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Toxin' Beretta, uh) Ruffling' feathers (Don't get shot) I leave 'em deader I got your bitch sucking' on my treasure I woo for the floss, yeah, we do it better I got the hoes like I'm Hugh Hefner Bitch, I'm a dog, I'm a blue devil One dead in Newman, scanning', it's reading' Per' head, I'm gee kin', shit turn me to a demon Bad bitch named IRI, nice, but tree shy She wants me to breed her, I'm like, “Nah, bitch, you sneaky” I make it rain on whoever, I make it rain that Woo weather (Woo) Nigga, I put in pain, I'm the shooter and the driver, and I rock Cartier frames Crush the paper, fry the tool, put an eighth in my spliff, roll (Woo) Get in my zone, hop in the Rolls, smoking' opus to the face (Grr, blow) On Zoo York, “ Lil Tjay, Five Foreign, and Pop Smoke go into detail about their crazed hometown of New York.

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Dropping references to weaponry, expensive items, and girls, they boast about the city and the strength gained from it. Jay uses the metaphor of his home being a zoo likely because it illustrates the havoc, and how everyone is like an “animal“ within the city.

Toxin' Beretta, uh) Ruffling' feathers (Don't get shot) I leave 'em deader I got your bitch sucking' on my treasure I woo for the floss, yeah, we do it better I got the hoes like I'm Hugh Hefner Bitch, I'm a dog, I'm a blue devil One dead in Newman, scanning', it's reading' Per' head, I'm gee kin', shit turn me to a demon Bad bitch named IRI, nice, but tree shy She wants me to breed her, I'm like, “Nah, bitch, you sneaky” I make it rain on whoever, I make it rain that Woo weather (Woo) Nigga, I put in pain, I'm the shooter and the driver, and I rock Cartier frames Crush the paper, fry the tool, put an eighth in my spliff, roll (Woo) Get in my zone, hop in the Rolls, smoking' opus to the face (Grr, blow) This song is from the album State of Emergency(2020), released on 08 May 2021.

After years of paying dues and building a rep as one of the best freestyles in New York, Curious finally gets the opportunity to correctly represent with a full-length LP. True hip-hop heads will no doubt remember Curious from last winter's “Walk Like A Duck,” probably one of the most slept on singles in recent memory.

“Spell It With A J” is a wicked freestyle (packed with clever metaphors and similes) over a fat Beat nuts track. And whether he's hanging' with Psycho Les and holding his crotch 'cause he's “Top Notch” or utilizing a dope Q-Tip sample on “Baby Bust It (featuring the Grim Reaper),” Curious rocks the mic like a true MC should.

There is even some East Coast/West Coast unity as Oakland's Hieroglyphics crew gets represented by a guest appearance from Casual on “What's The Real.” Production-wise, the Beat nuts hang snug and tight (as usual) allowing the lyrical skills to flow over the tracks like water from fountains.

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“For the unknown stars of this $5 million film, getting ” juice,” a street term for respect and power, is as much a real-life obsession as it is for the characters they play. ” It’s about time there’s work for us,” says Shakur’s costar Khalil Main, who just a few weeks ago was a bartender at a local nightclub.

” Studios finally realize the dollar potential of making black films,” says Heyman, who is coproducing Juice with Neal Moritz. ” They cost so little to make, and they don’t have to bring in $150 million to be considered a hit.” ” It’s a good thing, too,” says the 40-year-old Dickerson, ” because there’s an untapped wealth of black stories, and now some of them will finally get told.” ... Juice is about four Harlem homeboys who, says co-screenwriter Brown, ” have watched one Chuck Norris movie too many.” And while the message is anti-violence, the film has its share of guns and bloodshed.

“DJ Premier's turntable wizardry is cemented to the Guru's acute raps via some of the funkiest beats you'll hear this year. At 18 tracks and almost 50 minutes long, it's the Guru and Premier's fully realized vision of Gang Starr... “This time we made sure all the beats pump.

The rappers I like may be different, but the one thing they have in common is that they have scope, style, and a sense of direction. 3) Funny enough, at the High School of Music and Arts, this Brit met Dana Dane who was known to impersonate British accents.

