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Hollander is said to live on Mariagatan in Star. As a young police officer, he was nearly killed when a drunk whom he was questioning stabbed him with a butcher's knife (this is mentioned in the account of his first case). Hollander was once married, but his wife Mona left him, and he has since had a difficult relationship with his rebellious only child, Linda, who barely survived a suicide attempt when she was fifteen.

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He also had issues with his late father, an artist who painted the same landscape 7,000 times for a living; the elder Hollander strongly disapproved of his son's decision to join the police force and frequently derided him for it. At one time, Hollander had dreamed of making opera his life, leaving the police force and becoming the impresario of his friend, Seen Widen, a tenor who aspired to sing opera.

Inspector Hollander has few close friends and is known for his less-than-desirable lifestyle; he consumes too much alcohol and junk food, exercises very little, and sometimes struggles with anger. He frequently regards the crimes he investigates on a very personal level, throwing himself into catching criminals and going against the orders of his superiors to try to solve a case, often with negative effects on his emotional stability.

Over the years he has grown increasingly disillusioned with his work and often wonders whether he should have become a police officer at all. He was once falsely sued and harassed for police brutality and still lives with the guilt of having shot and killed a man in the fog, an act which drove him into depression and nearly led to his resignation.

In later years, he maintains a somewhat inconsistent romantic relationship with Baba Lie pa, a woman in Riga, Latvia, whom he met while investigating a murder there, until it eventually dissolves. Over the course of the series he is diagnosed with diabetes, and towards the end of his career he suffers from memory lapses, discovering he has developed Alzheimer's disease, with which his father was also afflicted.

The following novel features Wallander's daughter Linda in the lead, while he is a secondary character: However, Mandell was so distraught after the suicide of Johanna Maelstrom, the actress playing the character at the time in the Swedish TV series, that he decided to abandon the series after only the first novel.

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Yellow Bird announced in March 2008 that 13 new Swedish language Hollander films were to be made with Kristen Eriksson. The first production in the second series, Hamden , was given a cinematic launch in Sweden on 9 January 2009 before being released on DVD.

The theme over the closing credits is “Quiet Night”, sung by Anna Burnham. In these final episodes, Kurt Hollander suffers from memory problems because of Alzheimer’s disease, and he cannot continue to work as a policeman.

Den oblige manner Forerunner Sheet Schneider Mordbrännaren Sorgfågeln. The novels have also been adapted as twelve television films for the BBC, produced by Yellow Bird and Left Bank Pictures.

The third series began shooting in Star and Riga, Latvia in the Summer of 2011 and continued into the winter. Broadcast in July 2012, it consists of adaptations of An Event in Autumn, The Dogs of Riga and Before the Frost.

The BBC Hollander series concluded in May 2016 with a three-episode fourth series consisting of an adaptation of The White Lioness and a two-episode adaptation of Mandell's final Hollander novel, The Troubled Man. In November 2018 it was announced that Netflix and Yellow Bird UK were producing a TV series based on the Kurt Hollander character and titled Young Hollander, and a 2019 release date was announced for the six-part series.

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The series explores the life of Kurt Hollander as a young man, before the events of the books. On September 11, 2019, it was announced that filming had begun on the Young Hollander series.

The series stars Adam Passion, Richard Village, Leanne Best, Ellis Chappell, and Yaren Tour. The series is directed by Ole Andersen and Jens Jonson, and written by Ben Harris.

Mandell's friend and writer Jan Guizhou used Kurt Hollander in the 10th book of his Carl Hamilton -series En medborgare hold over are mistake . Guizhou and Mandell also co-wrote the Swedish crime-drama miniseries Talismanen and here we also encounter Kurt Hollander as a supporting character, this time portrayed by actor Leonard Jacket.

^ Inspector Hollander .org website ^ Gallagher, Paul (27 December 2009). “Henning Mandell creates a 'female Hollander following star's suicide”.

“Netflix Orders 'Young Hollander, ' and Series Set During French Revolution”. ^ “Filming Begins for Netflix's Young Hollander Series”.

