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Track Episodes Movie details “The world's favorite detective has emerged from the fog...this is Sherlock for a new generation.”. Sherlock is a British television crime drama that presents a contemporary update of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes detective stories.

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Created by Steven Moat and Mark Gates, it stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as Doctor John Watson. Track Episodes Movie details “The world's favorite detective has emerged from the fog...this is Sherlock for a new generation.”.

Sherlock is a British television crime drama that presents a contemporary update of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes detective stories. Created by Steven Moat and Mark Gates, it stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as Doctor John Watson.

Starring : Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Rupert Graves. Where a killer was breaking Margaret Thatcher statues, in search of an item.

Later on Sherlock discovers this was someone from Mary’s past seeking revenge. The second episode “The Lying Detective” told the story of a rich entrepreneur and serial killer, Culvert on Smith.

An unknown sister of Sherlock surfaces, Euros and attacks him. In the last episode, “The Final Problem”, Euros bombs Sherlock’s apartment and captures him.

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After a series of rigorous tests Sherlock succeeds, and they are freed. A special episode premiered on 1 January 2016, on BBC One and PBS, marking the first time the series has aired on the same day in the UK and U.S.

The story depicts the introduction of Sherlock to John, and them entering a flat share at Baker Street in London, and then their investigation into a series of deaths, initially believed to be suicides. Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock's older brother, played by Mark Gates, also appears for the first time.

Written by Stephen Thompson and directed by Euros Lynn, the episode depicts Holmes being hired by an old university acquaintance to investigate a mysterious break-in at a bank in the City of London. Written by Mark Gates and directed by Michigan, “The Great Game” ends with a cliffhanger in which Sherlock and Moriarty reach a standoff involving a bomb attached to a vest removed moments earlier from Watson.

After the high ratings for “A Study in Pink”, the BBC was reportedly eager to produce more episodes. Paul Michigan directed the first two episodes, and Doctor Who is a director Toby Haynes handled the last one.

The second series of three 90-minute episodes was initially planned to air in late 2011, but was delayed until early January 2012. “ A Scandal in Belgrade “, written by Steven Moat and directed by Paul Michigan, was first broadcast on 1 January 2012.

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Loosely based on “A Scandal in Bohemia”, the episode depicts Holmes's quest to retrieve compromising photos of a minor royal held on the camera phone of Irene Adler (Lara Puller), a ruthless and brilliant dominatrix who also trades in classified information extracted from her rich and powerful clients. The resolution of Sherlock's faked suicide from the roof of St Bartholomew's Hospital in London attracted speculation in social media and newspapers. Mark Gates wrote The Hounds of Baskerville “, which investigates the strange activities at a military base.

Russell Today appeared as Henry Knight, a man whose father was ripped apart by a gigantic hound on Dartmoor 20 years earlier. The episode was inspired by Conan Doyle's story “The Final Problem”, in which Holmes and Moriarty are presumed to have fallen to their deaths from the Reichenbach Falls in Switzerland.

The 'someone' turns out to be Anderson, the forensics technician from series 1 and 2 (who has now lost his job due to his obsessive conviction that the detective still lives). Anderson tracks him via various mysterious events from Tibet to New Delhi to Germany in which he seems to be involved and points out that the incidents are getting progressively closer to London.

In The Sign of Three “, written by Stephen Thompson, Mark Gates and Steven Moat, Watson and Mary Morgan get married. The final episode His Last Vow was first broadcast on 12 January 2014, on BBC One, and written by Steven Moat, directed by Nick Hurrah and is based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Adventure of Charles Augustus Silverton “.

It was broadcast on 1 January 2016 at 9:00 pm local time on BBC One in the UK, and on PBS in the US. Exclusive bonus material in the cinema presentation included a guided tour of 221B Baker Street from Steven Moat and a look behind the scenes at how the special episode was made featuring all the lead cast and crew.

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Cumberbatch and Moat in particular have expressed interest in continuing at some point in the future, but there are no immediate plans. Created by Steven Moat and Mark Gates, it stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as Doctor John Watson.

The series is set in the present day, while the one-off special features a Victorian period fantasy resembling the original Holmes stories. In January 2014, the show launched its official mobile app called Sherlock : The Network.