5) The only label Slick Rick was ever signed to was Def Jam Records which explains why Russell Simmons was the one who bailed him out of jail 8 months after initial charges were laid on him. The home Soles of Mischief is rebuilding his catalog of mixes and exclusives up on the Mix cloud platform...

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The 20-minute release features the Just Blaze-produced “The Scientist”; three tracks with DJ Green Lantern: “Cops Keep Firing”, “Power, Paper & Pussy” and “Power Hustlers”, as well as “The Season,” produced by the late great, J Villa; the legendary Scarface on the Justice League-produced “Hip-Hop” for DJ Khaled, and “Let Na's Down,” produced by J. Cole. Listen to this Unofficial Official Tape below, and follow the brother Soles of Mischief on IG...

Subsequent albums also include his latest effort, The Wild, which I feel is a slept-on record, where Rae took it back to some soulful samples and his genuine slang rap. Go ahead and wish Shall ah Region a very Happy Born Day today, and dig into the playlist below.

Stray From The Pack is a homage to all the great duos like EMD, Was EX, Hall & Oates, Mob Deep, Steely Dan etc, says J Science & Key Brown. Hit up the archives for lots more from J Science and Key Brown, but before that, enjoy their new LP, Stray From The Pack, below...

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely finished Charlie Kaufman’s I’m thinking of ending things, and you’re probably wondering what the hell you just watched. The consensus from everyone who’s seen the film is that it’s a dense, labyrinthine meditation on, well, a lot of things.

The film chews on memory, ego, grief, time, loss, and the laundry list of existential woes rattles on. It’s all permeable enough that the takeaways to be had been nothing short of infinite, and the film is very self-aware about that notion, so much so that one could argue that was Kaufman’s meta intent.

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Now, it would be a total fool’s errand to try and explain what it all means, and exactly what Kaufman’s intentions were with the changes (at least unless you heard it straight from the puppet master’s mouth), so consider this simply “a take.” After all, everyone will leave this film feeling something else, and that’s part of the film’s majestic quality, and why we’re even talking about it beyond the credits. Our experiences, our interactions, our choices are all made with our own best intentions, at least most of the time (even if we hate to admit it).

Because of this, we’re always going to have a distorted point of view, one ensconced in our own predilections, biases, ego, etc. One could argue this is Kaufman’s way of reckoning with themes of ego, something that goes in line with Jake’s heightened sense of self (a POV that contrasts heavily with his coarse reality as a lonely night janitor).

Or, it could be that he’s suffering from a form of dementia, as evidenced by his recurring memories involving David Thesis’ Father figure and his bizarre actions at the school by the end of the film. Much like Synecdoche, New York, Kaufman hammers down our own obsolescence in the universe, and he brings it all home by zeroing in on Jake’s seemingly caustic relationship to the pig.

For Jake, the pig recalls a haunting image of stumbling upon a swine’s maggot-riddled corpse on his family ranch. Whether that actually happened is up for debate, but the image clearly stuck with him, namely because it’s a truth he can’t swallow.

Today, Waxwork Records has announced 40th anniversary reissues for two of his most iconic scores: 1980s The Fog and 1981’s Escape from New York. Both soundtracks have been expanded and remastered from their original master tapes, pressed to 180-gram colored vinyl, given new artwork, and packaged with 12x12 booklets featuring unreleased behind-the-scenes set photography.

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Jérémy Painter brings Antonio Bay alive with lush portraits for The Fog, while Marc Spinal brilliantly captures a fiery, dystopian Manhattan for Escape from New York. This version of the SEDUCTION cut essentially takes what was already there and puts a more archetypal classical spin on things.

R Kelly was recently attacked in jail by a fellow inmate, according to TMZ. Citing law enforcement sources, TMZ reports that Kelly was sitting in his bed when a fellow inmate walked into his cell and began attacking him.

The inmate was reportedly upset over recent lockdowns at the detention center stemming from large Kelly protests outside the building. Kelly was examined by a doctor, but did not sustain any serious injuries in the fight, TMZ adds.