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The opening episode of this latest (and final) series was set in sun-scorched South Africa, but this week’s Hollander sees Kenneth Branch’s detective, Kurt, back in a wintry Kane (pronounced “skoh-neh”). There’s a crepuscular magic to those sunless months in Sweden’s southernmost region, but it’s in summer that holidaymakers flock to Kane to Seymour the long, balmy days.

The real Malmö is a stun- King medieval city with cobbled streets, fabulous bars and the world’s leading crayfish festival. The Western Harbor is an area of environmentally sustainable buildings and the location for Saga Loren’s modernist flat.

Film # Title Original release date 14"Hamden”"The Revenge”9 January 2009 (2009-01-09) (Sweden), 27 February 2010 (2010-02-27) (Belgium) Hollander has bought a dream house by the sea, but his peace and quiet is soon shattered when a man is murdered and several car bombs are detonated. The local populace suspects Islamic extremists, but when the army is called in, Hollander believes otherwise.15"Sudden”"The Guilt”17 June 2009 (2009-06-17) (Sweden), 6 March 2010 (2010-03-06) (Belgium) When a young boy goes missing, suspicions immediately fall on a previously convicted child sex offender, and vigilantes start attacking him and his elderly mother.

Soon Hollander is convinced there's been a double murder, although no bodies have been found.18"Cellisten”"The Cellist”19 September 2009 (2009-09-19) (Sweden), 27 March 2010 (2010-03-27) (Belgium) The police go to great lengths to protect a cellist who is due to testify in a Russian mafia trial. The priest's wife or the deceived husband?20"Lankan”"The Leak”18 November 2009 (2009-11-18) (Sweden), 10 April 2010 (2010-04-10) (Belgium) When a security van is robbed, Hollander suspects a leak inside the security company.21”Kitten”"The Sniper”16 December 2009 (2009-12-16) (Sweden), 17 April 2010 (2010-04-17) (Belgium) When a small-time crook is killed by a sniper, Hollander and the Star police investigate.22”Dödsängeln”"The Angel of Death”20 January 2010 (2010-01-20) (Sweden), 24 April 2010 (2010-04-24) (Belgium) A girl in a choir disappears and is later found dead; then her best friend in the choir also disappears.

The Phantom”24 March 2010 (2010-03-24) (Sweden), 1 May 2010 (2010-05-01) (Belgium) A cottage by the sea, owned by a local charity that lets it out to the public, is ravaged by a gas explosion. When more people with connections to the business are killed, Hollander starts suspecting that the killer is to be found within the company.

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At the same time a trial of human traffickers starts, and both Hollander and district prosecutor Katarina Sell receive death threats, forcing them to assess their jobs as well as their own relationship. This article is about the BBC program starring Kenneth Branch.

Hollander is a British television series adapted from the Swedish novelist Henning Mankell's Kurt Hollander novels and starring Kenneth Branch as the eponymous police inspector. In 2007, Branch met Mandell to discuss playing the role.

Contracts were signed and work began on the films, adapted from the novels Sidetracked, Firewall and One Step Behind, in January 2008. Martin worked with cinematographer Anthony DOD Mantle to establish a visual style for the series.

The first three-episode series, produced by Yellow Bird, Left Bank Pictures and TBC for BBC Scotland, was broadcast on BBC One from November to December 2008. The second series was filmed from July to October 2009 and was broadcast in January 2010.

The third series was filmed in the summer of 2011 in Star, Scania, Sweden, and Riga, Latvia, and aired in July 2012. The final series aired in the original English on BBC One in May 2016.

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Critics have written positively of the series, which has won a Broadcasting Press Guild Award (Best Actor for Branch) and six British Academy Television Awards, including Best Drama Series. The series is based on Kurt Hollander (Branch), a detective and police inspector in the small town of Star, Sweden.

In the novels, Hollander regularly listens to opera in his apartment and his car. This signature hobby has been dropped for this adaptation; producer Francis Hopkins on believes it would make Hollander too similar to Inspector Morse, whose love of opera is already familiar to British viewers.

