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There are lots of reasons on why we like to give nicknames to people around us and for this we encounter several options available to satisfy that problem. As you continue reading you will find more than 600 nicknames examples you would want to use on that person you feel proud about.

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We have been translating emotions into textual and vocal information since the first human and most of the nicknames are there to show any achievement a person has accomplished. Some reaches are way far from a 3rd party imagination or probably you all acknowledge what that person evolves into within your environment making a pleasant event every time you get together.

Try to evoke great feelings towards that person by referring to them with some upcoming nicknames : It means that a man holds a chief authority over a country and people.

Bowler: Or King Korea, is the main antagonist of the Nintendo’s Mario franchise. In Japan, he would hold the title of Daimio which means: Great demon king.

Kraken: A legendary sea monster who causes large whirlpools. Bender: Probably he bends himself or things as strong and ease like a powered machine.

Scar: let him know that he marks violently everything around to hang in there for the rest of everyone’s life. Dracula: the archetype of a vampire in a 1897 novel who is extremely powerful and attractive.

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Big Father: He reassembles a great dad who cares a lot for people. Psycho: The way he looks like when he moves around and get things done are as crazy as a mentally unstable person.

Cobra: Any of the highly venomous old world snakes! It holds the ability to flatten the neck into a hood-like shape when disturbed.

Grave: He is so scary that he puts asleep people for eternity. Surge: That guy who comes up with some hilarious statements every time people speak with him.

Berserker: Some wild sick violently warrior who fights with frenzied rage! Knuckles: Some fighting type guy always ready for an encounter.

Trip: Funny, easy going person who is filled with joy! Shiver: If he is always trembling with cold even if is hot out there… this is the perfect nickname for him.

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Wraith: That once living person who is made undead without passing away. Probably that guy who always leaves the parties early because he has some great stuff going on.

Ironclad: A guy with strong criteria who will not change his mind! Week: This friend will adjust your ideas with small changes.

Titanium: A metallic element that is very hard and will resist corrosion. Cerberus: A multi-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld.

Northrop: The Orthodox Church will refer this name to the last of the four night offices. Rex: It means king; it serves as a title before the name of the person.

Maximus: A Latin term for “greatest” or “largest.” Thor: A God associated with thunder, lighting, storms and more. The list is just getting started with more and more examples you may use to address to any of your friends.

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Siddhartha: It means: “He who achieves his goals.” Khan: A title given to rulers and officials in many Muslim countries. Dark: A Slavic Masculine name that means “gift.” Hannibal: Carthaginian general who crossed the Alps and invaded Italy.

Demented: That guy who behaves irrationally all the time. Madness: But there is always that guy who is mentally ill and won’t stop until he finally feels tired.

Savage: Those are the ones who are at the gym with great bodies and still jumping around and playing at the streets having fun. Fury: The Greeks will refer to a spirit of punishment.

Ballistic: For any reason he might relate to projectiles, or he works too much! Derange: Tell this to a friend if you know how easy is for him to turn someone’s mood around.

Soles: The muscle that helps extends the foot forward. Igor: Transliterated from Russian, related to a Norse god, means warrior.

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Mortar: In the kitchen it is something you used to crush ingredients, he would understand that is a gun to launch bombs. Bomber: That aircraft that carries and drop the bombs.

Sniper: The guy you never see but deals lots of kills in the battlefield. Arsenal: The all weapon collection that an army possesses.

Tomcat: A male domestic cat who pursue females for sexual gratification. Bella: A devil type heart from the anime Megabits.

The substitute name you select for the individual will follow him everywhere! Hollow: Strong character from the anime Bleach.

Sepulcher: That tomb looks like a monument! España: The Spanish of sword, also powerful characters from the anime Bleach.

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Gauntlet: The glove that can cover your tracks! Garrote: It is a Spanish word to name a large wood stick to beat someone.

Use any of the following examples to name any of your females friends. Lotus: A water lily but for the Greeks is a legendary plant.

Geisha: The Japanese hostess train entertaining men with conversations and dance. Cougar: A wild cat also refers to an older woman seeking a sexual relationship with a younger man.

Siren: In Greek mythology are women or winged creatures whose singing lures unwary sailors into rocks. Belong: An ancient roman goddess of war.

Stiletto: It is a short dagger, but also a high tapering heel. Venus: Roman goddess of love and now the second planet of the sun have her name.

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Countess: A woman who holds the rank of count. Nova: When the star increases in brightness, but then it will come back as it was in a few months.

Malice: I'll will, the intention or desire to perform evil. Selfie: A mythical creature that resembles a seal in the water but will turn human on land.

NYC: Concrete jungle where dreams are made of.” Fright: She will make you feel intense fear out from nowhere. Poison: Her kisses are capable of dealing death.

Mathilda: a long work fiction of Mary Shelly. Zoe: Greek word meaning “life.” Kiddo: Used on someone that is slightly younger.

Element: Primary constituents of matter, also refers to an aspect of something abstract. Dark Matter: Cosmological theories claim that is a material that exist in space and can take any form.

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Meteor: Some small body of matter from outer space that tends to fall on earth! Hemlock: A Highly poisonous European plant.

Photon: A particle that represents a quantum of light. Keno: A game based on the drawing of numbers that is similar to lotto.

Lola Bunny: A Looney Tunes cartoon character. Gianna: A female Italian given name that means “God is gracious.” Hypernova: Also called collapse, means that the star is collapsing.

You may consider personalities, structure features, interests, habits, and some inside jokes. Cyborg: A person whose physical abilities are way greater.

Joan of Arc: Warrior and a military leader saint and Martyr. Lot’s Wife: Who turned into a pillar of salt after she looked back.

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