It’s hard to think of a performer who has aged more gracefully than Kyle Lachlan. Yet beneath the leading-man looks beats the heart of a considered, compelling character actor, a sensibility he’s brought to decades of beautifully idiosyncratic work in successes and flops alike.

That kind of cerebral deadpan is key to his career-long collaboration with fellow Northwestern boy David Lynch, who plucked him from obscurity to star in his sprawling adaptation of Dune, whose disastrous reception nonetheless prepared him to become Lynch’s muse for Blue Velvet and Twin Peaks. But the Emmy-nominated actor has brought an intellectual, deadpan ease to decades of roles in film and TV, from the dogged Dale Cooper to the oddball Mayor of Portland.

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In 2020, Lachlan is busier than ever: from a small, fun turn in Josh Track’s Capone to his portrayal of Thomas Edison in Michael Almeida’s dizzying, Brecht anti-biopic Tesla. A Sun dance favorite of ours, Lachlan’s turn as one of history’s so-called Great Men is but one of the film’s many highlights.

Opposite Ethan Hawks’s mercurial, cerebral genius, Lachlan’s Edison is Stentorian, authoritative, and downright petty. But there are glimmers of tragedy to him, Almeida highlighting the frustration of having all the money in the world, and still being unable to recognize the genius of your peers.

In anticipation of Tesla’s release on Friday, August 21st, Consequence of Sound’s own Clint Worthington had a nice long chat with Lachlan about the winding road he’s taken throughout his 40 years on screen: from the lows of Dune and Showgirls to the highs of Twin Peaks and Portland and all the strange little roles in between. Together, we talk about his relationship with David Lynch, touch on some failed TV pilots, and 10 specific years that defined his career to date.

I went down in rookie season there and then returned to Seattle, when I was finished in the Fall, and was cast in kind of modern Tartuffe at the Empty Space Theater, which sadly is no longer there. So I went and met her and was put on tape doing a scene in a hotel room in downtown Seattle.

Kind of reading the dialogue between the two twin beds, you know, trying to do my thing. She took that tape and showed it to David and Raffaello , they brought me down, and I started the process.

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You know, I think we bonded in the meeting when I first met him, and we had a really nice conversation. David is the kind of person where, in the meeting, he talks about everything but the actual work.

I remember reading that, when the movie first came out, they would hand glossaries to people in the theater, so they could get a handle on all the terms. I remember first trying to get into the book, and a couple of times I had to go back to the beginning and re-read it, just to get all the names and places in my head.

I’ve always read Blue Velvet as a redemption of sorts for Lynch, a return to form for a filmmaker who maybe felt a little too uncomfortable with the size and the scope of the Dune project. David had come from Eraser head and Elephant Man to Dune, and that’s a huge step.

But David suffered a little, and it was pretty apparent when we got to Blue Velvet that we are more comfortable with a story in a world he understood. Jeffrey Beaumont feels like a protozoal Cooper in a way, this boyish detective with these glimmers of darkness.

And we’ll definitely revisit Coop in a bit, here, obviously, but The Doors was, I’m sure, a wild experience for you. I remember when I went to meet Oliver when he was casting; we’d actually met before that for Platoon.

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I learned all the songs; while I was traveling through Europe at the time as I was lugging around a keyboard. And they would change all the time: Oliver would say, “We’re not going to do that song, we’re going to do this one.” But anyway, it was a giant, crazy show.

The rockeries features interviews with girls and women who claim to have been victims of Kelly’s alleged sexual crimes. Multiple people who spoke in the documentary were scheduled to appear at the screening at Manhattan’s Nuthouse.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Russell tried multiple times to get the event cancelled, including sending a cease-and-desist order. He is accused of placing a December 4th, 2018 phone call to Nuthouse suggesting that an armed individual would open fire at the screening.

Now, Russell has been charged with threatening physical harm by interstate communication and conspiracy to do the same. “Threats of gun violence aimed at intimidating and silencing victims of sexual abuse are unlawful as well as unacceptable.