Branch did not watch any of the Swedish Hollander films before playing the role, preferring to bring his own interpretation of the character to the screen. Wallander's team at the Star police station is made up of: Anne-Britt Holland (Smart), Kale Hedberg (Beard), and Magnus Martins son (Huddleston).

Of Hollander and Holland, Smart said, “Our relationship is based on this impeccable mutual respect which is all very Scandinavian and, actually, more interesting to play.” The team is joined at murder scenes by Berg (McCabe), a forensics expert.

The team is overseen by Lisa Rogerson (Shimming), Star's chief of police. Away from the police station, Hollander has a tempestuous relationship with his daughter Linda (Spark) and his father Novel (Warner), who Hollander discovers in Sidetracked has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

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Wallander's father spends his days sitting in an art studio, painting the same landscape repeatedly while in the care of his new wife Gertrude (Hemingway). Kenneth Branch approached Henning Mandell personally, asking if he could play Hollander In 2006, Yellow Bird managing director Morten Fisher opened discussions with British production companies about developing English-language adaptations of the Kurt Hollander novels, to which Yellow Bird holds the distribution rights.

The BBC and Channel 4 were believed to be involved in discussions; the BBC had already announced plans to adapt Mandell's The Return of the Dancing Master. Fisher wanted to bring a new detective to British screens to replace Inspector Morse, who had been killed off on-screen in 2000.

Actors proposed to play Hollander were Trevor Eve, Neil Pearson, Jason Isaacs, David Morris, Clive Owen and Michael Gabon. Negotiations were still under way in 2007, when Kenneth Branch met Henning Mandell at an Ingram Bergman film festival and asked to play Hollander.

Mandell agreed to let Branch play the role, and Branch visited Star in December to scout for locations and meet Film i Skates chief executive Ralf Iverson. A series of three 90-minute adaptations was commissioned by BBC Scotland's Anne Mensa and BBC Controller of Fiction Jane Granter in January 2008.

Like Morten Fisher, the BBC wanted a returning series that would have the same audience appeal as Inspector Morse, Prime Suspect and Cracker. Yellow Bird was contracted as a co-producer, working with Left Bank Pictures, a production house formed in 2007 by former ITV Controller of Comedy, Drama and Film Andy Harries.

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Harries described Hollander as “more than just a detective series” and that it would be visually “very picture postcard”. The first series consists of adaptations of Sidetracked, Firewall and One Step Behind.

Philip Martin was hired as lead director of the series, and met with Branch, Harries and Left Bank producer Francis Hopkins on in January. Richard Cotton was hired to adapt Mandell's novels, and delivered his first scripts in February.

Cotton changed the plots of some books in order to fit them into a 90-minute adaptation, though made sure the scripts retained Wallander's “journey”. The following month, Martin began discussions with cinematographer Anthony DOD Mantle about what visual style the films would have.

Casting of British actors, which was done in London, was completed by April, and the whole crew moved over to Star to begin rehearsals. Martin wanted the actors playing police officers to know how to fire a gun, so arranged for them to spend time at a firing range using live ammunition.

Wallander’s distinctive mobile phone ringtone was specially composed by Lee Crichton. Half of that came from the BBC, and the rest from pre-sale co-production funding from American WITH Boston and German ARD Delete, and a tax deduction for filming in Sweden.

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ARD Delete and WITH are credited as co-producers for their budget contribution. Using scripts adapted by Richard Cotton and Richard McBride, filming ran for 12 weeks from April to July 2008 in Wallander's hometown of Star, Sweden.

Interior sets were constructed at Star Studios under the supervision of Andes Olin, who also designed the sets of the Swedish Hollander films. Mock-ups of Stands All-hands, a local newspaper, were produced as working props.

DOD Mantle was keen to conceive a good style for what could become a long-running series. Filming on Sidetracked commenced on 14 April on location at a townhouse in Soda Anglican, Star.

