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• Monday, 17 May, 2021
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SEGA’s legendary rhythm game SpaceChannel5 is coming back with Virtual Reality, More poses you strike, more viewer ratings you get, and the more heads you can turn as you dance til you drop and save the Universe! Genre(s) Dancing, Rhythm, Action Developer Grounding Inc.

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NOW ON SALE for America, Europe, Oceania and Asia (except China&Korea Set in outer space during the 25th century, SpaceChannel5 stars top reporter UCLA, who must solve an incident involving the Mongolians, a mysterious race of aliens who are forcing people to dance.

“ SpaceChannel5VR should have been a glorious return to form, but this cult hit series can’t keep up with the beat set by its competitors,” we said in our 2/ 5 review. While he loves games, he's most interested in experiential VR that explores narrative, human connection and other such themes.

SpaceChannel5 (1999) first launched on Dream cast and PS2 over two decades ago, and now the long-dormant franchise is ready to reemerge on PSV headsets this month with SpaceChannel5VR : Kinda Funky News Flash! Versions for PC VR headsets will be available through Steam and Viewport, and for Oculus Quest, although their respective launch dates are still unknown at this time.

The game follows the story of the space reporter UCLA, who is investigating the origin of white aliens called the Thermos and the twins Lou and See, two new reporters hired by Channel5 who are being trained by UCLA and helping her investigate. The game's events happen three years after SpaceChannel5 Part 2, as some in-game profiles of normal folks characters reveal that the Rhythm Rogues have attacked three years prior to this game events.

Is a virtual reality game where instead of controlling UCLA, the player takes controls of one of the two newcomers, Lou and See, twin sisters who are new reporters for Channel5 being trained by UCLA. The player sees the world in perspective of one of the twins, and they stay behind UCLA assisting her in the battles.

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The player must copy the exact same pose of UCLA or the enemies on screen to get more views. This time there will be blue circles which will appear during gameplay and the player will need to place their hands inside it.

According to an interview made by Kodak, the development team said that the idea for a third installment of the SpaceChannel5 series was always imagined, but they thought it wasn't worth making it if the game played just like the first two, they wanted to add more gameplay variety. It was then, with the Virtual Reality, that the team though they had finally found a way to make a new game which would be fresher and bring more gameplay variety to the series.

Additionally, the game has a feature called that measures calories burned during gameplay, which according to Grounding Inc.'s CEO and UCLA's Japanese voice actress, Mine Nakamura, makes the players maintain their health while saving the universe they are sent to. The game's art director, Bureau Gotta, was responsible for giving UCLA a brand-new neon yellow outfit, according to himself in the Kodak interview, neon yellow was the best color to express the world of Virtual Reality.

He also revealed that the reason why her outfit was orange in the first game was to symbolize something new and exciting for Sega and because it was the color of the Dream cast. It's also possible to notice that the new Mongolians, the Thermos, are wearing virtual reality glasses.

During the game's development, the Team Grounding tweeted on November 14, 2018, that they had lost contact with UCLA's original English voice actress, the pop singer and media personality, Apollo Smile, and asked for help to track the voice actress down for the game. Eventually, in an interview made by Silicon era, Mine Nakamura revealed that they were actually able to contact her thanks to the SpaceChannel5's dedicated community, but unfortunately, Apollo Smile herself didn't want to reprise her role has the lead character.

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Still Nakamura showed great gratitude for such dedicated and helpful community. With Smile rejecting to return, Ceramic Leigh took the role of the space reporter.

According to Nakamura, Leigh has a catchy and positive voice which fitted UCLA's personality very well. The game also features new voice actors such as Greg Chen as Glitter and Noise, Cassandra Lee Morris as Well, Rating as Hello, Mari Suffix as Soon-Soon and Patrick Sat as Fuse.

(PS4) Limited Run #353: Space Channel 5 VR Kinda Funky News Flash! Collector's Edition (PS4) The complete set of trading cards for the games included in this bundle.

Before the first level, there's a cutscene showing Jaguar worried about something involving a type of dancing energy called Groove Moxie from all across the Galaxy. Gentle greetings the player controlling one of the twins, Lou or See, new recently recruited reporters for Channel5 and says they must learn the basic gameplay since they are newcomers.

She teaches the players how they are supposed to copy the moves and avoid getting hit by attacks. After some instructions, the tutorial is interrupted because UCLA received a message saying that aliens have invaded a Spaceport and are forcing people to dance.

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The aliens called Mongolians have started an invasion in the Spaceport 9 where they are making people hostages and forcing them to dance. As the level begins, there's a group of Mongolians making people hostages.

To save them, the main trio must beat Mongolians at dancing by copying their moves. After saving the hostages, more Mongolians will appear, this time to shoot at UCLA and the twins.

The trio will need to avoid attacks and shoot back at them by copying the Mongolians moves. After this segment, the level's boss, a giant robot called Groove bot Prime CocoTapioca will arrive to fight.

To defeat it, the player will need to copy the moves of yellow Mongolians who are in front of the robot to avoid getting hit by its laser and physical attacks as well as to shoot at it during the right time. After knocking CocoTapioca down, all the rescued hostages will celebrate and UCLA will congratulate the player for the nice reporting.

UCLA is starting a new report in a space elevator going up which is taking them to space, when she is interrupted by an invasion of a group of white Mongolians, that are able to talk and order UCLA to give all of her Groove Moxie, rising the latter's curiosity. Meanwhile, in the background, a spaceship that belongs to the mysterious Glitter can be seen abducting people.