Tagged Free Shipping, New York, Wren Graves Elvis Costello Details New Album Hey Clock face, Shares “We Are All Cowards Now”: Stream The follow-up to 2018’s Look Now arrives October 30th, and Costello is heralding the news with his latest single, “We Are All Cowards Now”.

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Hey Clock face is a trans-Atlantic undertaking, with recording taking place in Helsinki, Paris, and New York, three cities which became integral plot points on the album’s story. At Helsinki’s Suomenlinnan Studios, Costello wrote and recorded the first three singles, “We Are All Cowards Now” and early previews “Betty O’Hara Confidential” and “No Flag”.

Immediately afterward, the veteran songwriter visited France for a weekend session at Les Studios Saint Germain. He played with a new ensemble dubbed Le Quintet Saint Germain, led by his old pal and longtime Attraction member Steve Naive.

In a statement, Costello suggested the Parisian weekend was a “dream” come true, saying, London was seen as a potential location for the third city of sessions before Costello settled on New York.

There, he collaborated with jazz trumpeter Michael Leon hart, guitarist Bill Fresnel, and Wilcox’s News Cline “via Electrical Wire.” “I wanted to write ‘Helsinki-Paris-?? ?’ on the record jacket like this was a perfume or an advertising agency,” said Costello.

Like the two previous singles, “We Are All Cowards” was recorded during the Finland sessions with Get Sepals in February. The track comes with a music video from Damon Singer and Carlo Murrow featuring images of emphasizing contrast: flowers and pistols, smoke and mirrors.

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Tagged Bill Fresnel, Hey Clock face, New York, Paris Three R. Kelly Associates Charged with Intimidating and Bribing Alleged Victims The R. Kelly saga continues, and this time because of the disgraced R&B singer’s loyal network of friends.

Richard Arline Jr., who prosecutors describe as a “self-proclaimed longtime friend of Kelly,” has been charged with bribing an alleged victim. The 31-year-old allegedly offered the woman $500,000 if she refused to cooperate with the federal officials.

Prosecutors say that he threatened to leak nude photographs of her, as well as publicize her sexual history, if she didn’t drop the suit. He also allegedly harassed the woman online, including through Facebook, where he posted her private text messages with Kelly in a group called “Surviving Lies”.

The “definitive edition” includes a new remaster of the classic album in addition to previously unreleased demos and live recordings New Order have announced a deluxe reissue of their 1983 sophomore album, Power, Corruption & Lies.

Coming October 2nd via Rhino, the “definitive edition” includes a 12-inch vinyl, two CDs, two DVDs, and a hardback book. The reissue contains Power, Corruption & Lies remastered from its original analogue tape masters for the very first time, pressed on both CD and vinyl.

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A second disc boasts previously unreleased recordings from New Order’s writing sessions, such as early takes of “Blue Monday” (including an instrumental), “Age of Consent”, “Ecstasy”, and a demo of “Thieves Like Us” tracked in New York. Also included is the band’s four-song John Peel Session from 1982, which is receiving a separate 12-inch reissue for the Record Store Day Drop on August 29th.

There’s also a Channel 4 Play at Home documentary, BBC Top of the Pops appearances, and live selections from concerts at Minneapolis’ First Avenue, Birmingham’s Tower Ballroom, Berlin’s Metro pol, and elsewhere. The Power, Corruption & Lies box is completed by a 48-page book featuring rare photographs and “original text,” compiled by Warren Jackson, New Order’s longtime visual coordinator.

In addition to the limited edition box set, New Order will separately reissue four 12-inch vinyl non-album singles from the era: “Blue Monday” b/w “The Beach”, “Confusion” b/w an instrumental and rough mix, “Thieves Like Us” b/w “Lonesome Tonight”, and “Murder” b/w a “Thieves Like Us” instrumental. Check out the artwork and a peek at each individual part of the box set below, followed by the complete track listings.

Rhino Records is commemorating the 30th anniversary of Lou Reed’s 1989 album New York with a deluxe reissue featuring unreleased studio and live recordings and rare concert footage. Do out on September 25th, New York : Deluxe Edition is an expansive 3xCD, 2xLP set that boasts a new remaster of the original album, both on CD and vinyl, in addition to 26 unreleased studios and live recordings.