The manager of Häckeberga Castle, which had been turned into a hotel, allowed filming to take place there on the night of 17 April, though guests had to be moved to stables for the night. Scenes set in the rapeseed field were filmed at Charlottenburg Mansion.

Location scouts had been impressed with the look of the winter rapeseed. The team from Danish Special Effects had difficulty setting the field on fire.

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Using the Red One digital camera meant that rushes could be viewed on set, saving time on the already tight schedule. The cheaper filming option meant that the budget could be used on other things.

The opening scene, featuring a multiple murder and burial in the woods, was filmed on location at the Homesteads nature reserve. A large hole was needed for the shallow grave, so Yellow Bird approached the local authority for permission.

The request was granted on the same day as it was lodged, with the stipulation that the hole be filled in after filming. Ni all McCormick arrived in Sweden to film Firewall in June, concluding in the third week of July.

While the crew were in Sweden, editing was done at The Chimney Pot in Stockholm. A version of “Nostalgia” by Australian singer-songwriter Emily Barker is the opening theme.

The production of three new films based on Faceless Killers, The Fifth Woman and The Man Who Smiled was confirmed by the BBC in May 2009 to start in the summer in Star. Hettie MacDonald directed Faceless Killers, Andy Wilson handled The Man Who Smiled while Aisling Walsh directed The Fifth Woman.

Photographer Igor Martini (director of photography on Man on Wire) worked with Macdonald and Wilson while Lukas St rebel, who won an Emmy in 2009 for Little Orbit, was in charge of photography for The Fifth Woman. Yellow Bird's Daniel Activist said, “It is a quite special that we are doing two different Hollander productions at the same time.

The landscape of Kane was a big part of the second series. Scenes were also planned to be filmed at the summer residence that served as the home for Wallander's father.

Faceless Killers was first in the shooting schedule, followed by The Fifth Woman and last The Man Who Smiled. On 23 June, the film team spent all day in Irishman, a coastal town north-east of Star.

Scenes were shot at the local police station and in the town square. Production Manager Nina Jackman explained that “the town was perfect for what we needed to convey with this film”.

On 21 July, the portions of road 1015 passing by the Karlsfält Farmland Estate north of Star was closed from 11 p.m. until midnight to accommodate the film crew. On 18 August, closing scenes of The Fifth Woman, where Kurt Hollander is dragged away at gunpoint, were shot on location at Star railway station.

Earlier in the week, scenes were shot at an old automobile repair and maintenance shop from 1928 in Hammering village. Part of the building had served as a flower shop when Mandell wrote The Fifth Woman and, since a murder victim is a flower shop owner, it was convenient to shoot in the now abandoned building.

For the last two weeks, production moved to locations around the countryside of Stephen. On Monday evening 14 September, the Star city square was closed off to film an important action scene from The Man Who Smiled where Kurt Hollander comes running across the square as a car explodes.

The clear blue September sky caused problems with the lighting, and they had to wait until the sun started to set. Kenneth Branch explained that the challenge for filming series one was to “create” the strange world of Star, in part as Henning Mandell saw it, in part as scriptwriter Rick Cotton saw it, and then upon arrival to realize that the town looks different.

“To get all these different visions to work together was a bit nervous last year. Branch claimed that there had been no problems shooting due to weather conditions except the last day of filming: “Henning Mandell often writes about the long Swedish summer rains, but during two years of filming we have not seen any of that.

Any filming on a third series would be postponed until 2011, to allow Branch to work on Thor. Yellow Bird's Daniel Activist believes that The White Lioness's South African setting makes it difficult to film, and the post-Cold War plot of The Dogs of Riga is no longer relevant, but sees no reason why Before the Frost and some new story ideas, in the same vein as the original Yellow Bird films could not be developed for the BBC.

Local politicians supported and invested 8,000,000 Swedish kronor (roughly £750,000) in the second Hollander series through Film i Kane, a regional resource and production center. Series 2 features some interesting choices of actors for minor roles.

