of leadership in his stead. She is very intelligent in dangerous situations, shown when she absorbed a dark entity extracted from another Altman (though she was haunted with visions of Lance, Motor, and Eleanor to do it) and decided to use it to access Minerva’s mind via hers.

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She maintained a deferential attitude towards her father's hologram until its destruction, despite the mantle of leadership having passed to her. Allure possessed an incredible force of will, able to sacrifice her father's artificial intelligence, and with it her last connection to the king and parent she so deeply admired and loved.

This showed just how much she was willing to give up in order to complete her mission, she was also able to mutilate her own emotions in the interests of peace and defeating her enemies. For example, during Season 6, after finding about Lotor’s true intentions, she angrily knocks him out, due to having a loving relationship with him.

She impersonated a Gala soldier, changing her normally brown skin to violet & growing much taller (even dwarfing Shirt) in order to fool the guards on one of Carbon's ships. During her duel with Hangar on board Carbon's command ship Allura's magical abilities were unlocked by the repeated blasts of mystical energy she endured, effectively jump-starting them like an electrical current, allowing her to duel Hangar to a standstill.

Despite her relative inexperience with her magic, Allure is clearly incredibly powerful, as her raw might alone was enough to frighten and match the elder Altman sorceress. The process was quite intense, and the physical tole it took was so great that it turned the rest of Shirt's hair white.

Her quick thinking and strategic intelligence allows her to engage far more powerful or numerous enemies, tipping battles in the team's favor or buying enough time to devise a strategy. While she initially struggled to pilot the Blue Lion, she learned quickly, unlocking several special abilities in a much shorter time than Lance.

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Motor, and Allure are shown to bear the marks of the chosen, proving themselves worthy to enter Orange. This can be use on a sword or Whips capable to cut, immobilizing enemy's, and can extend being used like a mid-distance projectile and later on a spear.

Although she has existed for at least ten thousand years, Allure has not aged mentally nor physically because she had been in a stasis sleep and did not consciously experience that span of time. Allura's Legendary Defender iteration is the first incarnation of the character who died at the series' final unlike her previous counterparts, a change which sparked controversy among fans.

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