It features Reed performing the entire New York album live in Montreal at the Theater St. Denis. The deluxe package also includes a 12 × 12 hardcover book with new liner notes written by music journalist David Cricket and essays from archivist Don Fleming.

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The pop star has also reconfigured the stage production and won't be playing in stadiums The pop star has revealed a tour schedule for next summer that includes previously postponed concerts as well as 19 new stops.

Kicking off June 7th with a all-nighter in San Jose, the fresh shows include double-headers in Chicago, Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, as well as dates in Boston, Philadelphia, Tacoma, Newark, and Brooklyn. As for the rescheduled portion, a press release notes that the rerouting won’t be stopping in “all markets,” and it looks like planned gigs in Columbia, South Carolina; Lexington, Kentucky; East Rutherford, New Jersey; and Québec have been called off.

The trek will also stick to arenas; back when it was called the “Changes Tour”, Bieber had booked larger stadiums, but downgraded to arenas when COVID-19 concerns led to sagging ticket sales. Keeping the smaller venues in mind, Bieber’s team has apparently redesigned the tour production.

Prosecutors are requesting additional safety measures to safeguard the jury Landing a jury spot on R Kelly‘s legal trial sounds like it comes with a lot of baggage.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, federal prosecutors involved in the disgraced R&B singer’s case are requesting protection for potential jurors, as they believe Kelly’s legal team “poses a threat” both inside and outside a courtroom. Reportedly, the paperwork requests the anonymity of jurors by hiding their identities, addresses, and places of employment; the partial sequestering of the jurors to prevent Kelly’s legal team from badgering, pressuring, or messing with them; the US Marshals to escort the jury in and out of the courthouse; and for the jurors to eat lunch together to avoid a barrage of media queries.

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“These measures are necessary to safeguard the jurors and the fair administration of process,” explained prosecutors, who cited past instances in which Kelly blackmailed or threatened potential witnesses. Unsurprisingly, Kelly’s lawyer Steven Greenberg doesn’t agree with such requests.

While he does support the idea of US Marshals walking the jury in and out of the courthouse to avoid “the circus of outside influences and agitators like the Weinstein jurors” had to deal with, he draws the line at keeping their identities anonymous. “It’s absurd not to know where people are from or what kind of employment they are engaging in,” said Greenberg to TMZ.

In a lawsuit filed in New York, sister Miranda Patching alleged that Savage sexually assaulted her “repeatedly over the course of several years.” According to a lengthy post on her blog, The Second Wound, the abuse began when he was just nine years old, and she was only seven. “As a child, this experience shook my sense of safety and crushed my self-confidence,” Patching, a writer and social worker, recounted.

These symptoms interfered with all aspects of my life, stunting my career aspirations, and robbing me of countless simple pleasures.” While it’s been over 40 years since the alleged abuse started, Patching said she’s finally able to take action against her older brother thanks to the Child Victims Act.

According to the NYC Bar, the law “extends the statute of limitations for a survivor of child sexual abuse in criminal and civil cases in New York.” By spreading numerous untrue stories about us in pursuit of a financial bonanza, she has tortured our entire family and estranged herself from all of us.

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“It makes me very sad to say this, but my daughter suffers from severe mental health challenges, and it’s devastating that she’s putting Adam and our entire family through this,” she said. According to the About Me blog page for Patching, it’s not just her mother who hasn’t supported her claims.

Sure, there are a few rare gems that manage to further the storyline, or at least retain some of the magical elements that made their predecessor work so well. But, more often than not, sequels just feel like a retread and another sign that Hollywood is running out of ideas.

There’s breaking the fourth wall in an on-screen movie theater, WB cartoons, Leonard Martin reviewing the first Gremlins before the titular critters kill him, Gizmo as Rambo, new characters that bear a striking resemblance to both Donald Trump or Al “Grandpa Munster” Lewis, and a complete disregard of the three cardinal rules that everybody knows about Gremlins: Don’t get them wet, don’t bring them near bright lights, and don’t feed them after midnight. Not surprisingly, that inside joke didn’t go over too well with critics, fans, and moviegoers in the summer of 1990.