Steven Moat and Mark Gates, Sherlock Holmes fans with experience of adapting or using Victorian literature for television, devised the concept of the series. Gates has criticized recent television adaptations of the Conan Doyle stories as “too reverential and too slow”, aiming instead to be as irreverent to the canon as the 1930s and 1940s films starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce, which were mostly set in the then-contemporary interwar era.

Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock uses modern technology, such as texting, the internet and GPS to solve crimes. Paul Michigan, who directed two episodes of Sherlock, says that this is in keeping with Conan Doyle's character, pointing out that “n the books he would use any device possible, and he was always in the lab doing experiments.

The update maintains various elements of the original stories, such as the Baker Street address and Holmes's adversary Moriarty. Some of these elements are transposed to the present day: for example, Martin Freeman's Watson has returned from military service in Afghanistan.

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During the audio commentary, the creative team said that the BBC were “very happy” with the pilot but asked them to change the format. Critic Mark Lawson observes that the pilot that was on air was “substantially expanded and rewritten, and completely reimagined in look, pace and sound”.

Moat and Virtue became interested in casting Cumberbatch as the title character after watching his performance in the 2007 film Atonement. The part is modelled as a charismatic secondary psychopath or “High functioning sociopath” as Sherlock self describes, unlike Doyle's rendering as a primary psychopath, thereby allowing more opportunity or ambiguity for traits of empathy.

The writers believed that Sherlock should not talk like “a completely modern person”, says Moat, but were initially intent that “he never sounded like he's giving a lecture”. Moat turned the character “more Victorian” in the second series, capitalizing more on Cumberbatch's “beautiful voice” to make it sound like “he's giving a lecture”.

In an interview with The Observer, co-creator Mark Gates says that they experienced more difficulty finding the right actor to play Dr. John Watson than they had for the title character. Several actors auditioned for the part of Watson, and Martin Freeman eventually took the role.

Several candidates took a comedic tack in their auditions, but the creative team preferred the gravitas that Graves brought to the role. The remainder of the regular cast includes RNA Stubby (who has known Cumberbatch since he was four years old, as she had worked with his mother Wanda Bentham) as Mrs. Hudson and co-creator Mark Gates as Mycroft Holmes.

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Vignette Robinson, Jonathan Arms and Louise Really play the recurring roles of Sergeant Sally Donovan, Philip Anderson and Molly Hooper, respectively. Filming of the pilot episode, written by Moat and directed by Copy Gilroy, commenced in January 2009.

Production was based at Harts wood Films' Cardiff production unit, Harts wood Films West, which was opened in late 2009 to take advantage of the BBC's planned Cardiff Bay “drama village”. Executive producer Beryl Virtue explains how it was important to design the entirety of Sherlock's flat as a contemporary set, yet still convey his eccentricity.

Speedy's, the sandwich shop below the flat used as Holmes's residence, reported a sharp rise in new customers who recognized it from the show. “Holmes wouldn't have any interest in fashion, so I went for classic suits with a modern twist: narrow-leg trousers and a two-button, slim-cut jacket.

There were some creative challenges, such as the decision to include the sign “221B” on Holmes's front door. Gates and Moat reflect that in the modern world the door would only display the number of the house, and there would be doorbells for each flat.

The writers also decided that the lead characters would address each other by their first names, rather than the traditional Holmes and Watson. Director Paul Michigan came up with the idea of putting text messages on the screen instead of having cut-away shots of a hand holding the phone.

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The producers found it difficult to coordinate the schedules of the principal players and Moat and Gates for a second series. Cumberbatch and Freeman both worked on the 2012 film The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and Moat continued as Doctor Who's showrunner and head writer.

In response to the time pressure, The Guardian asserted, the series “features reworkings of three of Conan Doyle's most recognized tales”. Gates says that there had been an argument for producing these tales over three years, but Moat explained that they rejected “deferred pleasure”.

The theme and incidental music were composed by David Arnold and Michael Price. Arnold explains that he and Price worked with the producers to “come up with a central theme and character” for the series, then found what was “going to be the defining sound of this show”.

