Okulary Vr Do 50 Z?

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• Tuesday, 18 May, 2021
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While not as compact as the collapsible Z DX 16-50 mm VR, it is still a relatively small lens that is extremely lightweight at 405 grams, making it an ideal choice for travel photography. Although the lens retails for $350 MSRP, it can be purchased at a fraction of that price when bought as part of the Z50 two-lens kit.

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NIKON Z50 + NIKKI Z DX 50 -250 mm f/4.5-6.3 VR @ 52 mm, ISO 800, 1/250, f/4.5The lens comprises a total of 16 elements in 12 groups, one of which is an extra-low dispersion element that helps reduce color fringing and chromatic aberrations. Just like its smaller brother, the 50 -250 mm VR comes with a stepping motor, which delivers quiet and fast autofocus performance.

And that’s to be expected, as Nikon’s engineers were probably doing what they can to keep the weight of the lens as low as possible. Although it is also of a retractable design that keeps the lens barrel short when not shooting, it is not as compact as the F-mount Nikon DX 55-200 mm f/4-5.6G ED VR II.

Unfortunately, there is no rubber gasket on the back of the lens to keep dust off the camera mount. The focusing on the Nikon Z DX 16-50 mm VR is fully electronic, thanks to its “focus-by-wire” stepping motor (STM).

NIKON Z50 + NIKKI Z DX 50 -250 mm f/4.5-6.3 VR @ 98 mm, ISO 200, 1/250, f/6.3A big negative of the lens design is its relatively slow maximum aperture. The lens starts out at f/4.5 when shooting at 50 mm (already a small maximum aperture), then slows down to f/5 at around the 85 mm mark, then to f/5.6 at 200 mm.

Not ideal, especially when shooting in low-light conditions, as there is simply not enough light reaching the camera to keep up with fast enough shutter speeds. Thankfully, optical image stabilization does a great job of keeping camera shake in control in such situations.

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NIKON Z50 + NIKKI Z DX 50 -250 mm f/4.5-6.3 VR @ 50 mm, ISO 100, 2.5 sec, f/5.6On the plus side, focus-by-wire results in an incredibly fast and quiet autofocus operation. Although focus accuracy can vary for fast-moving subjects, and when shooting in low-light environments (it is not a lens designed for indoor use), it is generally very good in normal daylight conditions.

Quest 2 requires your Facebook account to login, making it easy to meet up with friends in VR and discover communities around the world. Thanks to its collapsible design, the Nikon Z DX 16-50 mm VR is tiny when fully retracted, resembling a pancake lens.

Similar to other Nikon Z lenses, the 16-50 mm VR comes with a stepping motor, which delivers quiet and fast autofocus performance. Nikon incorporated optical image stabilization into the lens, and it is supposed to compensate camera shake by up to 4.5 stops.

Mount Type: Nikon Z Mount Focal Length: 16-50 mm Maximum Angle of View (DX): 83° to 31° 30 Aperture Range: f/3.5 to f/6.3 Aperture Blades: 7 (rounded) Filter Size: 46 mm Lens Elements: 9 Lens Groups: 7 Special Elements: 4 Aspherical, 1 ED Super Integrated Coating: Yes Electronic Diaphragm: Yes Vibration Reduction: Yes, Up to 4.5 Stops of Compensation Focus Motor: STM Stepping Motor Minimum Focus Distance: 0.2-0.3 m (24 mm-50mm) Maximum Reproduction Ratio: 0.2x Mount Material: Plastic Dimensions: 70 x 32 mm Weight: 135 g Similar to the Nikon Z 24-70 mm f/4 S, you can gain a few millimeters of focal length below 16 mm by slowly rotating the lens before it clicks into place, at the expense of image quality (especially in the corners).

I used a rather thick 46 mm B+W polarizing filter that I owned for many years, which I was able to mount and dismount easily when shooting in the field. As discussed in the Vignetting section of this review, the thickness of the polarizing filter did not make the corners look darker, even at 16 mm position.

