Lyrics To Walker Texas Ranger Dababy

Elaine Sutton
• Monday, 26 July, 2021
• 8 min read

On the ode to the eponymous television show, he raps about his relationship with women and details his privileged lifestyles. He released the music video on YouTube, on January 1st, 2019.

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So when I recorded Walker Texas Ranger I think I was definitely in the city, I was in Charlotte. I won’t even speak on it, I just go to the studio, send the song straight back to the producer.

I just remember seeing it when I was a kid, and shit, Walker, Texas Ranger, he was that nigga, you know what I mean? Cop running around beating motherfuckers' ass.

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To deliver my findings, I’ve collaborated with a group of experienced mathematicians and bioengineers. We’ve been working around the clock in our lab (read: my living room), crunching the numbers, all to answer a profound question that, for the past eight months, has painfully plagued humankind.

DaBaby’s flow is wordy and crammed, yet feels effortless and smooth. He jam-packs a multitude of syllables into a single bar, like packing a family of 22 children into a Mini Cooper.

DaBaby unloads all these syllables like slugs from an Uzi, correctly pacing each word without letting them sloppily spill into the next kick of the snare. Often, DaBaby sounds downright giddy, creating an effect where his voice bounces around in your brain from left to right.

It feels like he’s rapping right in front of you while running in a tiny circle around your body, not unlike a toddler who had too much sugar or my friend, Joey, when he tried cocaine for the first time. As for our secondary measurement, DaBaby is also known for beginning his flow at literally zero seconds into the song.

Much like a chart of my binge-drinking since my sophomore year of college, the numbers would gradually go up until they were too large to comprehend or handle. In his early mixtapes, DaBaby mostly used a Minos rescue trap flow while slowly tinkering with his own.

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When we revisit his discography in chronological order, we hear DaBaby discover his unique flow in real-time, like watching a superhero gradually notice their powers. I know it’s weird to think about, since March 2020 was its own fucking decade, but all of this growth happened very recently.

On “INTRO,” DaBaby dives headfirst into rapping zero seconds into the first track of his first full-length studio album, grabbing us by the throat and dragging us into his world like he’s scared of losing our attention. He spits, Thinking ‘bout my grand mama and shit / I got the number one record, they acknowledged the JIT an hour before you even press play on the song.

/ I spent a hundred thousand Latin’ my father to rest, but I ain’t bragging.” Those 29 words shouldn’t fit into four seconds unless you’re doing that supersonic speed “rap pity rap” style that only impresses white teenagers named Travis. DaBaby casually brushes off the critics on the infinitely repayable “BOP,” crooning, “‘ When you on’ switch the flow?’ / I thought you’d never ask before proceeding to not switch up his flow, like your alcoholic uncle who starts drinking even more after you tell him he needs to drink less.

It will only turn bad if, in a few years, a sea of new rappers are ripping off DaBaby’s signature flow. I pray we don’t hear to bear witness a bunch of shitty clones like Toddler and DaMiddleSchooler.

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