Gremlins 2: The New Batch didn’t make back its $50 million dollar budget, and was more or less deemed a box office bomb. However, thanks to home video and countless reappraisals, Dante’s wild and zany sequel has carved out its own cult following.

So, to celebrate its 30th anniversary, we’ve compiled an oral history of potentially one of the craziest sequels that ever existed. Returning to Clamp Center is director Joe Dante, writer Charlie Haas, producer Mike Finn ell, and actors Zach Gilligan and Robert Ricardo.

affen zoo haftbefehl lass aus lyrics dem besucht rapper offiziellen seiner seite alben ausm singles
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JOE DANTE (DIRECTOR): The studio actually approached me to do a sequel about one weekend after the first picture opened. MIKE LINNELL (PRODUCER): Almost immediately after the first one, Warner Brothers wanted to do a sequel.

We had to make up the technology as we were going along, we didn’t get much support from the studio, and it wasn’t a very big budget. They kept working for, as it turned out, several years trying to come up with a sequel for a movie that they really didn’t understand in the first place.

And the only reason to do a sequel, as we know, is because the first one was successful they think they could make more money with a second movie. LINNELL: Then a couple of years went by, and our offices were on the Warner Brothers lot.

And Joe was just going to go to the commissary, and he ran into Terry Semen, who was then the head of the studio. With Joe Dante and Mike Finn ell on board for a sequel, they began looking for a writer.

Chris Columbus, who had written the first Gremlins, was now a director in his own right. LINNELL: So we said, “Okay, now who can we get to write this?” And then Jonathan Kaplan, who was a director and a friend of Joe’s and mine from the old Roger Norman days at New World pictures, he called me and said, “Look, there’s this guy, this writer Charlie Haas.

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CHARLIE HAAS (SCREENWRITER): The first movie that I worked on, which Tim Hunter and I wrote, was called Over the Edge and was directed by Jonathan Kaplan. And he and Joe Dante and Mike Finn ell, along with a bunch of other guys, knew one another in L.A. because of having worked for Roger Norman and New World Pictures.

Joe ran into Jonathan at a screening somewhere and said that he was trying to find someone to work on the script for the Gremlins sequel. The phone rang one day and Jonathan said, “How would you like to write Gremlins 2?” And I just started laughing.

DANTE: We hired Charlie Haas, and we tried to overcome the fact that there really was no reason to have a sequel to this movie. LINNELL: I think maybe even before we met him, we may have spoken to him and told him, “Look, we want to raise the stakes.

So, even though we wanted to set it in New York, we needed to keep it in a somewhat controlled space. HAAS: The idea that came to me in response to that criteria was to do it in the smart office building so that you could have a lot of stuff go wrong and make fun of that technology.

During a recent interview, Lee voiced support for Allen and criticized cancel culture As expected, those thoughts warranted some major backlash online, and Lee has since released a statement on Twitter clarifying his position: “I Deeply Apologize.

Tagged Dylan Farrow, New York, Spike Lee, Woody Allen New Order and Pet Shop Boys Reschedule Co-Headlining Tour for 2021 The new wave legends were supposed to tour together this fall, but they postponed those plans in light of COVID-19.

The pop star has also moved his Harry ween Fancy Dress Party shows with Orville Peck and Madison Cunningham to next October Like everyone in the music industry, Harry Styles was forced to postpone all of his 2020 concert dates due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As the world begins to roll out its reopening phases, the pop star has announced his rescheduled tour plans for 2021. Featuring special guest Jenny Lewis, the North American leg of the former One Direction er’s “Love on Tour” trek launches August 14th, 2021 in Tacoma, Washington.

Running all the way through October, stops include Vancouver, San Diego, Detroit, Philadelphia, Nashville, Raleigh, and Cleveland. There are also multiple shows set for Los Angeles, Chicago, Toronto, New York, and Atlanta.

Tagged Jenny Lewis, Los Angeles, New York, Orville Peck Earth, Wind & Fire Dust Off 1974’s “Devotion” on Colbert: Watch Earth, Wind & Fire brought a warm dose of ’70s R&B to the Late Show with Stephen Colbert on Monday.

