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David Lawrence
• Monday, 21 June, 2021
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The money was “not the point, he just wanted to compete,” Zenon's father told Insider. Zenon's father confirmed the ban to Insider in a direct message on Twitter, where he administrates his son's account.


Rodrigo Fonsecacalled his son a “prodigy” and said that he and Xenon were “upset” with the decision, though he understands the company must enforce its rules, especially when money is involved. The money was “not the point, he just wanted to compete,” Fonseca told Insider.

A representative for Epic Games specified to Insider in an email that the competition ban was only because of Zenon's young age, and will lift when he becomes of age to participate in accordance with the game's rules. Esports star Faze Banks cited that young demographic in a tweet on May 5, asking Epic Games to reconsider their decision.

A considerable portion of the Fortnite community includes young fans who haven’t entered their teenage yet. Therefore, Epic has implemented rules that prevent kids below the age of 13 from participating in competitive tournaments or game modes that include a prize pool.

Moreover, players below Epic’s age limit also need their parent’s consent to partake in certain competitive matches that don’t have cash prizes involved. Xenon, a 9-year-old Brazilian Fortnite player, has been banned from the battle royale for 1460 days.

Although it seems that Xenon had his father’s permission to play, once Epic spotted the Terms of Service breach, they took action. It was started by his followers as well as Fortnite fans who were sad to see the dreams of the aspiring kid crushed.

Well over 100,000 people have tweeted with the hashtag, including some notable names in the gaming community. Ninja and TFUE also discussed Epic’s ban for the 9-year-old Brazilian kid on their respective streams.

They banned pro players Xxi and Ronaldo only for two weeks after found guilty of cheating at the qualifiers for last year’s Fortnite World Cup. Another pro player Davis Kaye received a lifetime ban for using aim bot to show his viewers how unfair the cheat was.

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Once you disarm all the traps, you will net another 20,000 XP, and you will have foiled the plans of one evil little Gnome. While finding all gnome locations in Fortnite may have you scratching your head at first, this Week 7 challenge isn’t as tricky as it sounds.

It’s important to note that completing this Week 7 challenge does not require building brick walls and hoping for gnomes to spawn, as some people have guessed. For this challenge, Epic has hidden gnomes all throughout Fortnite Battle Royale, and all you need to do is follow a few simple steps in order to find them.

As the challenge description states, players must search for hidden gnomes within named locations in Fortnite. To find the hidden gnome locations in Fortnite, you’ll want to limit your search to places that have clear names, such as Tilted Towers, Pleasant Park, or Lonely Lodge.

Search the bottom floor of the house with the broken tree on it in Salty Springs and listen for a gnome under the stairs. In the main building in Junk Junction, look for a hidden gnome in the corner of the sleeping area behind a desk.

In the building in the northeast corner of Lucky Landing, there’s a gnome in the tub room on the first floor by the stairs. Be cautious when searching for gnomes in Fortnite, as most of these locations are heavy populated, especially now that there’s a new challenge to complete.

There’s a good chance you’ll encounter other players looking to either complete the challenge themselves or simply take you down, so stay alert and try not to linger in the area too long once you’ve found a hidden gnome in Fortnite. Make sure to keep an eye out for the new Fortnite Vending Machines as well, as these offer an easy way to get Epic or Legendary weapons and items in exchange for some excess building materials.

To start season 4's secret challenge, you need to head to the Lair landmark east of Weeping Woods, at the southeast bottom of coordinates D5. Inside, you'll find one messed up gnome surrounded by Slurp juice kegs, menacing little robots, and some evil-looking plans.

(Image credit: Epic Games)Once you've reached that room, you'll have completed the “Lair” portion of the secret challenge. (Image credit: Epic Games) Trap 1: Misty Meadows, underneath the bridge connecting the two halves of town.

(Image credit: Epic Games) Trap 2: Holly Hedges, located in the garden center's outdoor area by some shelves. (Image credit: Epic Games) Trap 3: The east side of Sweaty Sands, outside the hotel in a small plot of grass.

(Image credit: Epic Games)Once you've disarmed all five traps, you'll gain another 20,000 XP, and you've officially completed the secret challenge. One of the challenges this week requires players to find hidden gnomes in named locations on the map.

In the past, Fortnite players have found themselves hunting down a variety of gnomes, and in Season 7 Week 6, they will have to find at least seven of them on the battle royale map. As their name implies, Chilly Gnomes can be found in the winter biome, which dominates the southwest portion of the map.

At the time of writing, it's unclear if they spawn somewhat randomly or if they are found in fixed locations, but there are some key areas players may want to check. Named locations like Happy Hamlet and Polar Peak are a good bet, and it's also worth pointing out that all the Chilly Gnomes appear to spawn outside.

After hearing this, players just need to follow the sound until they find a gnome encased in an ice cube. In the meantime, Fortnite fans can focus on the Season 7 Week 6 challenges while they wait for more story developments and map changes to take place.

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