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• Sunday, 16 May, 2021
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Children like to visit the zoo when taken for a weekend outing. To watch them wandering around and playing with their fellow mates, create wonders for kids and adults as well.

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It is really a sad thing to see them in cages when they should actually wander freely in the forest. Besides the animals that are seen every day, people get to see a variety of extinct and exotic species in the zoos, which is why this place is really exciting to visit for people of all ages.

In this article, we shall be seeing some of the most popular zoo animals list with images. Recent numbers show that 13000 giraffes are living in the forests and about 20 are kept in zoos.

In Mysore zoo, you can see the famous housing giraffes. They are harmless animals that just like to play around with you when you give them food.

These are the biggest species of Old World monkeys found in the Indian subcontinent. Recently in Delhi zoo, a visitor was attacked by a tiger, when he accidentally jumped inside.

Bengal's tigers live in India and you can see some of them in Indian zoos as well. Tiger is the national animal of India, Malaysia, Bangladesh and South Korea.

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The elephant population in India is drastically falling down because of poaching and brutal training methods. From the Northern part of the Indian subcontinent, Indian rhinos have been brought to many parts of India and have been kept in zoos to avoid extinction.

If you are looking for zoo animals for children, then deer is one of the perfect choices to make. In India, there are only 5 good zoos, where you can see red panda.

Apart from animals, you can also see a wide variety of birds in the zoo. The Indian peacock that you see in zoos are also known as blue peafowl, native to South Asia and brought to many other parts of the country.

It is considered to be endangered because of its small size and area of occupancy. There are many zoos that interbred African and Asian lions together to increase the population.

But it is hard to train a zebra as they can be aggressive and even vicious when getting older. To see the wide variety of zebra, you need to come to Mysore zoo.

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They have a large variety of animals, mammals, birds and amphibians of which some are rare and endangered. Ranging from common Indian macaques to the exotic Madras baboons, these are very entertaining zoo animals.

There are many zoos that are known rare species of snake collection. It comes under category of big zoo animals that can harm humans when provoked.

Reptiles like crocodile, alligators are all being hunted in large numbers these days. To see the best collection of crocodiles, you can visit the Sunder ban National Park, West Bengal, Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, Uttar Pradesh and Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary, Tamil Nadu.

It was in 2017 that kangaroos finally arrived at the Kolkata zoo after a gap of two years, especially the exotic ones. The above mentioned details are zoo animal facts for kids and adults.

Each of these animals is facing extinction in the near days because of massive poaching and killing. I did a quick survey and came up with a rough taxonomy of animal names.

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In 1911, zoo superintendent Frank Baker reportedly resorted to chance to choose the name of a new baby hippopotamus. According to the Washington Herald: “Last Friday, when the girl baby hippo arrived at the zoo, she was nameless.

In 1927, rubber magnate Harvey Samuel Firestone donated a pygmy hippo to the zoo. It was named William Johnson Hippopotamus, although everyone called him Billy.

Billy was famously virile, siring offspring with a pair of females, both of whom had names as human as his: Hannah and Matilda. A child commented that the calf resembled a massive licorice gumdrop.

Billy died in 1956, a few months before Gumdrop XVIII was born. The National Zoo decided to retire the Gumdrop moniker for Toyota’s offspring, instead using letters of the Greek alphabet.

Sometimes animal names refer to their physical traits, as with two elephants who arrived in 1913: Jumbo Jr. and Jumping. Barnum’s famously large elephant, whose name was used to describe everything from shrimp to passenger jets.

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That’s when a name reflects an opposite quality, like when a fat man is called Tiny. In 1923, the Evening Star published a strange article on the personalities of various zoo animals.

And thinking of the director wanting his beloved pooch to have a timeless place preserved in film history almost warms the heart enough to make up for what he did to the fictional pups in the sequel. In more recent pop culture, you don't have to dive deep on Instagram to find zoo -themed doggos in the spotlight.

Looking at his precious face, it is hard to imagine that someone abandoned this wee boy, but it's true that Tuna's beginning was not so glamorous. His owner, Courtney, rescued him when he was only 4 months old and started documenting the adorableness she found in his unique features.

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