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Sherlock and his friend, Ginger, came to the shelter together as strays, but were never claimed, so they are looking for their new homes. Sherlock is a sweet, but active boy who would do best as an only dog with people who are patient and willing to train him.

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One day, while playing with Sherlock, Mycroft and Redbird, Euros displays signs of loneliness, and so she decides to kill Redbird, who is later revealed not to be a dog, but Sherlock's best friend Victor Trevor. Euros refuses to reveal the whereabouts of Victor and expresses her emotions about the situation through replying to Sherlock with her poem.

It is seen in “The Final Problem” that Euros had cast Victor into a nearby well where he was left to die. She reveals herself to John at the end of “The Lying Detective”, when he returns to her seeking therapy, holding him at gun point.

The audience is left hanging after Euros pulls the trigger on John, which was revealed as a tranquilizer dart. In “The Final Problem”, Euros, having already had the whole institution of Sherrinford at her mercy, plays “games” with Mycroft, Sherlock, and John Watson, making Sherlock choose who would have to shoot the governor, due to the fact that the governor's wife would be shot if they did otherwise.

In the end, after no one had wanted to get their hands dirty, the governor shoots himself thinking that his wife's life would be spared. Showing more cruelty, she promptly shoots the governor's wife with no care whatsoever.

The next challenge passes, with Sherlock trying to choose which of three men to die, all the while having to save a girl stuck on a crashing plane. After being tranquilized and sent to Mus grave, Sherlock has to save the girl on the plane and a slowly drowning John Watson.

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She shows that all it needed was Sherlock's compassion, and that the experiments were to see things about emotional context. (This startled the present day Mycroft, who was seeing this in his own Mind Palace) As a young child, she taught Sherlock the violin, successfully orchestrated the entrapment and drowning of Victor Trevor that went unsolved for decades, utilized ciphers, and was able to manipulate people to the point of enslavement since the age of 5.

As an adult, this talent of hers had increased to the extent that, except geniuses like Mycroft, Sherlock, and Jim Moriarty, virtually anyone who interacts with her are 'reprogrammed' and thus compromised, as demonstrated in her former psychiatrist killing his family and himself and Euros' secret takeover of Sherrinford. Her intellectual abilities are such that, after spending an hour on Twitter, Euros precisely predicted the exact dates of three separate terrorist attacks on British mainland.

Unlike her brothers, who both are bad at interpersonal relationships, Euros, despite her own dysfunctional feelings on account of her psychosis, has great understanding of human psychology, easily manipulating John with just a smile, and successfully acting as a therapist for many days before revealing her true identity. Euros also demonstrates excellent aptitude in violin music, at least on par with, if not, superior to Sherlock's own.

As a young child, she lacked emotion and seemingly the ability to distinguish her own pain, cutting open her arm because she wanted to see how her muscles worked. As an adult, she has slipped between being calm to screaming and, when finally seen, to being a helpless child alone on a malfunctioning air-plane.

Euros lacks typical normal human feeling, but she watches and reads the emotional reactions and emotional states of others, manipulating them to her favor in order to better understand an individual, or, for Euros to feel something about what she's doing. Making Sherlock scream, which she initially understood as laughter, was the one thing that made her most happy.

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When Sherlock played pirates with his best friend 'Redbird', who was revealed to be Victor Trevor, and seemingly excluded Euros, Euros entrapped and murdered Victor out of want for Sherlock to play with her. She later produced drawings of Sherlock being dead and acted upon them by her attempt to burn down Mus grave Hall.

Despite her tormenting Sherlock, however, as decrypted in her childhood song The Mus grave Ritual ', Euros throughout her entire life held Sherlock as the only person who can reach her in her extreme feelings of isolation and psychosis, which he indeed finally solved decades later and managed to reach out to Euros to reveal the location of the well she trapped Victor's remains and John in. Because of her unique mind, Euros' feelings of extreme isolation and psychosis are so profound that she subjectively experiences herself alone on a plane full of sleeping people and has no idea how to land.

