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Hitomitoji the mo Mimi no sugar Kane Kurt yo Sarandë armor Nanak tsudzuite ICU Mich o Kitty mamorinuite misery so chatty Kara Motto Dali Yosemite Trudeau Masada Horton beta NOAA If I See You in My Dreams(Suede After)Genre Romantic comedy Handwritten byNoriyuki YamahanaPublished by Squash Magazine Business Jump Demographic Seine Original run February 1994 – December 1999Volumes17 Original video animation Directed by Hiroshi Watanabe Studio J.C. Staff Released April 21, 1998 – December 19, 1998Episodes3Anime television seriesDirected betakes YamaguchiMusic byMokaStudio J.C. Staff Original network TBS Original run November 30, 1998 – December 24, 1998Episodes16 Anime and manga portal If I See You in My Dreams (Japanese : , Hepburn : YumedeAetara) is a Japanese manga series by Teriyaki Ramayana under the pen name HANK, serialized in Shueisha's Business Jump magazine from 1994 to 1999.

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The story follows a Japanese salary man Mass Lugano in a big city, who falls in love with NASA Shiitake, a kindergarten teacher. As the series progresses, it becomes more thoughtful and mature, with many of the problems evolving out of the characters' personalities rather than being imposed artificially by circumstances.

One being Kailua, a tall muscular physical education high school teacher, and JIRA, a short rich and perverted real estate agent. The TV series takes a more comedic tone than the OVA and involves much of the early unlucky coincidences from the manga.

All that changes when he meets the beautiful NASA Shiitake at a marriage interview pub, who herself has had the same poor luck with guys. Now he'll do anything to woo the girl, but he'll have to fend off other suitors and the affections of a co-worker, all while keeping himself out of awkward situations that always end badly for him.

The story setup is easy to tell, the very soft-hearted guy, Fugue Mass totally falls for the beautiful Kindergarten Teacher Shiitake NASA. There are other characters interested in NASA and Fugue so the trouble on both sides starts to pile up really fast.

Overall it has a really likeable storyline in a good setup with a well-made timing. The art is not really my style but also not bad there are no major problems with and at least the fun and dramatic parts are transported well. NASA is a nice thunder but sometimes too typical, same for Fugue who is also too easy to read but to make up for that you find also characters like Some Naming, who is sponging off everyone she is able to but soft-hearted Fugue is the one she makes to pay for her bills the most.

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The enjoyment is very good cause of the fact that you have a well known setup combined with some hilarious side characters all together in a well-made storyline, so it’s easy to like. Alright this is review on my impression of YumedeAetara by Ramayana Teriyaki, I'm not a professional reviewer so don't complain on me, this is my impression. Story: The story is somewhat generic, but it has a feeling of anguish and beautiful in it, you might feel angry on a chapter but suddenly you feel happy about the progression on the plot, hey it's a romance fill with misunderstanding, rivalry, love triangle and a touching moment.

Love and Hate can come from this manga, but it won't stop you from reading it, unless it is too painful for you to bear it. Character: Fugue or the male lead is your average salary-man, who was having a bad luck in almost every aspect of his life, while NASA or the female lead is a popular hot babe a tsundere-type who like to make a conclusion without hearing an explanation, the setup is good both characters made me angry in earlier chapter, but as the story progressing the development for these characters is satisfying.

YumedeAetara is a beautiful heart filled manga that leaves you wanting more each new page. Its story is as simple as it sounds from the synopsis and despite how clear it is that these two main characters will end up with each other from the first chapter, it is still really well written.

Along the way some very well done love triangles start to develop and many other things that add to emotion of this manga. They bring so much emotion to this story that you can't help but love each of them and cheer for them.

Our main characters are very shy around the opposite sex and have no luck when it comes to dating. These characters don't have any tragic past that make them act the way they do, they are just normal people that struggle with confidence in themselves.

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The interactions between the two main characters is what keeps you turning every page with such great suspense. Fug no is someone who you can't help but feel bad for and root for him as he tries to fulfill his dream with NASA.

However, because Fug no is such a nice man he often finds himself in situations iller than when he started. But she isn't anything of the sorts, she is like our main male lacks confidence in herself and thus puts up a big wall between her and men.

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Kin same ta me NI ricotta total book NI mistake Nazi DE more DE Nan Kai me data KBE? YumedeAetara (; If We Meant In a Dream) is a digital single by MIA.

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