Fredric Gunderson features in Faceless Killers as Valid Storm, Gunderson appears in 17 episodes of Yellow Bird's Swedish language TV series as uniformed police officer Hartman. Rune Bergman had a minor role in the Swedish language adaptation of Faceless Killers and also featured in the TV film Luftslottet.

Patrick Carlson featured in the Swedish language adaptation of The Man Who Smiled as well as the TV film Mastermind. Bergman and Carlson have the distinction of appearing in films starring the three Kurt Hollander actors.

Karin Berthing also appears in the English language Faceless Killers and has previously worked on the Swedish -language TV film Before the Frost. Screenwriter Peter Harness wrote the scripts for all three films that made up Series 3.

But we have met to discuss the material, so he is involved in what happens”, Harness told Stands All-hands. This film was directed by Esther May Campbell, and featured cinematography by Lukas St rebel who worked on the second Hollander series.

Romanian actor Dragon Bu cur portrays Sergei Units, an investigative journalist. On 10 August, several scenes were shot outside the Latvian Parliament and outside a building on Jean street that was decorated with Swedish flags, to stand in for the Swedish embassy in Riga.

On 13 August, the city closed down several streets to accommodate the filming. On 16 August scenes were filmed at Riga Central Station.

These stickers covered up the usual coat of arms that Latvian police cars are decorated with, these stickers were designed specifically for the film and are easily removed. Nothing on Latvian police cars specifies what city they serve in.

The shooting started at a football pitch in Kåseberga, which has been converted into a filming area. Producer Hillary Benson explained to local press that once The Dogs of Riga had wrapped up, the film team would be back in mid October to start filming the other two episodes.

The other two films in the series are Before the Frost, based on the novel of the same name, and An Event in Autumn, which is based on the short story “Handle on hosted” (The Grave), a short story from 2004 published only in the Netherlands. The first days of shooting were stunts and scenes with an animal trainer as Kenneth Branch did not arrive until 17 October.

Scenes were also shot at The Chemistry Hall at the Mack lean School in Syrup Municipality. With the local firefighters on standby, a stuntman poured petrol over himself and then set himself alight.

This three-minute long film sequence took nine and a half hours to shoot. Filming began on Friday 14 October at 6 pm and wrapped at 3:30 am on Saturday morning.

The film crew later came back at the end of October to shoot a scene using headmaster Christian Signors' office. From Tuesday, 24 October and until the end of the week, three streets in central Star (Villa Norwegian, Story Norwegian and Sladdergatan) had to be closed down for a short time to shoot several scenes.

Parts of the film were shot in the Stockholm nature conservation area, Job Municipality. Filming took place for several days along the roads and a parking space.

This was mainly shots of the environment and the nature of the conversation area and the Stockholm lake, according to production manager Martin Regard. Filming started 14 November and was directed by Toby Haynes According to Yellow Bird producer Daniel Activist, An Event in Autumn is about how “Kurt tries to take charge of his own life by getting a new house but gets interrupted and is more or less forced back to his job”.

It is around the corner from the house where Wallander's father lived in the previous films. The small farm house is Wallander's new home but the remains of a dead woman are found on the property.

Due to time constraints and unusually for a BBC production, all scenes were filmed with two cameras to provide more material for post-production and cutting. The last week of shooting included filming some scenes in Germany.

With the third series, the Kane Regional Council only wanted to invest 2 million Króna. They later signed on to support the production by other means such as letting BBC and Yellow Bird use Star Studios for free, worth about half a million Swedish Króna.

City of Ystad-Österlens Film Bond also invested 2 million Swedish Króna. On 8 October 2014, the BBC announced that principal photography of the final three-episode fourth series had started.

Shooting took place in Star Studios, simultaneously with the third season of Swedish -Danish crime drama The Bridge. The budget for the final season is 100 million Swedish kronor.

The tax funded entities Ystad-Österlens film fond and Film i Kane have put three million Swedish kronor into the production according to Series Radio. They made their English language premiere on BBC UTV New Zealand on 11 April.

