Names For A Vixen

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The illnesses in books and movies aren’t nearly as terrifying as the spies, killers and lemme fa tales that live among us in the real world. Amy Fisher, the “Long Island Lolita who shot and severely wounded the wife of her lover, Joey Buttafuoco.

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Brenda Spencer, the 16-year-old girl convicted of the 1979 Cleveland Elementary School shooting because, she said, “I don’t like Mondays.” Delilah, the temptress who betrayed Samson for money in the Hebrew Book of Judges. Gertrude Baniszewski, viciously tortured, mutilated and eventually murdered a teenage girl she had taken into her home.

Else Koch, prominent Nazi found guilty of the brutal abuse of concentration camp prisoners. “Axis Sally, ” convicted of treason for proliferating Nazi propaganda during WWII (Rita Yucca was her partner in crime).

For example, John and Mary are common names for a brother and sister. If you enter John into Magic Baby Names, Mary will appear as a suggestion.

The experience of directing people makes you feel powerful and gives great pleasure. Having very little free time because of prior responsibilities and engagements makes being spontaneous hard for you.

Always planning your activities with movement a challenge and bouncing around. Meaning that you need a dose of adrenaline to be able to feel at ease during work. Fast, efficient with a great capacity for work you will give one hundred percent if passion is existent.

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Suitable occupations: framework, management employee, executive secretary, director, manager, independent, freelance, designer, designer, engineer and high-ranking army, decorator, architect, all trades in relation to the mind, the eyes, the ears, the nose, the mouth, the head. Active, dynamic and enterprising, you are constantly in action! Not being able to do nothing you tend to live in the fast lane.

Your weak points are: the head, eyes, nose and teeth. However, despite this form of ambiguity, independence is never a problem, because you always manage to meet your means.

Generally your financial life often consists of highs and lows which you perfectly know how to handle. This was soon followed by her lead in Twist’s “Girl Tonight” video featuring Trey Songs.

With an** that has people thinking “that can’t be real,” it’s obvious why Brian made such a “BIG” impact in her music videos. From the Dominican Republic, Rosa Acosta is easily one of the most recent video vixens to have generated a lot of buzzes for herself.

Making her notable appearances doing splits in Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” video, Rosa has shown that to achieve a body like her takes hard work and a lot of fitness. Working on her own fitness tapes, the beautiful looking and sounding Rosa Acosta is exactly what any rapper would want in his video.

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Although Lola was known, it wasn’t until Trey’s “Wonder Woman” and Kanye’s “Good Life” that her video vixen status reached its peak. Also known as Jessica Rabbit, Melissa set the standards to be a video model with her banging body and beautiful face.

However, her King, XXL, and Maxim cover shoots will always show the impact she had as a video vixen. With two HUGE reasons to love Esther, it was obvious why Baxter made such an impact on the vixen game.

In countless videos that include, Kanye West, Ludicrous, Will Smith, and Nelly, Esther was always a girl that was in the back that people kept their eyes on. But as quick as she came, Baxter hung up the video vixen career in 2007, so she could further her education and attend college.

Marine Stefan or better known for her classy nickname “Super head,” changed the whole Video Vixen game by using what made her famous in the first place…her mouth. There isn’t much to say about Marine that her two books haven’t said, but it is obvious that no other video vixen has had an impact as big as her.

Roxy / Roxie She debuted in the adult film industry in March 2009, and her appearance in Penthouse magazine's 40th anniversary edition in the same year launched her career into a more expansive market.

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