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Don’t just see the world, experience it in a whole new way. Swim with seals, fly through space, and even see dinosaurs come back to life.

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Powered by any Daydream-ready phone, Daydream View is a comfortable, easy-to-use headset designed with choice in mind. They offer more and more immersive ways to explore new worlds, letting you move freely and get a real sense of scale in your games.

With advanced tracking and 6DoF (six degrees of freedom), your movements are accurately translated into the game world, letting you feel like you're truly there (for better or worse). Quality VR headsets can be seriously demanding though, with some packing so many pixels and such a fast refresh rate that you'd need a beastly gaming PC to run them. We've rounded up our top picks of the bunch, so you can find a quality Headset that'll offer the life-like gaming experience you're looking for.

See It Platform: Standalone, PC Resolution (per-eye): 1,832 × 1,920 Refresh rate: 90Hz Field of view: 100-degrees Tracking: 6DoF Weight: 1.1 poundsThere's a new VR champ on the block, and it's the Oculus Quest 2 (read our review). This new headset upgrades just about every aspect of the original Oculus Quest that had previously held our top spot.

The PlayStation VR (read our review) gives PS4 owners a way to dive deeper into games than ever. The headset itself is one piece of the puzzle, as there's also a separate camera and motion controllers that can unlock even more immersive gameplay.

There's even a free adapter available for the PlayStation Camera, showing a commendable commitment by Sony to continue supporting its Headset. Like the Oculus Quest, it only costs $400, and while it requires a fairly capable gaming PC to play, that’s still a lot more affordable than the Valve Index.

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That increased sharpness exceeds even the Valve Index and helps cut down on the screen-door effect, albeit not eliminating it outright. The display uses small LCD panels that run at 90Hz for the smooth playback required in VR. The headset offers a comfortable, halo-style headband that makes it easy to wear and take off momentarily.

But, what really helps set the Five Cosmos apart is its continued support for HTC's official Wireless Adapter, which delivers a high-fidelity, low-lantency stream of your VR content, so you can go truly tetherless. It's effectively possible to switch which version of the Cosmos you're using by swapping out the face plate, controllers, and any tracking base station, making this a wildly versatile headset.

The crisp resolution and high refresh rate will make for clear visuals if you have a machine that can handle running games that fast. For reference, two 1440p displays is 88% of the way to 4K in terms of pixel count, and there's not a lot of hardware out there running games in 4K at even 60fps.

See It Platform: PC Resolution (per-eye): 2,160 × 2,160 Refresh rate: 90Hz Field of view: 114-degrees Tracking: 6DoF Weight: 1.1 poundsDespite not getting a lot of attention, Windows Mixed Reality headsets are still a thing, and the HP Reverb Professional Edition is arguably the best out there right now. It offers significantly a higher resolution picture of 2,160 × 2,160 per-eye, which translates to noticeably better graphics in-game. There are some setbacks with this headset though as tracking and controllers aren’t as good as the Rift or Five.

However, if resolution is king, and you have the graphics card to drive it, the Reverb offers some of the sharpest picture quality you’ll find right now. The new model has improved controls that aren't the clunky Windows Mixed Reality controllers of yesteryear, and it includes integrated headphones for precise audio with a slightly changed design over the previous model. These upgrades to the HP Reverb G2 are solid, especially when considering that the headset features one of the sharpest displays on the market.

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If you already have a beefy gaming PC in your house, and it’s in a room large enough for room-scale VR, grab a Steamer headset. Other headsets, like the Oculus Go or the smartphone-based Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream View, support fewer degrees of freedom, only tracking the swivel and tilt of your head rather than following you as you move around.

Other systems, like the HTC Five and Valve Index, require you to place a few base stations around the room to track your movements. The best VR headsets usually require a wire connected to your PC, while standalone solutions allow you to roam freely.

Being wired up isn’t the worst thing in the world by any means, especially if you’re only going to play in one room anyway, and you'll see the best resolution and image quality possible. Going wireless makes tripping one less thing to worry about, but it also adds the constraints of battery life.

Whit son Gordon is a writer, gamer, and tech nerd who has been building PCs for 10 years. Looking to drum up consumer excitement, the tech company hosted an event in San Francisco on Tuesday to unveil a series of products, including two new phones, a virtual reality headset and the Chromecast Ultra.

The device is poised to take on the iPhone with a built-in artificially intelligent assistant, 4K video and other bells and whistles. The devices boast 4 GB of RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor, a fingerprint sensor and a 12MP rear-facing camera.

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Both run on Android 7.1 Nougat, Google's most recent mobile operating system. The company demonstrated how the AI software can make a reservation for you right from the device and complete other tasks.

Google also showed off its new virtual reality headset for mobile devices, Daydream View. The viewer holds a smartphone, while the user has a hand-held remote to control what's happening on screen.

