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Envisioned by Steven Moat and Mark Gates, the BBC original series, Sherlock, stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the charismatic mastermind detective Sherlock Holmes, who along with Dr. John Watson (Martin Freeman), solves horrifying crimes on Baker Street. To date, four seasons of Sherlock have been released, consisting of three episodes each, and every single one of them is absolutely thrilling to watch.

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While the show is adapted from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's books', the basic plots, seemingly, differ, and there are some new interesting twists. During this whole fiasco, one of Sherlock's old enemies makes a surprise appearance, which leaves John and Mycroft shell shocked.

But all is not smooth sailing in the big wedding as there's a killer lurking around, and we all know how much Sherlock loves these mysteries. Furthermore, he meets Dr. John Watson through a friend, and they decide to move in together to a flat in Baker Street.

In other news, Mycroft warns Sherlock against going after Rasmussen as this cat and mouse chase might not end well for the charismatic detective. In the first episode of season 2, Sherlock and John are able to escape from a precarious situation involving Jim Moriarty.

John looks after Sherlock's life as a couple of assassins move into Baker Street, with wrong motives. Now, for your amusement, you can find all the actors’ best bits in one place, in this new video from the official Graham Norton YouTube channel.

But there's precious little meat on the bones of this 90-minute romp, with the limp and obvious mystery weaved into John and Mary's wedding ceremony landing it firmly bottom of our pile. It improved dramatically (see below) but series four of Sherlock got off to a rather underwhelming start with this episode digging into Mary Watson's past as a lethal government operative.

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(For those of you wondering, one of John's blog posts on the official Sherlock site confirms that they broke up off-screen at some point after the Moriarty/swimming-pool encounter.) It gets lost in straying a little too far from the source material, though does feature one of Benedict Cumberbatch's best performances as a rather less brazen, more agitated Sherlock.

Short but sweet, this mini-episode bridged the gap between the second and third series, exploring the period where Sherlock was believed dead (by everyone except conspiracy theorist Anderson). Martin Freeman does particularly strong work, with John having overcome his initial rush of grief but still struggling to entirely move on from his old life.

The big Euros reveal in the closing scene ended up being the biggest talking point, but the real stand-out in 'The Lying Detective' is Toby Jones's spectacularly creepy performance as Culvert on Smith, a villain who came closer than any other to finishing off Sherlock for good. Defying the rule that every middle episode had to be a bit of a duffer, this was a marked improvement on 'The Six Thatchers', with Cumberbatch and Freeman on particularly strong form as a haunted Holmes and heartbroken Watson.

'A Scandal in Belgrade' gave us a thoroughly modern Irene Adler (Lara Puller) who was every bit a match for our now-beloved male leads. 'The Reichenbach Fall' It was a tough call, but series two's finale just about pips its premiere, just for its sheer emotional impact.

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