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A dancing battle begins against the white Mongolians, where again, the player must copy their poses to beat them. During the battle, they introduce themselves and reveal that they are a new kind of Mongolian called the Thermos.

After beating them, it's revealed that Glitter has also injected X space cells into CocoTapiocas, turning them into OtherTapiocas. They drop off of Glitter's spaceship and assist the Thermos in the battle against the main trio.

Again, the player must copy the Thermos moves to avoid the attacks and shoot at the right time. After knocking the robots down, the Thermos will flee and the main trio will see Glitter's spaceship flying away into space.

The curious white aliens make UCLA decides to start an investigation. The level begins with UCLA and the twins above their spaceship chasing Glitter's spaceship through space, in an area full of meteors called Meteorite Area. Pudding, Shinichiro Taliban and 88MAN, who are also after the ship investigating the case, make a cameo and fly away.

Suddenly, the Space Pirates Broadcasting ship appears with the Jaguars taunting UCLA, saying she won't get far away with her new “Newbie” then fly away. A gameplay segment begins, where the player must copy UCLA's move to shoot and avoid meteors.

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Well, Hello and Soon-Soon will present themselves and challenge the main trio for a dancing battle. After defeating them, Well congratulates the player when suddenly, they are all surprised by Glitter's ship which abducts the Jaguars, then UCLA.

The first battle consists of Glitter singing and attacking the player while the Thermos do the dancing move. After that, one last battle where the characters sing by copying the Thermos poses will happen.

After defeating Glitter, the Thermos will turn back into Mongolians and the hostages who were abducted during report 2 will be rescued. Once she is freed, Glitter flees from the scene and the heroes celebrate by dancing.

A mode to introduce the game where there're no limits on how many moves the player can miss, recommended for newcomers. A mini-game where the player must fight Jaguar in a 100 stage dance battle.

The mini-game consist of Jaguar and a few other characters making dancing moves which the player must copy. The mini-game contains unique moves such as “Woof”, “Meow”, “Honda” and “Toyota”, which were also in the mode from the previous game, as well as new commands such as “Macho”, “Jaguar” and “Gorilla”.

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Main article: SpaceChannel5 20th Anniversary “Grungy Selection” Hamsun Mike wearing her SpaceChannel5 modules/outfits. Grounding Inc. has confirmed that Hamsun Mike, the star of the Vocalic series will be making an appearance as a DLC in the game and the player will be able to dance alongside her and UCLA for the first time.

Mike is the protagonist of another rhythm game series which has made tributes to SpaceChannel5 a few times through two of Mike's modules (outfits), one of them has Mike dressing up as UCLA, with her hair color even changing to pink, the other is a black outfit of a made up channel called SpaceChannel 39”. On UCLA's birthday aka May 30th Groundling Inc confirmed that she will be available to play on July 27th, 2020.

A Pudding costume is also involved in the DLC pack too as a replacement and you can also play as a Mongolians A Fan Art Contest to celebrate the DLC pack’s release has started on June 1st, 2020.

3 -- For PC specifications, please check the overview page of each product linked to. For the Steam Version on the 9th December, Grounding inc were having trouble with users getting the game playable, fortunately they resolved that: “If the update DL does not come automatically, please restart Steam.

Hamsun Mike(Official Screenshots form SpaceChannel5VR : Kinda Funky News Flash website) The Twins being called “Too & Kai” in the site (above) and “Lou & See” in the game (down).

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But at the same time, See along with Lou are referred to as twin sisters in a Grounding Inc. tweet. You can help the SpaceChannel5 Wiki by updating and bringing information about these two subjects, but remember to add citation.

But at the same time, thanks to the lack of challenge, the game can be beaten very fast and the price tag makes it really hard to sell. Metro Game Central gave the game a 3/10, praising the game for its tunes, visuals and good use of the PlayStation Move controllers, but criticizing it for its motion sensing and for being too short.

Add a photo to this gallery However due to the Coronavirus 19 pandemic it got cancelled and on March 2, 2021 the official SpaceChannel5 20th Anniversary Kiki Music Festival Executive Committee posted that: “The spacechannel5 Kiki Music Festival, a music event scheduled to be held on Friday, March 27, 2021, has decided to postpone the event after first discussing the health and safety of the participants and the performers in view of the current situation of the new coronavirus infection. We will contact you on this site as soon as we make a decision regarding the date of the alternative event and the response to a refund due to the postponement, so please keep it carefully without losing your ticket.

We have been preparing to meet the loving participants of Special and create a good time together with you. Since it has become too late to meet with you, we will work hard to deliver the performance in a more powerful form, so we hope you will wait for a while.

Then on July 3rd the committee posted another announcement saying they are planning to make the festival in the autumn: We will contact you on this site as soon as we have decided to respond to customers who wish to receive a refund due to the date, the method of holding the event, and the postponement, so please wait a little longer.

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This is the first Space Channel 5 game after a hiatus of 18 years not counting HD remakes. Ambrosia Difficult, now in her college years, makes an appearance as a hostage in the first report.

As the game takes place three years after Space Channel 5 Part 2, Noise is also an adult in this game, as he was 15 years old in Space Channel 5 Part 2. It is a scene in which the spaceship of the space pirate broadcasting station appears ahead from the player's right hand like blurring.

It is a scene in which the spaceship of the space pirate broadcasting station appears ahead from the player's right hand like blurring. A scene in the orbital elevator that is the setting for Report 02, where control of the general person, cloud movement, orbital elevator accelerator movement, and material is set to be sucked outside.

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