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© Provided by BGR WandaVisionSpoilers The first WandaVision episodes are now streaming on Disney+, offering fans a much different taste of the MCU than what they’re used to. Marvel’s first MCU Phase 4 adventure may have started as a sitcom, but things are about to take a turn for the worst and the first two episodes do a great job building anticipation.

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The black-and-white sitcom setting works, although this first MCU Phase 4 show is hardly a comedy. After all, Vision is dead, and he wasn’t resurrected at the end of Endgame like most of the Avengers Thanos had killed.

We’ve all seen the trailers, teasers, and exclusive clips that Marvel released in the past few weeks, and they do indicate the direction of the show. Sadly, Disney isn’t ready to release the entire WandaVision show at once, and we’re going to get one new episode every Friday from here on out.

© Provided by BGR Amazon Prime logo Mephisto and/or Nightmare are expected to appear in the first MCU Phase 4 adventure, and they might continue to face some of our favorite Avengers in the next chapters. Many have observed that the helmet matches the one worn by the Grim Reaper, a Marvel villain that might appear in WandaVision.

It so happens that Baron Zero (Daniel Bruh) is set to star in the upcoming The Falcon and the Winter Soldier TV show. Murphy’s Multiverse reminds us that Wonder Man nearly appeared in Guardians 2 as a cameo before that scene was scrapped.

In the comics, Simon got his powers from Zero, and Patron used his patterns as a basis for the creation of Vision. First, scenes are supposed to contain Easter eggs that Marvel Comics fans will immediately recognize.

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Maybe Marvel is simply trying to keep the mystery surrounding the villains alive for as long as possible and keep fans guessing and over-analyzing things. WandaVision will continue with Spider-Man 3 and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, a three-part story inside the bigger MCU Phase 4 storyline.

That’s the setting for Marvel’s first Disney+ series, which dropped its first two episodes on the streaming service today, featuring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bethany reprising their respective big-screen roles. The first two episodes of the series deliberately resemble vintage black-and-white sitcoms like I Love Lucy, The Dick Van Dyke Show and Bewitched, right down to period-appropriate songs, home decor and silly storylines.

As for her never-seen husband, “Ralph,” that could be a moniker for the demon Mephisto, who is intimately connected to a storyline that’s set up at the end of the second episode. While “Geraldine” plays along with the sitcom fantasy, fans are picking up on small moments that suggest Monica knows she’s there on a mission.

In fact, she’s so unsettled, she appears to literally rewind reality back to a happier scene between her and her android husband. The division’s introduction was teased at the end of Spider-Man: Far From Home, in a post-credits scene that showed Nick Fury off somewhere in deep space with the shape-shifting Skull.

Agents are carrying on with their terrestrial work, which apparently includes extricating Wanda from her West view home. Before you ask how an android and a human can reproduce, know that Scarlet Witch previously conjured up two kids in the comic books: Billy and Tommy.

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Lest we get too far ahead of ourselves, versions of those twins also develop superpowers and enter the family business as Wicca and Speed, respectively. WandaVision has been an incredibly important Marvel Cinematic Universe project, kicking off the franchise's transition into streaming television.

But it has also been MCU's most elusive, with cast and crew alike refusing to provide any major details about the series' content. After the Marvel Studios intro, we're taken back to a simpler time of black-and-white, laugh tracks, and 4:3 aspect ratios.

As the chipper theme song plays, Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bethany) pull up to their new idyllic home, decked out in wedding regalia. While the couple's life together doesn't start off picture-perfect -- Vi's phases through the door and accidentally leaves his blushing bride behind -- they seem very much in love.

The next morning, the two banter about Vision's literal lack of appetite until they both notice a prominent date on the calendar -- August 23 -- that neither can remember the significance of. As Vision heads off to work (using Wanda's assistance to make him appear human), nosy neighbor Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) drops in to introduce herself.

True to her role, she immediately inserts herself into the drama, convincing Wanda that the date in question is an anniversary. The two then plot to give Vision a night he'll never forget, though Agnes takes notice of the fact that newlywed Wanda is not wearing a wedding ring.

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We then cut to Vision at work, flying through paperwork at Computational Services despite not knowing the purpose of his job. His boss Mr. Hart (Fred Me lamed) suddenly reminds him of the date on the calendar, as this the night the Hearts will be visiting them for dinner.

Mr. Hart sets up the stakes for his employee, remarking on someone who was previously fired for not meeting his extraordinarily high service standards. After a brief, strange in-universe commercial break for Stark Industries' Toastmaster 2000 toasters, Mr. Hart and his wife (Debra Jo Rump) arrive for dinner.

Believing it to be her man, Wanda struts in with a revealing (for the time) nightgown, only to find the person she's flirting with is her husband's boss. Vision attempts to cover for the faux pas by chalking it up to a Štokavian custom, which intrigues Mrs. Hart.

Things hit a farcical peak as they sprint around the house searching for meat tenderizers and ways to keep the visitors at bay. Things hold in suspense for a few long moments, before Vision complies and phases through Mr. Hart's throat to pull out the offending piece of food.

As Wanda magics them wedding rings, Vision declares this their “happily ever after”, and the iris closes in as the credits roll. The final shot widens out to reveal that an unseen person is watching things play out on their own TV screen.

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The decor and style has transitioned from Dick Van Dyke to Bewitched, including a brand-new house and hairstyle for Wanda. Though it turns out to merely be a branch, it frightens Wanda enough to make their twin beds into a single king, taking them into a cute animated intro.

Agnes suddenly appears to distract Wanda from the oddity, lending her rabbit for the magic show. The two then go to a meeting led by talent show organizer Lottie (Emma Canfield Ford), the so-called queen of the cul-de-sac.

While Lottie mercilessly digs into the lineup for the talent show, Wanda finds solace in a fellow attendee: Monica Ram beau (Hannah Paris). A close-up on the product reveals an alarming Easter egg, as the watch appears to be made by the villainous Hydra organization.

This time, after he reaffirms her of their reality, they kiss, and Vision's face turns its familiar shade of maroon. All of a sudden, their world begins to fill with color, and the couple is all smiles as their life continues to travel forward into another decade of television.

At the end of Episode 2, a decidedly non-pregnant Wanda gets up from her and Vision’s couch and heads to the kitchen, only to discover upon standing that she suddenly is pregnant, and her bump would indicate she’s a few months along. Per Olsen, the show will acknowledge that question in Episode 3 (dropping Friday, Jan. 22), though Wanda and Vision will be pleasantly intrigued, rather than concerned, about their potential offspring.

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Aside from Wanda’s accelerated pregnancy, the Marvel series features plenty of other mysteries, including the question of Vision’s very existence (which star Paul Bethany says will be explained ; the character previously died in Avengers: Infinity War) and a series of retro commercials that nod to other staples of the MCU (and Marvel Studios boss Kevin Face confirms you should pay attention to those). The two-episode series premiere, which released on Friday (read recap), earned an average grade of “A-” from Line readers, with 95 percent saying they’ll stick around for Episode 3.

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