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Paul Gonzalez
• Tuesday, 18 May, 2021
• 7 min read

The money was “not the point, he just wanted to compete,” Zenon's father told Insider. Zenon's father confirmed the ban to Insider in a direct message on Twitter, where he administrates his son's account.

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Rodrigo Fonsecacalled his son a “prodigy” and said that he and Xenon were “upset” with the decision, though he understands the company must enforce its rules, especially when money is involved. The money was “not the point, he just wanted to compete,” Fonseca told Insider.

A representative for Epic Games specified to Insider in an email that the competition ban was only because of Zenon's young age, and will lift when he becomes of age to participate in accordance with the game's rules. Esports star Faze Banks cited that young demographic in a tweet on May 5, asking Epic Games to reconsider their decision.

Therefore, Epic has implemented rules that prevent kids below the age of 13 from participating in competitive tournaments or game modes that include a prize pool. Moreover, players below Epic’s age limit also need their parent’s consent to partake in certain competitive matches that don’t have cash prizes involved.

Xenon, a 9-year-old Brazilian Fortnite player, has been banned from the battle royale for 1460 days. Although it seems that Xenon had his father’s permission to play, once Epic spotted the Terms of Service breach, they took action.

It was started by his followers as well as Fortnite fans who were sad to see the dreams of the aspiring kid crushed. Well over 100,000 people have tweeted with the hashtag, including some notable names in the gaming community.

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Ninja and TFUE also discussed Epic’s ban for the 9-year-old Brazilian kid on their respective streams. They banned pro players Xxi and Ronaldo only for two weeks after found guilty of cheating at the qualifiers for last year’s Fortnite World Cup.

Another pro player Davis Kaye received a lifetime ban for using aim bot to show his viewers how unfair the cheat was. So by the time the ban is lifted, Xenon will be 13 and eligible to compete in Fortnite Cash Cups and other tournaments again.

Notable Fortnite players such as Ninja, Benjyfishy, and Montreal are joining the conversation. To be eligible to participate in any Fortnite Cash Cup match, a player must be at least 13 years old.

There is also the case during the Fortnite World Cup qualifiers where a player was caught blatantly cheating by teaming and being fed kills to earn more points. But because the ban was only 14 days, the cheating player was able to compete in a different week’s qualifiers.

He did end up qualifying and making it to the Fortnite World Cup, a tournament with a $30,000,000 prize pool. In other words, the punishment for cheating in an event with millions of dollars on the line is a 14-day ban.

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K1nGOD was just 13 years of age when he put Brazil on the map with his impressive 5th place finish at the solo World Cup. His aggressive play style netted him some highlight worthy kills on top players such as TFUE and Young Calculator.

In front of hundreds of viewers and accompanied by his father, Xenon was removed from his Fortnite game to be met with the simple yet life changing message ” This account has been banned” While it’s understandable that Epic has to enforce their TOS on legal matters, the circumstance is truly heartbreaking.

Just last weekend, Xenon qualified for the Solo FNCS invitational with an absolutely dominating performance Not only is Xenon unable to shoot his shot in a huge tournament, he can’t even play Arena.

Faze founder Banks added some much-needed gas to the flame with his emotional plea to the Fortnite devs If you break TOS, you need to get punished… But a 4-year Arena ban absolutely cripples a kid’s dream at a professional Esports stint.

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(Source: blog.todobonito.com)

An equip the Vicious ta total Apia a Xenon e SEU pie, e Que regular o quarto antes SEU canal, Que TEM 420 mil inscribes, e totalizator 46.157.038 visualizations. Well, without WTF AST I wouldn’t be able to reach top 10 in Fortnite, thank you for making this application.

“I play Blade & Soul MMO and I use WTF AST every day to reduce my ping in-game. The letter notes sheets posted on this blog are aimed at beginner musicians, most of them are simplified versions of the original songs, in order to make it easier to play.

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