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Maria Johnson
• Sunday, 16 May, 2021
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© Provided by The Spun WashingtonFootballTeam quarterback Alex Smith on Sunday. Washington made the long-awaited move away from the franchise’s old racial slur nickname ahead of the season.

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Some have warmed on the more generic WashingtonFootballTeam as well, which has always raised comparisons to European soccer naming conventions. “Now, we’re told it’s not a lock (team owner Dan) Snyder goes with either WFC or FT … but he is keen on both,” the TMZ report adds.

“The team hasn’t picked a deadline to make a final choice, but it’s reportedly eyeing the 2022 season to debut the new permanent handle.” Microsoft may earn an Affiliate Commission if you purchase something through recommended links in this article.

What made matters worse was that the name change compounded an off season of turmoil and uncertainty. The team was overshadowed by continuous reports of Dan Snyder’s alleged misconduct.

Fans clamored for mascots like the Red wolves, Retails, Warriors, and others. It was a mere placeholder, to allow the team time to go through a proper rebranding process.

An afterthought at first with no competent owner, no coach, no quarterback, and now no name. Presumed franchise quarterback Dwayne Haskins was benched amidst whispers that he’d lost the locker room.

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And coach Rivera himself, to make matters worse, had been diagnosed with cancer. Problems stacked onto one another, one by one, each one increasing the pressure like the gravity of an imploding star.

And in Week 17, to win the NFC East, they completed their sweep of the Philadelphia Eagles, emerging victorious by a score of 20-14. Even when the season was at its bleakest, Ron Rivera didn’t give up on his team with no name.

But over the course of the 2020 regular season, it’s developed into an identity, and it may just be here to stay. And by first finding its identity, the WashingtonFootballTeam has now found its name.

The team has offered few clues about potential replacement names and logos, nor when such branding could be unveiled. Coach Ron Rivera previously told The Washington Post that he would love to have the matter settled by the start of training camp at the end of the month, but the franchise has not specified a timeline.

Like I said before, I can see 80,000 people in FedEx Field howling like wolves after Chase Young gets a sack to win a game.” Quarterback Dwayne Haskins, meanwhile, expressed a preference for “Red Tails” early in the process.

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Said Amanda Black horse, who previously fought to cancel the Washingtonteam's federal trademark registrations. ESPN reported last week that Washington is planning to have no Native American imagery in connection with its new name.

But even if that is the case, critics say, the “Warriors” nickname has historic ties to Native American tropes that could keep that connection alive. The Washington Post reported this week that the team's preferred name is caught up in a trademark fight, which has delayed its announcement.

And securing that trademark is just one of several steps that will have to be taken in the coming weeks and months to completely finalize a name change. There's new merchandise to be manufactured and distributed, old logos and team names to be scrubbed from promotional and sponsor materials.

As the process has continued internally, we want to keep our players, alumni, fans, community and sponsors apprised of key developments. The decision to use WashingtonFootballTeam for this season allows the franchise the ability to undertake an in-depth branding process to properly include player, alumni, fan, community, and sponsor input.

We hope to complete this process in full by the team's home opener against the Philadelphia Eagles on September 13. Included in the link below are uniform concepts featuring WashingtonFootballTeam players: Jonathan Allen, Landon Collins, Dwayne Haskins, Ryan Mórrígan, Aaron Payne and Chase Young in their home and road jerseys.

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Though it originally was thought the WashingtonFootballTeam would be a one-season stopgap after the franchise ditched its controversial name in the summer, it now appears the organization will use the new moniker for at least another year. “There’s a pretty good chance we will be the WashingtonFootballTeam next season,” team president Jason Wright told Washington TV station JLA on Tuesday.

The WashingtonFootballTeamname doesn't exactly roll off the tongue, but it could be the Washington NFL team's name into 2021 or potentially even longer. October and November comments from FT president Jason Wright to ESPN suggested that there might not be as quick an update to the name as expected after the team dropped the “Redskins” moniker earlier in 2020.

The most recent comments on this matter came from Washington team president Jason Wright when speaking with ABC7 JLA's Scott Abraham. “I think next year is fast because of how the brand has to come together through uniforms, through approval processes through the league,” Wright said in October.

A Virginia man named Martin Macaulay owns the bulk of the trademarks. Wright's comments in October could point to, in part, issues with working through trademark worries.

Who knew that all it would take for the football team in Washington to change their name would be their home field’s title sponsor not-so-gently suggesting it, threatening the loss of millions of dollars and an expedited sprint of corporations running away from the franchise? And now that the national consciousness has shifted to Daniel Snyder’s football club, there is real and absolute pressure on the owner to hire a branding team, round up focus groups, gobble up designers and artists and produce a new look for his football team.

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Or, as I might suggest, play simply as Washington in 2020 while you give your fans a chance to weigh in on options that are meaningful or appealing to them. The team on Friday announced plans to “thoroughly review” the club’s name, which they pretended was in the works long before the financial pressure from a key sponsor.

A statement from the franchise also included a quote from head coach Ron Rivera, who said that the issue was “of personal importance to him” just a few days after he said on a radio show that it was a “discussion for another time.” Apparently that time is now! This is a deeply sensitive issue and by taking the time to do their homework, Washington could spend the year steeped in a more accurate portrayal of our history, eventually surfacing with something that could honor a heritage that spent so long feeling squeamish, or downright offended, by the name.

While there is a stronger geographic tie to Alabama, the Airmen represented something truly incredible and Stoic: A diverse unit of African American, Caribbean, Haitian and Dominican pilots who fought and served the country despite the existence of Jim Crow-era segregation and rampant discrimination. Utilizing the name change to shine a light on a criminally overlooked piece of American history could be an effective counterweight to years of digging in on a nickname that so many people deemed racially insensitive.

Red Clouds was suggested in a Washington Post column, handing the team name over to a Native American hero. What is called Red Cloud’s War officially began in 1866 when the Sioux leader could no longer abide the relentless incursions, including the building of U.S. Army forts, into his people’s territory.

The high point of the war occurred when he and his field commander Crazy Horse wiped out an Army troop of 81 men. It is a comfortably nestled secondary mascot and pays homage to the franchise’s glory years when Joe Jacoby, Mark May, Russ Grimm, Jeff Basic, George Stake and Fred Dean, led by Bugle, formed the foundation of the club’s glory days in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

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A story from TMZ yesterday about the WashingtonFootballTeam's possible new name didn't make many waves. Stories about owner Dan Snyder settling a sexual misconduct claim for $1.6 million and QB Dwayne Haskins Jr. partying with strippers mask-less after Sunday's loss understandably took over the news cycle.

One person who didn't miss the story was Team President Jason Wright who has be working closely with Snyder and Head Coach Ron Rivera to choose a new permanent name for the team. The TMZ story was linked to a team source who said Dan Snyder is strongly considering sticking with the WashingtonFootballTeam as the name going forward.

The source left it open that the team could still go in a different direction and choose a completely different name. Jason Wright attempted to pour some cold water on this story by downplaying the team sources” and pointing out that this is a long process.

They aren't down to two secret finalist names, and they plan to be open with fans, and include them in the process. “If the WashingtonFootballTeamname catches on and our fans embrace it then we would be happy to have it as our permanent name, ” he wrote.

He brought up the possibility the team keeps the WashingtonFootballTeamname, and also mentioned the WashingtonFootball Club variation. ... With this one, people are excited about the idea of a club has an identity rooted solely in the area it represents.

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The decision will be Dan Snyder's, but the process has been a collaboration with two new people in the organization who have gained a lot of influence very quickly.

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