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Danielle Fletcher
• Monday, 21 June, 2021
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? Couldn't tell you what the best is since I'm fairly new as well, but I grabbed the little rock guy for 2000 zen I kept looking at all of them and couldn't decide, so I just grabbed him since he's cheaper than the other epics and gives and extra 10% damage as a passive as your health drops. Using him with my WWF. The other ones I were thinking about were ones that give the companions base stats to your stats. I got the hawk the other day, maxed out at 25 and is very good, mainly it looks great with my wizard, wanted the owl but was too pricey.

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Got a honey badger for my warlock, that's cool but some say that it falls asleep at times, not sure what to make of that. But the mere I got with one of the packs to start with is ruthless, buy I haven't seen him on the store. Mere from the Heirloom pack if they ever add if it's in the Zen store on PC but only stupid PSN for us.

I've got the 100% off any companion coupon in the Zen market, and I'm thinking about getting one for my HR and I can't decide witch one to go with. I am a dwarf cleric as I like healing classes in games like eso, so I gave it a shot here.

I didn't know my fingers could click so fast trying to heal as quick as possible. A place to discuss Never winter, a free action MMORPG based on the acclaimed Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role playing game.

The actions and views of the moderation team here is not officially condoned or enforced by Cryptic Studios, Perfect World Entertainment, or any of their affiliated subsidiaries or companies. Like many other MMOs, Never winter also gives players the option to carry companions with them.

You will receive a quest at level 16 and on its completion, you will be rewarded with a companion character. Selection is important as your companion will play as partner, and it should suit your play-style.

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The companions sold by the merchant will have different price tags in the form of different currencies. Before moving on to various types of companions, let’s discuss the role and behavior of different pets serving you in the battlefield.

These creatures follow you throughout your adventure and as a result gain experience and learn additional skills. Initially, the training will be of few seconds, but as the level increases the time duration will keep on piling up.

Like I said earlier, you will receive a quest as soon as you hit level 16 concerned with companion selection. As on objective, you will be asked to speak to BAEL An Ash rock at the Grand Emporium.

Not as good as a Guardian Fighter but if you are using a character that cannot afford to deal a lot of damage, it’s a recommendation for you. Being a Guardian Fighter or a Weapon Fighter, this female companion can play a great supportive role which enable you absorb and deal extra damage on the battlefield.

So if you are playing something like the Trickster Rogue or a Devoted Cleric, the attachment of a wizard with you will be of great benefit. If you are looking to purchase new companions then you can find a merchant at Grand Emporium.

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If you manage to purchase it, some magical stones will revolve around you that will contribute towards the attribute bonuses. So, if you are looking for a shield that can protect you better than any other living creature, this one can be a good choice.

The sword will revolve around you and deal single target damage like the pets. 980,000 Astral Diamonds If you are going with a build that gives you high critical strike chance then this cat can supplement you well.

It can be a good companion if you are looking for AOE attacks to push enemies back and the poison damage. You will be only getting one coin per day that means that attaining this companion is almost a year’s work.

1000 Harmaline Trade Bars This companion will produce fireballs damaging enemies in front. If the merchant is not good enough for you or it’s hard for you to find the appropriate currency, then the Zen market also has some companions you might be interested in.

So at maximum, a pet can cost you unto $35 in the Zen Market. 2000 Zen The stone gives the owner a buff that enhances his/her attributes.

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3000 Zen The rocky creature can serve the purpose of tank for you. 2000 Zen The companion will grant life steal to the owner.

3500 Zen The beast has a one target strike dealing massive damage. So, if you can spare 2000 Zen and want a rogue form along you, the sky blade won’t disappoint you.

1500 Zen Just like the other beast pets, the wolf can be a good companion of any character type. Apart from the companions mentioned above, one can find some rare ones that are usually sold in the Auction house for huge prices.

So it may be wise to wait a bit before investing too much into companions and bonding rune stones until we have more information. The Augmentation skill is available at LVL 1 and makes your companion share their stats to you.

The Enhancement power (unlocked at blue quality, LVL 30) gives 1k bonus to 3 stats of your companion … Which translate to a 3.1k bonus to these stats for you (with rank 15 bonding rune stones). In higher end dungeons, you need very high stats to be able to perform properly.

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But, in lower end dungeons, the scaling mechanic makes your stats melt. It is awesome on an end game tank or healer who can have capped stats with it.

Luna is a multimillion AD prize which can deal huge damage in a big AOE. Her damage is not as high as the Chicken's, but the AOE makes her perfect for killing groups of monsters.

To equip the Abyssal Chicken or Luna properly, you should use the highest bonding rune stones possible (to cap your own stats), and companion gear with Armor Penetration (as this is the only stat that really makes a difference for non augment companions). There is no point trying to boost its damage to the maximum, as it's not that high (though better than nothing), so use whatever kind of companion equipment that are useful for you in priority.

Any other Non Augment Companion can be used to gain combat advantage in solo content if you have your stats capped, but keep in mind that most of them will be only good to give you combat advantage, and that you'll often be better with an Augment Companion. Otherwise, you won’t have access to them for the time of their training, or it will cost AD to get them back earlier.

The best way to upgrade your companions is to wait for a sale in the ZEN market (you can also get 25% coupons from time to time by invoking your god), and to buy Companion Upgrade Packs (that’s 75 tokens for a maximum of 375k AD when there’s no sale). When there’s no sale, a companion upgrade token costs a maximum 5k AD.

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With mod 18, we can occasionally get 20 companion upgrade tokens from Jump bags (in Avernus, LVL 80+). With mod 19, we can now buy companion upgrade tokens for 3 Harmaline Trade Bars each.

