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• Monday, 21 June, 2021
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From cinematic blockbusters to break-out indies, PlayStation VR is home to some of the best virtual reality experiences available in modern gaming. Until You Fall Shape your environment in a unique and dreamlike land, featuring a wild and fully simulated ecosystem full of exotic and surprising creatures.

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Until You Fall Shape your environment in a unique and dreamlike land, featuring a wild and fully simulated ecosystem full of exotic and surprising creatures. Pistol Whip Blast your way through electrifying EDM soundtracks and cinematic FPS gameplay inspired by God-mode action films like John Wick and Equilibrium.

Pistol Whip Blast your way through electrifying EDM soundtracks and cinematic FPS gameplay inspired by God-mode action films like John Wick and Equilibrium. Blood & Truth Take on a ruthless criminal empire and become a hard-hitting action hero in this explosive PS VR exclusive.

Dive in to incredible games and virtual reality experiences at no additional cost. Rec Room Join a vibrant VR community and play paintball, disc golf, charades and a host of mini-games with players around the world.

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In other words, you’ll need the PS4 camera and a PS4 DualShock controller to utilize the PSV headset on your PS5. If you don’t have a PS4, but you do end up buying a PS5, this makes purchasing a PSV headset quite a lot more expensive since you’ll need the DualShock and the camera.

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The PS5 launches on November 12th and is currently quite hard to find unless you want to pay price gouging scalpers exorbitant sums of money. What was once a world confined to a screen in front of you becomes a 360-degree experience, with stunning visuals unparalleled by anything that has come before it.

While each gamer and their genre preferences are different, this list is a great blend of the best PS4VR games available on Amazon today. Through immersive gameplay and an open-world concept, the player uses unique technology to research the limits of space while fighting to survive.

All the action in the game is based on four principal activities: exploration, survival, combat, and trading. Playing as an explorer called the Traveler, you engage in inter-planetary research by scanning, collecting, and mining resources, as well as fighting off enemies (such as droids and other creatures) along the way.

Currency can be gained by the discovery of flora, fauna, and creatures throughout planetary exploration. At different space stations on the various planets, the Traveler can trade resources, multi tools, and ships while interacting with alien life.

Players have widely praised the expansiveness of this game, its open-world concept, and how there's a fun amount of strategy involved in collection and research. After all, SpaceX isn't booking economy commercial flights yet, so this is as close to space, and you're going to get for now.

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Pros Vast Space Exploration Open-World Concept Great Strategy Game The game uses the Move motion controllers to utilize Iron Man's repulsed jets.

With all Iron Man's gear at your fingertips, you can face opponents and obstacles with ease. Throughout the game, Ghost goes on a rampage attacking Stark's worldwide offices, and it's up to Iron Man to stop the chaos.

Pros Good Storyline Ability to Upgrade Suit Fits Cohesively into Marvel Universe By nature of it being virtual reality, the player is immersed in first-person gameplay as Batman in the world of Gotham.

Across the board, reviewers praise the graphics of this game as being detailed, clear, and lifelike. The story-based gameplay surrounds Batman's mission to investigate the disappearances of Night wing and Robin, and his quest to rescue them.

Pros Stunning Graphics Engaging Storyline Fun Detective Puzzles This game sends players on missions to destroy various air and surface targets.

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This first-person flight game puts you in the cockpit, immersed in stunning visuals while soaring through the sky. While many gamers have criticized the missions as being almost impossibly difficult at times, the overall storyline of the game seems to hold up nicely with the rest of the franchise.

Specifications Publisher: Banzai NAMC Entertainment Genre: Combat Flight Simulator Mode: Single-Player Platform: PlayStation 4 Rating: T for Teen The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is an epic adventure game with an entirely reimagined world thanks to VR.

In the game's main story, the Dragon born (the player's character), is on a quest to save the world from the destructive dragon Aldrin the World-Eater. What's great about this game is that it has free-world play, allowing the player to move through the world as they wish rather than be simply tethered to the main storyline.

Specifications Publisher: Bethesda Soft works Genre: Action / Adventure / Role Playing Game Mode: Single-Player Platform: PlayStation 4 Rating: M for Mature Its unique graphics and great entertainment value make it an awesome game to dive into.

That being said, it's not without its flaws, the game is fairly short, has some tracking issues, and some levels that are nearly impossible to beat. But by designing a new abstract world altogether, Super hot cements itself as one of the best VR games to date.

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Specifications Publisher: SUPERIOR Team Genre: Action Mode: Single-Player Platform: PlayStation 4 Rating: T for Teen Fruit Ninja was once just a humble mobile game developed by Half brick back in April 2010.

The gameplay has been described as addictive, but the premise is quite simple: slice the fruit that is launched your way by swiping across the screen. Fruit Ninja VR brings this gaming experience to a whole new level through immersive gameplay.

Extra points are awarded for “combos” or when multiple fruits are sliced in a single swipe. All the fruit must be sliced in order for the game to continue, or when a certain score is reached, they are able to cash in on additional life.

Zen Mode allows for gameplay without the existence of random bombs, which seems ideal for little kids or novice gamers just trying to get a feel for the game. In Arcade Mode, a 60-second countdown clock starts, and the player must achieve the highest score possible in that time frame.

In Classic and Arcade modes, there are special fruits that are worth more points when they appear on screen. Given its full-body engagement, Fruit Ninja VR seems like a lot of fun and a great game for the whole family.

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Pros Easy Game to Play Fun for All Ages Good Graphics If you've ever wanted to jump into the world of Rick & Morty, co-creator Justin Roland developed Rover Saves the Universe, bringing all of its brash, foul-mouthed, delightfully weird elements to the VR screen.

For fans of good of' fashioned horror, Until Dawn: Rush of Blood is a horrifying thrill ride. For those who need reminding, 2016 also brought about random terrifying clown sightings in different parts of the USA and Canada.

Blood & Truth is a first-person shooter game designed to combine the best elements of an action movie: storyline, fight sequences, and cool weapons. Published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, this immersive VR game puts you in the shoes of Ryan Marks, who is sent on a mission to take down a London Crime Boss named Tony.

The storyline has many twists and turns, bringing the player along for the ride as Ryan seeks retribution and has some shocking revelations along the way. Described by reviewers as a “First-Person Shooter on Rails,” this game lacks open-world exploration, but still features some neat action-packed fighting.

PS4VR Gaming seems to have something for everyone-- whether you're a huge fan of heart-racing action, soaring through the sky on a military mission, or exploring an alien world, Virtual Reality lets you live out that dream in a whole new way. Whatever these games bring to the table, they provide a unique experience for gamers of all ages.

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They tap into some deeper levels of what constitutes “reality” and a “realistic experience” for a user. Across the board, many users have noted that these games are fairly short, so replay value seems to be of special importance.

Games that will withstand the test of time will likely be those that are challenging (but not impossible, VR glitches aside) and engaging to the player. A graduate of NYU Titch School of the Arts, Andes has written an award-winning comedy pilot, screenplays, and a lot of stand-up.

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