In the US, 80-minute-long re-edited versions of the episodes aired as Hollander, The Final Season” on the PBS anthology series Masterpiece Mystery! BBC One broadcast the full 89-minute episodes in the UK beginning on 22 May 2016.

A public screening of Sidetracked was given by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts on 10 November 2008, and was followed by a question-and-answer session with Philip Martin and Kenneth Branch. A gala premiere of Sidetracked was held in Star on 23 November, a week before it was broadcast in Britain.

BBC Four broadcast programs and films to complement the series; the schedule included a documentary by John Harvey entitled Who is Kurt Hollander, as well as the Swedish adaptation of the Linda Hollander novel Before the Frost, and Mastermind, an installment of the Mandell's Hollander film series starring Kristen Eriksson. The series has already been sold to 14 countries and territories across the world, including TV4 Sweden, TV2 Norway, DR Denmark, MTV3 Finland, France on ARTE, Canada, Slovenia, Australia, Poland, Lumiere Benelux and Sense Film for its pan Scandinavian feed.

In the United States, PBS secured the broadcast rights through the co-production deal struck between its affiliate WITH Boston and the BBC. In advance of the broadcast, Branch and WITH Boston's Rebecca Eaton presented a screening of an episode at The Paley Center for Media on 29 April.

In Germany, ARD broadcast the first series episodes on 29 and 30 May, and 1 June 2009. The series received a positive reception from critics, who praised both Branch's performance and the character he played; in a preview of the BBC's Autumn season, Mark Wright of The Stage Online wrote that Branch was “a good fit” for the character and had “high hopes for the success of series”.

Previewing Sidetracked, The Times's David Chapter called Branch “superb as Kurt Hollander “, and the series “one of those superior cop shows in which the character of the detective matters more than the plot”. In a feature in The Knowledge, a supplement of The Times, Paul Hobart called Branch's performance “understated, ruminative, warm, sensitive and depressed” and wrote positively of the design and cinematography and concluded by writing that Hollander is that rare treasure: a popular form used for intelligent, thoughtful, classy drama and superbly shot”.

At the time the series was commissioned, Scottish author Ian Rankin expressed disappointment to The Scotsman that BBC Scotland was producing adaptations of Swedish literature; “My main caveat is that there's so much good, complex and diverse Scottish crime writing going on right now that I'd like to have seen BBC Scotland pick up on that”. Reviewing Sidetracked after it aired, Tom Ratcliffe for The Independent called it, “often a visually dazzling experience, the camerawork as attentive to the contours of Branch's stubbly, despairing face as it was to the Swedish locations in which the action took place or the bruised pastels of a Munch sunset”.

He praised Branch's acting but felt the Hollander character was “shallower than the performance, the disaffection and Weltschmerz just another detective gimmick”. The Guardian's Kira Cochrane was also complimentary to Branch, calling him “faultless”, but was not impressed with the scenes between Hollander and his father, which she believed slowed the pace of the film, as she did not want to learn Wallander's entire backstory immediately.

He took time to adjust to Kenneth Branch as Hollander, and found the warm blue skies of Sweden unexpected. Billed's and Cochrane's opinions of the child abuse storyline differed; Billed believed that it was “used too often in fiction, but here it meant something”, though Cochrane called it a “familiar element”.

The broadcast had an average 6.2 million viewers and 23.9% audience share. The average viewer rating was down 300,000 on the same time slot in the previous week.

Final ratings, incorporating those who watched via DVR, was 6.54 million, making it the eighth-most-watched program on BBC One that week. An editorial in The Independent complained that the episode's closing credits ran too fast; a hundred names were displayed in 14 seconds.

The actors' union Equity also complained to BBC director general Mark Thompson. Final ratings boosted it to 5.90 million and the tenth-most-watched broadcast on BBC One that week.

In The Guardian, Sam Williston wrote, “with the grayness, the cold, the Scandinavian sadness, and a troubled Kenneth Branch mooching around in the gloom trying to figure out who killed these people so horribly, it's all pretty perfect.” Andrew Billed wrote in The Times that Hollander and Ella's relationship not working out is conventional for a television detective drama, though liked how Wallander's depression “has grown out of the failure of his marriage and the experiences of his career”.