After the culmination of her game with Sherlock at their childhood home of Mus grave Manor, Euros became uncommunicative and was described by Mycroft as having “passed beyond our view”. After repeated sessions over the years covering numerous cases and Rosamond's growth into a toddler, she performed with Sherlock in a violin recital that Sherlock organized for their parents and Mycroft, perhaps reflecting steps towards some measure of recovery.

On Mycroft, Euros held her eldest brother with seemingly no regard beyond being one of the two most important attachments to Sherlock, the other being John Watson. Because of her attachment to Sherlock, Euros took special notice of Jim Moriarty's own interest with Sherlock, requesting to Mycroft that, as a 'Christmas treat', she wanted an unsupervised conversation with Moriarty for five minutes in exchange for a consultation to her insight.

When they finally talked, Euros spoke 'Redbird' as a treat for Moriarty, and, from then, hatched their respective games for Sherlock. The existence of a third Holmes sibling was established in the series three episode His Last Vow “, when Mycroft stated he wasn't prone to brotherly compassion, and told someone that they “knew what happened to the other one”.

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The hit BBC series has housed many inexplicable deaths which Sherlock Holmes has had to deduce around, but even the show’s leads have been threatened. If you have been watching the fourth season of Sherlock, then you know it kicked off with the wholly shocking death of Mary Morgan, and fans worried that one of the show’s stars would not make it out alive.

The two speak for a while, and Euros remarks that it’s fascinating how her younger brother can’t remember how his beloved dog Redbird died. During the conversation, fans learn that it was not Sherlock’s dog who died when he was younger, but it was his best friend Victor Trevor.

Someone has been playing a very long game indeed and, alone and defenseless, Sherlock and Dr Watson face their greatest ever challenge. (Photo: BBC)Benedict Cumberbatch returns as Sherlock Holmes, with Martin Freeman as John Watson, Mark Gates as Mycroft, Rupert Graves as Inspector Lestrade, RNA Stubby as Mrs Hudson, Amanda Abington as Mary Watson, Louise Really as Molly Hooper and Toby Jones as Culvert on Smith.

This article features minor characters from Sherlock. Clara is first introduced in the pilot episode of Sherlock, when Sherlock deduces that John has a brother named Harry, though John says Harry is his sister, whose real name is Harriet.

She was thirty-six when John and Sherlock met for the first time. Harry was first mentioned when Sherlock Holmes managed to deduce information about her from a glance at John's phone.

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An engraving remained on the back, allowing Sherlock to deduce that Harry ended the relationship with Clara rather than the other way around. Harry has attempted unsuccessfully to give up drinking and John planned on visiting her on at least one Christmas.

She is a regular visitor and contributor to John's blog. Harry was invited to John and Mary's wedding, but she did not attend.

Rudy is the uncle of Mycroft, Sherlock and Euros Holmes. Mycroft was the only other person to know this, and told Sherlock and his parents that Euros died starting another fire; while he and Rudy tried to ensure that Euros won't be seen again, lest the consequences that they might fear.

Charles Augustus Rasmussen reveals him to be a pressure point of Sherlock and mentions it to him, as does Mycroft in the call prior to the wedding. Redbird however, was a nickname that Sherlock had made for Victor Trevor, his childhood best friend who played Pirates with him.

Euros Holmes later kidnapped and left Victor to drown, due to her jealousy towards their friendship, an event which traumatized Sherlock significantly. To forget the event, Sherlock rewrote his memory and remade Redbird as a dog instead of his best friend because the event was significantly damaging.

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“Mrs Hudson Marie Turner is the next door neighbor to the residents of 221 Baker Street. She is friends with Mrs Hudson, who visits her often and borrows her computer, until John and Sherlock buy her a laptop for Christmas.

One of her tenants attempts to get Mrs Hudson to join Facebook (possibly one half of the gay couple mentioned in 'A Study in Pink'). She (or at least her online presence) can be seen commenting on 'The Speckled Blonde' entry in John Watson's blog.

This character is a reference to a continuity error in A Scandal in Bohemia where Holmes call the landlady “Mrs Turner”. http://www.johnwatsonblog.co.uk/blog/29january January 29, 2010 2.0 2.1 Moat, Steven (writer) & Michigan, Paul (director).

