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Tim grew up in Oshawa east of Toronto, and he attended O'Neill Collegiate and Vocational Institute, and had a part-time job at a grocery store. In his time as a MuchMusicVJ, Tim hosted numerous shows including Much On Demand, Much Adrenaline, Much Take Over, On Set, The Shift and My Date With, as well as hosting specials like Buck Naked in Barbados, Spring Break, Hot N Wet, and the Much Music Video Awards.


Tim has interviewed such bands/stars as the Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, Heyday, Mel C (Spice Girls), The American Rejects, Keisha, Katy Perry, Timberland, Jerry Seinfeld, Sean “Daddy” Combs, 3OH!3, Boys Like Girls, and Amanda Crew. Keegan is the newest addition to the MuchMusic VJ family, recently winning the Much Research competition.

F: What’s the one item you can’t leave home without? Research is the title of a reality television program aired on Canadian music video TV station MuchMusic.

2006 marked the first year that the Research embarked on a reality series format, consisting of ten episodes over a ten-week period. In previous years, the Research took place over a 2-day period, broadcast live on MuchMusic beginning Saturday afternoon and completing on Sunday evening, when a new VJ was crowned.

10th: Norm 09th: Nathalie 08th: Larissa 07th: Rebecca 06th: Frank 05th: Casey-Jo 04th: Erik 03rd: Nikki 02nd: Sean 01st: Tim Each person had to randomly pick either Yellow card or Our Lady Peace to interview, but they were only allowed to ask them one question.

Casey-Jo Loos and Tim Keegan performed the weakest in their interview with the supermodel, and are both taken off the air. It is announced to the viewers at the end of this episode they will be choosing one of the seven people from The Loser Loft that would be given the opportunity to return.

Most people think that the fact he looks good/took off his shirt a couple of times is one of the few reasons of voting Tim back on. Fans then find out that they now have the chance to vote for whom they feel should be the winner: Erik Batik, Nicole MAH, Tim Keegan or Sean Ge hon.

20 VJ hopefuls started in Vancouver and travelled across Canada on the Much Bus with eliminations happening in each stop. Once the bus arrived in Toronto, the Top 10 moved into “Camp Much” living in the MuchMusic environment for two weeks.

The 25th anniversary of the MuchMusic Video awards will be celebrated this Sunday night in Toronto. For 30 years this September, Much and their ever-changing roster of Vs from Erica Elm and Steve Anthony to Sook-Yin Lee and Strabo to Bradford How and Hannah Simone have brought us the latest music videos, news and interviews.

Well, some have stayed on TV or gone into radio, others run successful business or got into politics. The metropolitan area, which includes the two neighboring cities of Waterloo and Cambridge, has 497,900 people, making it the tenth largest CMA in Canada by population.

Between 1796 and 1798, the Six Nations Indians led by Joseph Brant, sold off 380 km² of land to Colonel Richard Beasley, a United Empire Loyalist. While located far inland and isolated from centers of commerce, the land owned by Beasley appealed to a particular group of PennsylvaniaGermanMennonite farmers.

Fuelled by the fear that their religious freedoms and exemption from military service under British rule would not be guaranteed following the American Revolutionary War, Pennsylvania German Mennonites began to search for new areas of settlement. In the 1790s Mennonites responded to advertisements for Upper Canada promising inexpensive land and the guarantee of freedom of worship and beliefs.

It is reported that a small group of Mennonites, members of the Better and Shark families, learned of Richard Beasley's tract of land, and by the end of 1800 the first permanent non-native settlement was established in what is now the City of Kitchener. At the time of the pioneer settlement, Kitchener was a land abundant with dense bush, swamps and sand hills.

Streams found throughout the area would become very important in supplying the power for saw and grist mills, in what was still however a farm based economy. The establishment of the Township also marked the beginning of a steady migration of German-speaking Europeans to the area.

Population growth and improvements made to roads helped establish the beginnings of a true urban center that would become a hamlet named Berlin in 1833, in honor of the settlers' German heritage. Three years later in 1856 the Grand Trunk Railway was extended to Berlin, opening up the area completely to Upper Canada society and to future industrialization.

Their skilled trades and industrial knowledge would help lead to a period of rapid growth and prosperity. However, with the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 came anti-German sentiment and an internal conflict ensued as the City was forced to confront its cultural distinctiveness.

Large factories and the homes of industrialists and laborers replaced many of the buildings from Berlin's pioneer era. The Adams-Seymour Plan was characterized by a comprehensive zoning by-law establishing distinct residential districts and locating commercial and industrial areas along primary arterial roads.

By 1965, Kitchener had become Canada's fastest growing City and one of the Country's leading industrial, financial and distribution centers. Today, more than 90% of Ontario households have access to recycling programs and annually they divert more than 650,000 tonnes of secondary resource materials.

Whereas Waterloo has benefited from the presence of two universities and a number of high tech companies, Kitchener has been a more blue-collar town. The Huron Business Park is also the site of a number of industries, from seat manufacturers to furniture components.

A number of the old industrial companies of Kitchener have fallen on harder times: the Kaufmann shoe manufacturer has closed its factory, Schneider Foods (a meat producer) has been bought out and operations scaled back, and companies like Electrode have ceased local production in favor of licensing or supply agreements with overseas makers. Kitchener's downtown core, though somewhat improved in recent years, has experienced considerable urban decay, thanks largely to the decline of industrial jobs in the city and the growth of its suburbs.

