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Sherlock was created by Mark Gates and Steven Moat and ran for four seasons with one special episode in between. Sherlock brought the title character (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) and John Watson (Martin Freeman) to the present day, with modern London as the main setting.

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Following Sherlock’s “death” in season 2’s finale “The Reichenbach Fall”, the quality of the series went down, and the stories were not believable anymore. Everything got more confusing in season 4, with the introduction of a third Holmes sibling and Redbird, who turned out to be someone completely different from what Sherlock remembered.

This experience prompted Sherlock to “rewrite” his memory and make himself believe that Redbird was a dog, while Mycroft did his best to block Euros from his mind and faked her death, so he could keep her confined in a high-security facility called Sherrinford. She is an Audiovisual Communication graduate that wanted to be a filmmaker, but life had other plans (and it turned out great).

Prior to Screen Rant, she wrote for Pop Wrapped, 4 Your Excitement (4YE), and D20Crit, where she was also a regular guest at Net freaks podcast. But also Caps and Leafs), or wondering what life would have been like had Pushing Daisies, Firefly, and Limitless not been cancelled.

For years, we've heard about Redbird, Sherlock's dog who meant a great deal to him and a pet that he lost some time ago. But as per usual in the Holmes family, Euros proved to be three steps ahead of everyone else and set up an elaborate game for them to play out.

But the final twist came at the end when Sherlock discovers that Euros hadn't killed his dog Redbird at all. In fact, it turns out that Sherlock has never had a dog in his life due to their father's severe allergy toward canines.

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Evidently, his mind had managed to convince itself that the important living thing he'd lost had been a pet because the reality of the situation had been too painful... like the loss of a close best friend. John Watson stumbled across the young boy's remains when he too was trapped in the well by Euros, almost making history repeat itself in an all-too-cruel way.

Let's just hope the series will eventually get a Season 5 renewal, so we can dive even deeper to the always-intriguing story of Mr. Sherlock Holmes. In Sherlock season four, we learned the truth about Sherrinford, Euros, and Redbird.

In “The Lying Detective,” we got confirmation that Sherlock and Mycroft do have another sibling, a sister named Euros (the very talented San Brooke). Like her brothers, she is a master of disguise, incredibly smart, and unfortunately (in this case) adept with a gun.

In mythology, Euros/Euros is the Greek god of the east wind who was thought to bring rain and warmth. Later, at the end of the episode, when Mary asks if Moriarty is back, John tells her: “Well, if he is, he’d better wrap up warm.

In “The Final Problem,” Euros lures Sherlock, Mycroft, and John to Sherrinford in order to put them through a series of tests. We learn over the course of the episode that Euros was shipped off to Sherrinford at a very young age after presumably killing Sherlock’s best friend, Victor Trevor, threatening to kill Sherlock, and burning the Holmes’ family house down.

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Sherrinford is not a who, but a what: the high-security island prison facility where Euros Holmes and at least three cannibals are kept. Mycroft, Sherlock, and John travel to Sherrinford in “The Final Problem” in an attempt to discover how Euros has been sneaking out of the facility.

So why does Sherlock Holmes fandom equate Sherrinford with a Comedian brother? Sherrinford was one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s potential names for the character of Sherlock Holmes.

As country squires in 19th century England, the eldest Holmes brother would have had to stay home to manage the family estate, freeing up Mycroft and Sherlock for different kinds of lives and adventures, so this actually makes some sense within Sherlock Holmes canon. Though it is more notable for filling in some of Watson’s pre-Holmesian past, perhaps Sherlock will take a different route with its narrative introduction, using it as a chance to explain more about Sherlock’s past and his connection to a potential older brother.

Other appearances of Sherrinford over the years include his turn in Doctor Who is a novel All-Consuming Fire, where he is the member of a cult that worships a telepathic alien slug. In Call of Cthulhu role-playing game, Sherlock must prove his brother innocent of an accused murder.

One day, while playing with Sherlock, Mycroft and Redbird, Euros displays signs of loneliness, and so she decides to kill Redbird, who is later revealed not to be a dog, but Sherlock's best friend Victor Trevor. Euros refuses to reveal the whereabouts of Victor and expresses her emotions about the situation through replying to Sherlock with her poem.

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It is seen in “The Final Problem” that Euros had cast Victor into a nearby well where he was left to die. She reveals herself to John at the end of “The Lying Detective”, when he returns to her seeking therapy, holding him at gun point.