Earth Wind & Fire, Sheila E., Foo Fighters Play Prince Tribute Concert: Watch Top 25 Hip-Hop and R&B Songs of the 2010s Like many musicians, the group has also been active on social media in the wake of George Floyd’s murder and the Black Lives Matter protests.

With the June 5th release date fast approaching, the hip-hop trio have shared the lead single “alleged”. The six-track effort features guest vocals from UK singer Sophie Faith, and song titles that hearken back to some of their favorite themes, such as “herb” and “blessings”.

This stunt track comes with slick flows and wildly varied deliveries. Mercy Dark attacks the lyrics like they murdered his parents, while Zombie Juice takes the hook at a whisper.

In deference to the pandemic, the accompanying music video was filmed over two months in three different cities. The screen is always split into four quadrants, showing not just the Zombies, but clips both disturbing, sexy, and just plain fun.

Tagged EP, Flat bush Zombies Announce, New York, Sophie Faith David Bowie’s Rare LiveAndWell.com Album Released Wide for First Time: Stream Today, artists using the Internet to surprise release music, make listeners jump through digital hoops to get new songs, or otherwise connect with fans is commonplace.

But back in the early aughts, David Bowie was at the forefront of the interconnected age with his very own dial-up Internet service provider, Cocaine. In 1999, subscribing to the ISP was the only way to get your hands on Bowie’s live album LiveAndWell.com.

Fast-forward to now, and the rare collection is being released commercially for the very first time. In addition to the original 10 songs, the commercial edition of LiveAndWell.com includes a pair of bonus tracks: “Dallas Athena” and “V-2 Schneider”, the latter of which is named after Freighter’s Florian Schneider, who passed away earlier this month.

I’m Afraid Of Americans (New York, Radio City Music Hall, October 15, 1997) 02. The Hearts Filthy Lesson (Long Mars ton, Phoenix Festival, July 18, 1997) 03.

Hall Space boy (Rio de Janeiro, Metropolitan, November 2, 1997) 05. The Voyeur Of Utter Destruction (As Beauty) (Rio de Janeiro, Metropolitan, November 2, 1997) 08.

Battle for Britain (The Letter) (New York, Radio City Music Hall, October 15, 1997) 09. Seven Years In Tibet (New York, Radio City Music Hall York, October 15, 1997) 10.

Last month, Bruce Springsteen led Jersey4Jersey, a livestreamed concert benefiting COVID-19 relief efforts in the state of New Jersey. Following appearances by New York celebrities (Spike Lee, Jennifer Lopez, Robert De Niro) and politicians (Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mayer Bill de Blasio), the Piano Man himself closed out the virtual telethon.

Joel aptly chose to pay tribute to the Big Apple, the war-weary epicenter of the pandemic, by playing a moving rendition of his 1976 single “Miami 2017”, also known as “Seen the Lights Go Out on Broadway”. As Rise Up New York !’s main event of the evening, Joel’s performance was broadcast on big screens all across the shuttered city, including Times Square and the Theater District.

The Empire State Building, a New York icon much like Joel himself, also had its own light show to accompany “Miami 2017”. Joel had to postpone his long-running Madison Square Garden residency because of the outbreak, but last night, he still managed to play loud and proud for his hometown.

Spanning seven tracks, the collection follows up on Lil Tjay’s impressive 2019 full-length debut, True 2 Myself. Here, the young Bronx native is joined by a handful of fellows rising New York hip-hop talents, including the late Pop Smoke, Jay Crutch, Five Foreign, Shelf G, Sleepy Hallow, Jay Guano, and J.I.

Tagged Ice Cold, Lake Schatz, Lil Tjay Share, New York Key Releases New Album Descendants of Cain: Stream Brownsville, New York rapper Key has released a new album called Descendants of Cain.

It’s currently only available for digital purchase at his website, but will hit streaming services next week. Technically, though, this is the rapper’s first full-length under the name Key since he released Honor Killed the Samurai in 2016, notes Pitchfork.