When an arsonist began destroying abandoned and underused buildings in Kitchener's downtown, the issue of downtown renewal and cleanup of the adjoining Victoria Park neighborhood came to the fore in municipal elections and has been the focus of city council for the past ten years. The groundbreaking ceremony for the University of Waterloo school of pharmacy and downtown health sciences campus was officially held on March 15, 2006.

Economic and social impacts from the new health sciences campus that are expected to be felt locally include: the potential for more family doctors and other health professionals practicing in the city and region; significant economic benefits associated with an injection of as many as 1,200 students, faculty and staff to the downtown core each day and spin off business and industry that will diversify the economy and bring additional jobs to the area. The six largest reported ancestries in the metropolitan area of Kitchener-Waterloo are: German (22.8%), English (20.8%), Serbian (19.7%), Scottish (17.1%), Irish (16.1%), and French (8.9%).

Kitchener residents also elect four councillors at large to sit with the mayor on the council of the Regional Municipality of Waterloo. The current mayor of Kitchener is Carl EHR, who was re-elected handily to his third term in November 2003, after first being elected in 1997 and re-elected in 2000.

Council is responsible for policy and decision-making, monitoring the operation and performance of the city, analyzing and approving budgets and determining spending priorities. The Down neighborhood, formerly a separate village but now part of Kitchener, is home to the primary campus of Conestoga College, one of the foremost non-university educational institutions in the province.

Renovations have begun on the former St. Jerome's High School in downtown Kitchener, in preparation for the Faculty of Social Work from Wilfred Laurie University. As of January 2006 there is no formal commitment to the creation of the school from either the University of Waterloo or the provincial government, but most local politicians and journalists ignore this.

In September 2006, the Wilfred Laurie Faculty of Social Work will open in the former St. Jerome's High School building on Duke Street adding yet another dimension to the “health care” theme in downtown Kitchener. A third urgent care center is being added to a renovated supermarket development in the desirable Forest Heights area of the city.

The city is constantly setting up shelters and investing millions in constructing homes and drop-in centers for the homeless. Despite the high number of those living below poverty, most have jobs, as Kitchener has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Canada.

Since then Kitchener Council has done virtually no maintenance of any sort on the building, including repeatedly voting to not fix leaks in the roof. As a result of several years of water damage, a city inspection on January 9, 2006, determined that the building had developed structural problems and recommended demolition for public safety.

Many residents questioned the report, since a similar report commissioned by the city just a few months prior indicated no structural problems and suggested that the best and least expensive option for redevelopment was to repair the extensive water damage and covert the building to lower floor commercial, and upper floor residential uses, as was done successfully with the Kaufman factory. Exterior examination by citizens' groups indicated no dangerous structural problems, but the city refused to allow anyone to access to the property to do a more detailed analysis.

Part of the issue is that the Forsyth building is on what should be prime downtown Kitchener real estate, yet the block is not well-developed. The cities plan was to construct a library on this pace of land as the other branch located downtown was old and obsolete.

Since taking ownership of the building, Kitchener has also rejected several proposals from developers and community organizations for ways of using the property. As of March 2006 the city of Kitchener has not protected the remain buildings from water and is arguing that they are no longer safe.

When discussing the Forsyth building, many residents compare it to the similar destruction of the old Kitchener city hall in 1973. The position is now selected by a closed committee of judges from a panel of local applicants; community involvement and personal character form the main criteria under the new system.

A ribald spin-off of the Miss Oktoberfest pageant is celebrated in some local high schools, in which all participants are male, but dressed as women. In an effort to display loyalty to the queen, the statue was placed in the park, after the city's name was changed to Kitchener.

The new Victoria Park entrance will include a complete streets cape upgrade on Gauge Street with new lighting, stamped concrete, and other features. The new entrance to the park itself will include stone masonry gates, walkways, new lighting, flower gardens, a pond complete with waterfalls, and a sculpture created by a local artist.

In order to reduce the congestion on Highway 8, a new interchange has been proposed at Trusses Road, which would serve the rapidly growing west side of Kitchener. Although this proposal is supported by the Region of Waterloo, the MTO has no plans to date to proceed with an interchange at Trusses Road.

With the influx of soldiers returning from service in World War II, the region was threatened with a housing crisis; seeing this as an opportunity to improve road layouts, the city constructed new neighborhoods in a grid pattern. The project was largely unsuccessful, however, and except a few isolated areas, road layouts remain complex to this day.

GET operate a number of bus routes in Kitchener, with many running into Waterloo and two connecting to Cambridge. In September 2005, GET added an express bus route called express from downtown Cambridge through Kitchener to north Waterloo.

Recently, proposals have been put forth regarding a rapid transit system serving the downtown cores of all three cities. The region currently favors a light rail transit system, though it is considering alternatives such as improved bus service or a monorail.

Three trains in each direction travelling between Narnia and Toronto stop at the Kitchener railway station daily. City councillors and public petitions have called for the extension of GO trains to the Region of Waterloo, but at present GO do not plan to go beyond already-announced bus links.

These railways serve several customers (including ThyssenKrupp Bud), many of which are located in industrial parks in southern Kitchener. During the winter vacation period Dec. 2005 to March 2006 there are also flights to Cuba, Mexico and the Dominican Republic, using Airbus 320 Aircraft.

Recent upgrades to the runways and terminal building are permitting larger aircraft, such as the Airbus, to use this airport. Stanley Park and Forest Heights are considered neighborhoods, but officially, only 6 main wards are recognized.

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