Pieces were often constructed using synthesizers, but the tracks used for the show were recorded using real musicians, Arnold says, to bring the music “to life”. Similarly, Price comments that the musicians can adapt their performance of a score by responding to footage from the show.

The show has received critical acclaim, sustaining positive reviews across its first three series. The Guardian's Dan Martin said, “It's early days, but the first of three 90-minute movies, 'A Study in Pink', is brilliantly promising.

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Critic Victoria Thorpe said, “Freeman's dependable, capable Watson unlocks this modern Holmes, a man who now describes himself as 'a high-functioning sociopath '.” Following the second series' opening episode, Sarah Compton, for The Telegraph, asserts that “Cumberbatch is utterly credible as a man who lives entirely in his cerebellum with little regard for the world outside, MAK Sherlock the perfect depiction of Holmes for our times”.

Wily Mumford, for The Guardian, suggested that “this has to do with the fact that Moat and Gates are enormously knowledgeable about Conan Doyle's work, and their reimagining incorporates big- and small-screen adaptations of Holmes, as well as the original stories. Commenting specifically on the second series' finale “The Reichenbach Fall”, The Guardian's Sam Williston praised the show's faithfulness to Conan Doyle, but also how “it will wander, taking in mobile phone technology and computer hacking ...

Specifically, his coldness is because of his assertion of logical reasoning, rather than an inability to feel otherwise as well as emotions of guilt, regret and acceptance of failure he is shown to have. According to overnight data provided by the Broadcasters' Audience Research Board (BARB), the highest overnight figure from the first series of Sherlock was 7.5 million for the opening episode, “A Study in Pink”, whereas the second series averaged over 8 million viewers.

The three episodes of series two were the three most watched programs on player, the BBC's video-on-demand service, between January and April 2012. Its opening episode, “A Scandal in Belgrade”, attracted controversy from the tabloid newspaper Daily Mail, which reported that Irene Adler's nude scene early in the episode had been met with disapproval from some viewers who were concerned that it had been shown before the 9:00 pm watershed hour, before which adult-orientated content is not supposed to air.

The series' conclusion, “The Reichenbach Fall”, in which Sherlock fakes his suicide by jumping from St Bartholomew's Hospital, led to speculation on forums, social networking sites and in newspaper articles about its resolution. Andrew Scott won 2012's Best Supporting Actor, beating Freeman, for his work in the second series, which was nominated in other categories.

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The first series also won the Arrival award for the “best terrestrial show” at the 2011 Edinburgh International Television Festival. “A Study in Pink” and “A Scandal in Belgrade” were nominated for Emmy Awards in a variety of categories.

The series won several BAFTA Cyprus awards: television drama, Director: Fiction (Euros Lynn), Director of Photography: Fiction (Steve Laws), Production Design (Ariel Won Jones), and Make Up & Hair (Claire Pritchard-Jones). Charlie Phillips won the Editing: Fiction category at the British Academy Television Craft Awards.

2 22 May 2012 23 January 2012 1 March 2012 Audio commentaries “A Scandal in Belgrade” and “The Hounds of Baskerville” Sherlock Uncovered” documentary According to Radio Times, the popularity of Sherlock has led to a resurgence in the sales of the original Conan Doyle stories.

Publishers and retailers reported a 180% rise in sales of Sherlock Holmes books during the first series' broadcast. The book was republished in the United States under the title The Sherlock Files: The Official Companion to the Hit Television Series in July 2013.

Perhaps they noted the effect Cumberbatch, by no means your standard telly hunk, had on lady viewers and decided it must have something to do with the clobber. So it is that Britain's latest men's style icon is a fictional asexual sociopath first seen onscreen hitting a corpse with a horse whip.

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In January 2014, the show launched its official mobile app Sherlock : The Network, which was created by The Project Factory in association with Harts wood Films. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman appear in cameo roles as Holmes and Dr Watson, respectively.

The experience was written by Moat and Gates, and would feature audio and video scenes with “original Sherlock cast members”. The experience, which is built in the West 12 shopping center in Shepherd's Bush and designed by the escape room creators of London's Time Run, begins in 221B Baker Street and requires teams to solve mysteries to progress along through the 60-minute game.

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