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• Monday, 26 July, 2021
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West Cook Wild One's board member Adrian Acres Fisher has been planting native species in her south Oak Park garden for 30 years. < > < > In a typical August, West Cook Wild Ones has one of its busiest months, preparing for a garden walk and native plant sale that help further the nonprofit organization's mission of helping area gardeners make their yards welcoming to animals and insects and by creating healthy native plant and animal environments.

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This year has been anything but typical, and when it became clear that the impact of COVID-19 would be long-lasting, West Cook Wild Ones decided to take its garden walk to the internet. Their virtual walk takes place on Saturday, Sept. 12, and members have been hard at work to create an experience that brings local gardens into viewers' homes.

West Cook Wild One's board member and walk organizer Laura Hartwell Berlin says that the in-person walk usually covers 10 gardens in the Oak Park and River Forest area, and attendees could go to one or all of the gardens featured. “This spring, we became concerned that we couldn't do the walk in person in August, so we decided to focus on smaller numbers,” Berlin said.

Berlin adds that two of this year's gardens are in Oak Park and the third is in Berwyn, which makes a welcome expansion for the walk. West Cook Wild One's board member Adrian Acres Fisher is excited to share her garden during the virtual event.

Fisher says she has been in her south Oak Park home since 1986 and has been gardening with native plants for over 30 years. She had always loved visiting local forest preserves and wondered why the plants there looked so different from what she saw in planned gardens.

She read the book “Noah's Garden: Restoring the Ecology of Our Own Backyards” by Sara Stein, which sparked her interest in native plants. She then found sellers Art and Linda Wildflowers at the Oak Park Farmers Market, who provided some early native plants for her garden.

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Fisher points out that because our ecosystem is unique to where we live, plants that are native to the area are the best adapted to live there and attract the bugs, birds and bees that are a vital part of the ecosystem. She says that showcasing her garden through the seasons is a particular pleasure, because she really enjoys seeing the changes that take place there every year.

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