Final ratings were recorded as 5.66 million, making it the week's twelfth-most-watched program on BBC One. David Chapter's Times preview called Branch “a masterpiece of vulnerability and despair”.

He wrote of the conclusion: “a climactic scene that has been done dozens of times in thrillers, on this one occasion it felt entirely believable”. The Daily Record named it “Best of this week's TV” though it was criticized in The Herald ; David Belcher called it “far worse than initially reckoned.

In a review called “Wåll-and-ör– den aka Hollander (the title is first poking fun at Branch's pronunciation of Hollander while at the same time calling the version the real or proper Hollander), Martin Anderson of southern Sweden's main daily newspaper Sydsvenskan was very positive to Branch's interpretation of Hollander, and thought the BBC series to be of better quality than the current Swedish -language series. He emphasized that not only was Branch's performance of higher quality than the current SwedishWallander actor Kristen Eriksson, but the BBC series really understood how to use the nature and environment of the Kane province to tell the proper story and added that, as a person from southern Sweden, he recognized all the settings, and they had never looked as beautiful as in this production.

Richard Cotton, Branch, Philip Martin and Francis Hopkins on are named as the nomination recipients. At the BAFTA Television Craft Awards, the series won four of five nominations: Martin Phipps for Original Television Music, Anthony DOD Mantle for Photograph & Lighting (Fiction/Entertainment), Jacqueline Abrahams for Production Design, and Boss Person, Lee Crichton, Main Eyre and Paul Hamlin for Sound (Fiction/Entertainment).

Ray Leek was also nominated for his opening titles work. In a Radio Times interview, Henning Mandell announced that he has a new Hollander book in the works.

Several Swedish media outlets have speculated that the renewed Hollander interest in the UK and the warm reception of the BBC adaptations has sparked a new motivation in writing further Hollander novels; Mandell's last book starring the Star inspector was originally published in 1999. The new and final Kurt Hollander book, The Troubled Man, was published in Swedish in August 2009.

The increase in sales of the novels already published in the UK was also attributed to the television series. The series has resulted in a new interest among British tourists to visit Sweden, and especially Star and the rest of the Kane province according to IATA Johnson, Marketing Strategist with Star County.

Johnson reports that in the past British people were reluctant to visit Sweden since they saw the country as cold and expensive, but now questions are mostly about the light and the nature seen in the BBC series. Statistics Sweden reports that Kane is the only Swedish region that has seen an increase in hotel visits during the first quarter of 2009.

The largest increase in non-Scandinavian tourists is seen among Britons, who now count for 12% which is almost as large as the percentage of visitors from Germany, at 13%. In 2009, Star saw an increase of tourists from the UK with 18%, and local politicians credit the BBC Hollander series with attracting British tourists.

Johnson estimates that 2–3% of the people who watched the first series of Hollander on the BBC decided to visit the region. “A lot of travel organizers from the UK call and want to include Star in what they can offer their clients” says Marie Colostrum, tourism coordinator with Star tourism agency.

Kenneth Branch says many good things about this town, and we have received many requests from British press”. Atlanta Olsson, tourism coordinator with Star tourism agency, says they get many requests from visiting Britons concerning shooting locations and where the film crew reside.

The festival is kick-started with a marathon of series one and a speech by Yellow Bird producer Daniel Activist. “The brand of Star as a film- and tourism town has been strengthened due consequent and longsighted film investments” said Pia Jonson- Regard, President of Tourism in Kane.

Vintage Books published paperbacks of the first three adapted novels in Series One with tie-in covers featuring Branch on 20 November 2008. The Series One DVD was published by 2 Entertain Video on 26 December 2008.

Tie-in editions of the novels adapted for Series 2 were published on 31 December 2009. No tie-in editions of the two full novels adapted for the third series were released, and the short story “An Event In Autumn” was not even available in English at the time.

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