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NIKON Z50 + NIKKI Z DX 16-50 mm f/3.5-6.3 VR @ 16 mm, ISO 100, 8 sec, f/5.6Another negative is the relatively slow maximum aperture. This becomes a problem when shooting in low-light situations because there is simply not enough light reaching the camera to keep up with fast enough shutter speeds.

Thankfully, optical image stabilization does a great job of keeping camera shake in control in such situations. NIKON Z50 + NIKKI Z DX 16-50 mm f/3.5-6.3 VR @ 16 mm, ISO 100, 1/60, f/5.6On the plus side, focus-by-wire results in an incredibly fast and quiet autofocus operation.

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Rotate the zoom ring as shown until the lens clicks into the extended position. To retract the lens, rotate the zoom ring in the opposite direction, stopping when you reach the (I) position on the focal length scale.

Note, however, that even if the hood is removed, shadows may still be visible at some focal lengths and subject distances. The flash may be unable to light the entire subject at focal lengths shorter than those specified.

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Vibration reduction reduces blur caused by camera shake, allowing shutter speeds up to 4.5 stops slower than would otherwise be the case and increasing the range of shutter speeds available. Note : The effects of VR on shutter speed are measured according to Camera and Imaging Products Association (CIA) standards.

If you have focused on a pre-selected location while waiting for your subject to appear, we recommend that you do not turn the camera off until the picture is taken. Selects the DX image area, reducing the available focus points and number of pixels recorded, and disables the Image Dust Off ref photo option in the setup menu.

Due to the design of the vibration reduction system, the lens may rattle when shaken. Extreme heat could damage or warp exterior parts made from reinforced plastic.

Rapid changes in temperature may cause damaging condensation inside and outside the lens. Before taking the lens from a warm to a cold environment or vice versa, place it in a bag or plastic case to slow the change in temperature.

We recommend that you place the lens in a case (available separately) to protect it from scratches during transport. Removing dust is normally sufficient to clean the glass surfaces of the lens.

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Wipe gently from the center outwards in a circular motion, taking care not to leave smears or touch the lens with your fingers. Never use organic solvents such as paint thinner or benzene to clean the lens.

Neutral Color (NC) filters (available separately) and the like can be used to protect the front lens element. If the lens will not be used for an extended period, store it in a cool, dry location to prevent mold and rust.

It might have started with devices like Google's Cardboard opening the door for anyone with a smartphone, but even the high-end headsets are now easier to use and more appealing too. Modern gaming machines are also more capable and can help deliver lifelike virtual environments in the comfort of your home and this makes it a much more exciting time for VR.

We've listed some top VR systems available in this feature based on headsets we've tested, enjoyed and reviewed. Other highlights like hand-tracking, inside-out tracking (meaning no external sensors), pass-through cameras and a clever guardian system make Quest 2 incredibly fun to play with.

Great visuals, superb audio and the ability to plug in and play more with Oculus Link make Quest 2 even more special. With an increased pixel density, enhanced resolution and improved audio which includes Hi-Res certified headphones and spatial sound capabilities, this headset is the pinnacle of the VR experience.

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The HTC Five Pro needs a powerful machine to run well, but it will truly blow your socks off. If this package doesn't sound appealing enough, you can always splash an extra bit of cash on another version of the Five Pro that has eye-tracking built into it as well.

The HTC Five Pro Eye is a nod to the future of VR and controller-free experiences and gaming too. It's a standalone device that packs some clever hardware that allows for six degrees of freedom movement thanks to built-in tracking.

Cardboard is really an ad hoc VR viewer: there's no head strap and if there was it would be uncomfortable to wear, instead intended to be held to the face to view the content. It unveiled the Microsoft Holocene headset, which works with Windows Holographic, a technology that adds 3D images in the world around us all.

Obviously, that won't happen with the naked eye, but users wearing Holocene will be able to see holographic images overlaid onto real objects in front of them. A full Windows 10 system is built into the headset, and it runs off a battery, so it's completely untethered.

Using Kinect-style tech to recognize gestures and voice commands, the system features a 120-degree field of vision on both axis and is capable of high definition visuals.

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