The company is also working with Warner Brothers to bring immersive environments to the device, and the headset will support Netflix, HBO and Hulu. Google isn't necessarily trying to compete with Oculus' VR hardware ($599) or the HTC Five ($799).

Instead, the company will target casual VR consumers who have -- or will buy -- Android smartphones running Nougat. Google is also touting a new router and Wi-Fi manager to adjust the internet connection in the home.

It has a slight leg up from Amazon's speaker too: Google Home pulls from the 70 billion facts the company has logged throughout the years. It comes loaded with Google Assistant -- the company's software that searches for answers, schedules meetings, adjusts your calendar and controls smart home devices such as Philips Hue lights and Nest thermostats (both companies are launch partners).

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Virtual reality (VR) has recently become a viral sensation for people around the globe. There are a lot of VR headsets available in the market which always makes it difficult for a beginner to choose the right one.

For this purpose, we have enlisted 15 of the best VR systems that you can consider before buying your first Headset. All you have to do is determine your needs and budget before picking one of the best VR goggles from the list mentioned in this article.

The pros and cons will help you decide whether the shortlisted VR has the features you need or not. After going through this list, you will be able to get the best cheapest Headset for yourself according to your needs. You can use a wireless transmitter which will get you rid of the cables of the Rift S. However, you still have to be within the range of your PC.

Cons Has no HDMI port Less accurate controllers due to inside-out tracking Has display ditches It has a huge built-in library of games that you can keep on playing uninterruptedly for hours.

It has a fully integrated screen and speakers along with adjustable optics. But the low price of this VR system translates to several drawbacks.

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Cons Has lower refresh rate Battery life is limited to two and a half hours No room or position tracking feature included in the VR headset. You can plug it in the headset to play your favorite games and watch your desired movies.

You can also plug in your Samsung, LG, or any other phone that has the display size which is compatible with the Headset. Pros Lightweight and comfortable Clear 3D effect Use anytime, no batteries required as it works using your smartphone.

If you are looking for the best VR system for PC, the HTC FIVE Pro might be the best option as it is a tethered high-resolution virtual reality headset with great features. Using it on Windows is recommended while you can also use it on Linux or macOS based PCs.

It has dual wireless controllers, and you can connect the room tracking base stations to power for them to function. When it comes to visual quality, the HTC FIVE Pro has exceptional graphics with the highest OLED resolution available in the market.

It has an OLED display which provides a seamless experience and breathtaking graphics, and has perfect motion tracking without any need of external sensors. The game pads included with the Oculus Quest are durable and perfect when it comes to gameplay.

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Pros Great motion tracking, no need of external sensors Game pads are great Sharp display, uses OLED Completely wireless Amazing library of awesome games The Samsung HMD Odyssey is also a competitive Headset when it comes to high-end display and other great features.

Then Amazon is the one-stop shop for you to buy the perfect things and get it delivered on time too. It comes with 2 base stations, 2 wireless controllers, and other accessories in addition to the HTC Five itself.

Talking about the specifications, it comes with 4 GB or more of RAM with Intel Core i5 CPU or AMD FX 8350. The GPU is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radon 480.

The PSV will simply plug into the back of your console with the help of the bundled control box. You can use these motion controllers for a better experience with your PlayStation Virtual Reality headset.

This standalone Headset by Lenovo is an Android phone with lenses as well as a headband. If you want to load more content, the Mirage Solo also comes with an external SD card port.

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However, it uses an LCD while most modern VR headsets use OLED display which is a lot better than the typical LCD's. Talking about the battery, it lasts for about two and a half hours which isn’t quite enough, but you can still use the VR while plugged in through a long USB-C cable.

If you are looking for the best VR goggles, you should better stop your hunt on the NEXT Headset for iPhone & Android Phone. This universal Headset comes with adjustable eye protection system and is quite comfortable.

This virtual reality is marketed generally for kids, but adults can surely use it as well. It has a durable design and can withstand a few accidental drops by kids.

For the cheap price, it surely is not going to be the best Headset, but if you are planning to buy it for your child, it will certainly do the trick. The perfect handy Headset for your child to use on a daily basis without the hectic carefree routine.

Pros Quite cheap and affordable Comfortable Compatible and suitable for Android and iOS devices Free games included Good for novices or beginners in the VR game Veer has an application that lets you access to tons of VR content without paying a single penny.

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These VR goggles come with noise-canceling Falcon headphones that you can rely upon while watching your favorite movies or playing games. It also has the bi-focus adjustments that allow you to expand the viewing angle to better fit your eye.

Cons Reports of blurry lens Complaints from Samsung smartphone owners These VR goggles are quite affordable and packed with almost all the features that a cheap Headset needs to have.

The device features 360 degrees panoramic scene roaming. In addition to this, it comes with a Bluetooth controller which is a bit too small when it comes to size but certainly does the trick.

The VR is made of tough and harsh fabric, which is probably better than the slouchy material used in the previous generation. In addition to this, YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu can be used to watch your favorite video content in 3D.

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