The audience is left hanging after Euros pulls the trigger on John, which was revealed as a tranquilizer dart. In “The Final Problem”, Euros, having already had the whole institution of Sherrinford at her mercy, plays “games” with Mycroft, Sherlock, and John Watson, making Sherlock choose who would have to shoot the governor, due to the fact that the governor's wife would be shot if they did otherwise.

In the end, after no one had wanted to get their hands dirty, the governor shoots himself thinking that his wife's life would be spared. Showing more cruelty, she promptly shoots the governor's wife with no care whatsoever.

The next challenge passes, with Sherlock trying to choose which of three men to die, all the while having to save a girl stuck on a crashing plane. After being tranquilized and sent to Mus grave, Sherlock has to save the girl on the plane and a slowly drowning John Watson.

She shows that all it needed was Sherlock's compassion, and that the experiments were to see things about emotional context. (This startled the present day Mycroft, who was seeing this in his own Mind Palace) As a young child, she taught Sherlock the violin, successfully orchestrated the entrapment and drowning of Victor Trevor that went unsolved for decades, utilized ciphers, and was able to manipulate people to the point of enslavement since the age of 5.

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As an adult, this talent of hers had increased to the extent that, except geniuses like Mycroft, Sherlock, and Jim Moriarty, virtually anyone who interacts with her are 'reprogrammed' and thus compromised, as demonstrated in her former psychiatrist killing his family and himself and Euros' secret takeover of Sherrinford. Her intellectual abilities are such that, after spending an hour on Twitter, Euros precisely predicted the exact dates of three separate terrorist attacks on British mainland.

Unlike her brothers, who both are bad at interpersonal relationships, Euros, despite her own dysfunctional feelings on account of her psychosis, has great understanding of human psychology, easily manipulating John with just a smile, and successfully acting as a therapist for many days before revealing her true identity. Euros also demonstrates excellent aptitude in violin music, at least on par with, if not, superior to Sherlock's own.

As a young child, she lacked emotion and seemingly the ability to distinguish her own pain, cutting open her arm because she wanted to see how her muscles worked. As an adult, she has slipped between being calm to screaming and, when finally seen, to being a helpless child alone on a malfunctioning air-plane.

Euros lacks typical normal human feeling, but she watches and reads the emotional reactions and emotional states of others, manipulating them to her favor in order to better understand an individual, or, for Euros to feel something about what she's doing. Making Sherlock scream, which she initially understood as laughter, was the one thing that made her most happy.

When Sherlock played pirates with his best friend Redbird ', who was revealed to be Victor Trevor, and seemingly excluded Euros, Euros entrapped and murdered Victor out of want for Sherlock to play with her. She later produced drawings of Sherlock being dead and acted upon them by her attempt to burn down Mus grave Hall.

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Despite her tormenting Sherlock, however, as decrypted in her childhood song The Mus grave Ritual ', Euros throughout her entire life held Sherlock as the only person who can reach her in her extreme feelings of isolation and psychosis, which he indeed finally solved decades later and managed to reach out to Euros to reveal the location of the well she trapped Victor's remains and John in. Because of her unique mind, Euros' feelings of extreme isolation and psychosis are so profound that she subjectively experiences herself alone on a plane full of sleeping people and has no idea how to land.

After the culmination of her game with Sherlock at their childhood home of Mus grave Manor, Euros became uncommunicative and was described by Mycroft as having “passed beyond our view”. After repeated sessions over the years covering numerous cases and Rosamond's growth into a toddler, she performed with Sherlock in a violin recital that Sherlock organized for their parents and Mycroft, perhaps reflecting steps towards some measure of recovery.

On Mycroft, Euros held her eldest brother with seemingly no regard beyond being one of the two most important attachments to Sherlock, the other being John Watson. Because of her attachment to Sherlock, Euros took special notice of Jim Moriarty's own interest with Sherlock, requesting to Mycroft that, as a 'Christmas treat', she wanted an unsupervised conversation with Moriarty for five minutes in exchange for a consultation to her insight.

When they finally talked, Euros spoke Redbird as a treat for Moriarty, and, from then, hatched their respective games for Sherlock. The existence of a third Holmes sibling was established in the series three episode His Last Vow “, when Mycroft stated he wasn't prone to brotherly compassion, and told someone that they “knew what happened to the other one”.

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