Each rarity improvement on one of your top 5 companion in a category gives you 0.5% Bolster. Let’s face it : 1% in Bolster with a legendary companion only improves your stats by about 134 points.

Make sure to have an uncommon augment companion (cat, water, goldfish, goat, whatever), rank 9+ bonding rune stones, 965+ item level companion gear, and empowered rune stones, as soon as possible. Bonding rune stones and most of the companion gear items can be transferred to any of your characters at any time.

So, if you have a high level character, make your new Cleric happy with proper companion gear ! And the HP bonus is actually a males, for some reason, because they couldn't code it properly, and it's been like this for more than a year...

Ernie of Avernus : 10% damage resistance against Demons Hero : 10% damage resistance against Devils Frozen Gale Ruhr : up to 10% damage resistance as your HP decreases Crystal Golem : 16k HP, 2k Power Rime fire Golem : 16k HP, 2k Armor Penetration Iron Golem : 16k HP, 2k Defense Star of Simile : 16k HP, 2k Critical Strike, 4% Gold Gain Moonshine Druid : 16k HP, 2k Critical Avoidance Vanguard of the Citadel : 16k HP, 2k Critical Avoidance Hentai Warlock : 16k HP, 2k Combat Advantage Cave Bear : 16k HP, 2k Accuracy Kingfisher Intern : 16k HP, 2k Combat Advantage Storm Rider : 8k HP, 4k Power Boar Shoat : 8k HP, 4k Armor Penetration Goat : 8k HP, 4k Deflection Hermite Paladin Ghost : 8k HP, Critical Strike Hunting Drake : 8k HP, 4k Accuracy Skeletal Dog : 8k HP, 4k Critical Avoidance Ion Stone of Allure : 3% Incoming Healing, 2k Power Cleric Disciple : 3% Incoming Healing, 2k Power Merger The urge : 3% Incoming Healing, 2k Armor Penetration Werewolf : 3% Incoming Healing, 2k Defense Silver Scaled Cleric Disciple : 3% Incoming Healing, 2k Critical Strike Devi Champion : 3% Incoming Healing, 2k Critical Avoidance Goldfish : 3% Incoming Healing, 2k Critical Avoidance Dedicated Squire : 3% Incoming Healing, 2k Accuracy Acolyte of Eleanor : 3% Incoming Healing, 4k Deflection Battlefield Medic : 3% Incoming Healing, 2k Combat Advantage Green Slime : 8k Defense Merger Guard : 8k Critical Avoidance The best active companion for a Devout Cleric is the Polar Bear Cub.

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It is an augment companion that gives a bonus to Power, Critical Strike, and Awareness. The only other augment companion with a bonus to Power and Critical Strike is the Icosahedron Ion Stone, but it gives Combat Advantage instead of Awareness, which is less useful to you.

There’s also one version of the Faithful Initiate that gives Outgoing Healing, but with Combat Advantage as a secondary stat, not too useful. The Quick ling is very expensive, but it’s also one of the best passive companions due to it giving Critical Strike, a stat you will hardly cap as a healer.

Potency : chance on hit to increase Power by 2k ( 1% healing) and companion’s Critical Avoidance by 4% (Critical Avoidance doesn’t work, at least not shown on your companion sheet, and doesn’t transfer to your stats either). Potent Precision is better than Potency by a solid margin, even with relatively low Critical Strike. The Rebel Mercenary (which you want for its passive), has this enhancement.

Non augment companions are only good if you have your stats capped for the content you are running. The point of using a non augment companion is to benefit from their buffs (if they have any), and from combat advantage.

There’s also Luna, who actually deals pretty good damage (but is super expensive) and the Abyssal Chicken, which is a lot more affordable (and is better for bosses rather than groups of monsters because its power has a pretty small AOE). Using a non augment in Intermountain and in the Stronghold is a good idea if you have high bonding rune stones.

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Burette Pup, Quasi or Icosahedron Ion Stone have a better enhancement power for a DPs and are considered best in slot (bis), but they are not a priority : you need rank 15 bonding first to really take advantage of their enhancement power anyway. Polar Bear Cub is also good, no need to buy another augment if your main role is healer.

Deep crow Hatchling is the best budget augment pet, as it is epic from the start, can be bought with harmaline trade bars (VIP rewards), and gives 8k power at legendary. So, get a Deep crow Hatchling before even thinking getting a Burette Pup or any other bis companion.

Potency : chance on hit to increase Power by 2k ( 1% healing) and companion’s Critical Avoidance by 4% (it doesn’t work, at least not shown on your companion sheet, and doesn’t transfer to your stats either). Potent Precision is better than Potency by a solid margin, even with relatively low Critical Strike.

Companions with the Potent Precision Enhancement are : Fire Arc hon, Hawk, Panther, Rebel Mercenary, Swashbuckler, Traveling Entertainer, War Boar, Werewolf, and Luna. Pick the cheapest you can find (or the Rebel Mercenary for your Devout Cleric build).

Ivy Grown Grimier of the Companion (7k Armor Penetration, 5k Combat Advantage, 2 Empowered Rune stones) Any combination with 5k Defense, 7k Armor Penetration, 7k Accuracy, and as much Combat Advantage as possible is great.

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You do not need To Combat Advantage if you are playing with an augment companion in solo content. But if you can cap your stats with a non augment companion, you should use one instead, for benefiting from Combat Advantage and doubling your damage output.

Only the single stat companion gear can be acquired from the quest line in Star dock. You will have to farm WE’s (and OK Boxes) quite a lot to loot the best pieces of Companion Gear.

But there are slightly lesser pieces of gear with an item level of 990 instead of 1010 which are about as good. The Worst case, non-epic companion gear has very good stats too.

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