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To combine, Idea needs to type the Access Code for God Zenon's name in Junk. God Xenon was originally three separate parts of Assist Weapons that served as support vehicles during Grid man's combat against monsters.

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When Magnegauss sabotages the security system that was sold by a salesman (who also disguised as a cat burglar to increase his business), a combination program was made, thus giving birth to God Xenon. Despite being a reliable partner to Grid man, God Xenon likewise is prone to Junk's malfunctioning as it would prevent Idea and Yuma from controlling him again in certain situations.

When Gene radon caused the sports equipment in a local gym to go haywire and in turn drained Grid man of his energies, Idea's quick thinking allows him to create the combination form Thunder Grid man, giving the cyber hero an advantage over brute strength at the cost of speed. God Xenon was featured as part of Takes hi To-do 's past recollection of Grid man's previous battles.

Thunder Ring ( Santa Ring): A muzzle used to prevent Terrain from exhaling hydrochloric acid. Add a photo to this gallery Twin Driller ( Train Doris) is a twin-nosed subterranean, created based on the design of tanks and can also fly airborne on its own.

It forms the abdomen of God Xenon or Thunder Grid man's arm and shoulder armor. In Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, the drill is named Born and is piloted by Sydney Forrester.

Add a photo to this gallery God Tank ( God do Tank) is a tracked vehicle based on the design of armored tanks, allowing Grid man to stand on it like a skateboard. Arsenal God Cannon ( God do Ky anon): Twin barrel cannons on its back, which launches God Laser ( God do Reza) ammunition.

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Add a photo to this gallery Stats Height : 80 m Weight : 100,000 t Origin : Assist Weapon Selector, Junk server Power : 2,000,000 horsepower Weakness : Since God Zenon's movements are remotely controlled by Idea and Yuma through Junk, it can also become immobilized if said computer shows any signs of malfunctioning. Add a photo to this gallery Powers and Weapons Endurance/Strength : As opposed to the acrobatic Grid man, God Xenon focuses on brute strength and enhanced endurance that allowed it to withstand far greater attacks.

God Breaker ( God do Break): An uppercut punch attack, first used in episode 36. Bullet Screw ( Burette Suburb): A combination attack with Grid man and Dana Dragon, used to defeat Magma Girls.

Thunder Grid man possess incredible strength and endurance at the cost of speed and agility. Dragon Spiral ( Dragon SuperValu): Thunder Grid man and King Grid man Sigma fire energy beams which turn into three dragons that strike the opponent.

Add a photo to this gallery Designer: Motor Malaya As Denton Cousin Grid man is sponsored by Tamara, two other Takara-sponsored anime series were incorporated into God Xenon : God Xenon and Dana Dragon might be a tribute to Window, Agra, and Mickeys from Ultras even because they help the main hero against the monsters even though the three of them worked by themselves and not by Ultraseven's side. In Denton Cousin Grid man: boys invent great hero, God Xenon was shown with a large screw at the back of his head.

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Xenon Car, 15, is two years older in 2051 but none the wiser about the dangers of meddling, but when she shows Nebula a new game and how to play it she inadvertently empties out Commander Planks Office and is assigned work detail in the Alien Patrol lab. Xenon then discovers that her space station is being decommissioned due to damage from the plot by Windup and Lutz and sneaks down to Earth to try and stop it after getting a message from aliens that seem to want to meet with Photo Zoey, but Margie wants to go too and sneaks down to Earth as well, but making it look like Xenon forced her to go with her.

With the help of Aunt Judy, the girls track down Photo Zoey who has gone into hiding due to a dry spell and convince him to join them. The aliens turn out to be friendly and communicating with Xenon telepathically, reveal that they have been lost in space for three years and need the ship's navigation charts to get home, thinking it impolite to just take them.

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With the space station saved, Commander Plank and General Hammond are assigned to command it together and Plank and Aunt Judy get married at a wedding that Photo Zoey plays at, dedicating his new song to Xenon having been revitalized by the whole experience. Top Rated TV #105 | Won 2 Golden Globes.

Edit The series follows the life of anti-social, painkiller addict, witty and arrogant medical doctor Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) with only half a muscle in his right leg. He and his team of medical doctors try to cure complex and rare diseases from very ill ordinary people in the United States of America.

Edit Trivia In his book “Hamilton: The Revolution,” Lin-Manuel Miranda says that the inspiration for the “Hamilton” song “You'll Be Back” came from his friendship with Hugh Laurie, which in turn came from his time as an actor on “House”: “I was having a drink with Hugh Laurie, with whom I'd worked on his series House, and I told him I wanted to write a big breakup letter from King George to the colonies. Without blinking, he improved at me, 'WWW, you'll be back,' wagging his finger.

Crazy Credits The Heel & Toe logo features a toy dancing couple on stage being stomped by a human's foot See more » Alternate Versions The song used for the intro sequence is Massive Attack's “Teardrop”.

However, in many European countries an original piece of music by Scott Donaldson and Richard Nolan was used due to rights issues. From the second season onwards a new intro composed by Jason Delta and John Ehrlich was used.

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