Lady Small wood is nowhere to be seen, which begs the question of why the show made such a big deal out of their prospective date in the last episode. Anyway, Mycroft’s viewing session is interrupted by a message saying “I’m Back” spliced into the film.

Before Mycroft can say anymore, however, the crew gets an unexpected surprise gift from Euros: a drone that flies into the Baker Street loft, singing the song from Sherlock’s recent dream sequences about Redbird and carrying a bomb on its back. Using their sterling powers of analysis, the boys realize that the bomb is a motion sensor set to go off the moment it detects them, which will leave them only three seconds before the explosion engulfs the flat.

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Somehow they manage to plan it perfectly, and Sherlock and Watson go jumping out of the windows just ahead of the flames like heroes from an ‘80s action movie. The two-man crew gets an alert they’re passing by Sherrinford prison, but when they go up on the deck they’re greeted by an unscathed Sherlock and Watson.

They commandeer the boat, take it to Sherrinford, and scrawl “Tell My Sister I’m Here” on the beach sand. When the island’s governor sends men to investigate, they find Watson standing alongside a bearded fisherman.

The governor responds that Mycroft is actually the one who set her off, by bringing her a gift on Christmas a few years ago. At the same moment, Watson realizes that if everyone who talks to Euros is automatically compromised, that must include the governor, too.

Just as it seems like his comeback was real after all, a dateline informs viewers that this took place on Christmas five years ago. Then we flash back to present, where Sherlock, Watson, and Mycroft are all in a cell together along with the hapless governor.

She disconnects them from the girl, with the promise they have to earn more phone time to help save her by completing Euros’ tasks. The governor desperately grabs the gun and kills himself with it, but unfortunately that didn’t satisfy Euros’ cruel demand.

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The next task is even more intense, as Euros demands that Sherlock kill either Mycroft or Watson. Mycroft’s only request is that Sherlock aim for his heart, since he’s donated his brain to science.

But at the last moment, Sherlock takes a cue from the late governor and turns the gun on himself. Euros, who claims to be Moriarty’s revenge incarnate, declares that Redbird is both Sherlock’s first case and the final problem, and he’ll have to solve it before John drowns in the now-onrushing water.

Euros, jealous at being left out of the games with no friends of her own, trapped this kid in a well where no one ever found him. This is why deep water has played such a symbolic role in Sherlock’s life (cue flashbacks to the giant pool where he met Moriarty, and the waterfall from “The Abominable Bride” climax).

As Mycroft told him at the beginning of the episode, Sherlock has spent the years since acting like Euros (a cold, friendless intellect) instead of whom he really was (a boy eager to play with his best friend). Sherlock then figures out that Euros’ song was actually a cipher, and the Holmes family gravestones were the key.

Watson rebuilds the Baker Street flat, and together, he and Sherlock find one final message from Mary. This one is labeled “Miss You,” and features her declaring that she knows who the two of them really are: “a junkie who solves crimes to get high, and a doctor who never came back from the war.” Together, they’re there at Baker Street, a last refuge for the hopeless, just like they’ve always been.

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And so we’re either back to square one, for the creators to pick up again at any time … or we’ve finally reached the end of the road. While it found a nice middle ground there, the rest of the episode was similarly indecisive about what, exactly, it was supposed to be.

The characters rarely acted like themselves, the dark child murder upon which the whole plot turns was mentioned briefly and then quickly forgotten, Euros’ villainous attempts to interrogate the heroes’ morality was reductive and half-hearted. As this very episode demonstrates, Sherlock’s most important relationships are with Mycroft and Watson, and his flirtations with the likes of Irene Adler are sexier.

Speaking of The Woman, the fact that the callbacks to her (both at the end of the last episode, and in this one) went nowhere, makes it seem like creators Steven Moat and Mark Gates weren’t really sure where they were going with any of this. The Moriarty conspiracy went through several iterations over the course of these episodes (a distraction from Sherlock’s real problems, to a fake-out obscuring the return of his sister) before landing on the most boring one possible: An evil plan that went nowhere, featuring some minor posthumous assists from Moriarty (who nevertheless stayed dead).

If the show does come back, hopefully it can leave the melodrama behind and return to the complex, thrilling mysteries that first drew fans to it.

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