The band's entire North American tour will now take place next summer The band had already postponed the first leg of dates scheduled for March, April, and May.

But with the virus likely preventing any large-scale events from taking place for the foreseeable future, the entire tour has now been altered. A majority of the band’s North American dates have been rescheduled for next summer, with Run the Jewels still serving as support.

The jaunt is scheduled to begin in El Paso, Texas on June 3rd and run through August. Whether Rage intends to make good on any canceled or postponed festival appearances remains to be seen.

The band had been announced to play Coachella (which has been rescheduled for October), Boston Calling, Firefly Music Festival, and Ottawa Bluesiest, as well as several European music festivals. Update: Ottawa Bluesiest has confirmed that Rage Against the Machine will appear at the festival in 2021.

Plus, watch a Trippe music video for the New York outfit's latest track In our new music feature Origins, musicians give fans an exclusive look at the inspirations behind their latest track.

Today, High Waited reveal what made them feel “Modern Love”. However, as New York’s High Waited remind us on their new single, “Modern Love”, we must be ever vigilant about using another person’s affection as a replacement for what we really need.

An example of psychedelic surf pop at its crispest, there’s a tenderness to the ringing guitars of “Modern Love”. They’re as comforting as the embrace of a late-spring breeze, warmed by the vintage drums and elevated by a flexing bass groove.

But it’s the lyrics of Jessica Louise Dye that add a dose of hard-realized reality to the idyllic scene: “Modern Love, to expect, so much more,” she sings. “Modern Love” comes from High Waited’s upcoming new album, Sick of Saying Sorry, due out May 22nd.

What a selfish way to ask your lover to obsess over you by telling them you'll “be the candy, that cures their sweet tooth.” Be addicted to me, babe. So many musicians before us have referenced showing up with a “suitcase in my hand.” From Lou Reed and The Velvet Underground to Bob Dylan, Ry Cooper, and The Rolling Stones, we’re paying homage to the difficult times.

I showed up clutching my suitcase, eyes wide with hope, looking for a fresh start. Driving under the hot sun through Tulsa Basin in the northern Chihuahuan Desert to catch the sunset on top of a dune in White Sands, NM.

We sat quietly listening to a local radio station play nothing but Tom Petty songs. I had a summer of searching for love as a distraction from doing the work I needed to on my own mental health.

Tagged Addiction Transfer, Modern Love, New York, Tulsa Basin Ranking: Every Beastie Boys Album From Worst to Best Too straight-laced and scared to hang with anyone my parents deemed “edgy” (the bar was low to say the least), not interested enough in my family’s traditions to find friends in my own ethnic circle, and not nearly enough of an oddball to dye my hair blue, hang a chain from my black jeans, and roll with the bleeding hearts.

Instead, I spent my taciturn time on the periphery of nearly every social group there was in solitude, sitting too close the television watching hours of music videos; scribbling notes in the margins of music history books; listening to my older brother’s CDs from inside a closet (I refused to be disturbed). A group of upper-middle-class Jewish kids in leather jackets with roots way down in the rebellion of punk rock who spent their time reinventing the hip-hop wheel sounded right up my alley.

A Beastie Boys record is a lot like those ridiculous thousand-piece puzzles at least one person you know is completing in self-quarantine right now. Each one is a deftly woven tapestry of lacerating comedy, towering technical skill, and a network of samples so spicy they’ll make your stomach ache.

Every LP is innovative in its own right, a unique neural network so bountiful with ideas you could spend an entire day tracing the synapses of just one. Combine all that in an iron-clad cauldron of friendship, and you get one of the most influential acts in the history of hip-hop, alt-, and punk rock.

It’s bittersweet and maybe even a bit painful, as we all but wave goodbye in the wake of Adam Yauco’s untimely death and the release of Spike Jonze’s much-hyped documentary, Beastie Boys Story. But to be a music journalist is to be slightly masochistic, so without further ado, we give our Beastie Boys Dissected.

Livestream also promises performances from Fountains of Wayne with Sharon Van Eaten, SEA, Halsey, and more Keeping with the evening’s theme, viewers can count on the lifelong Jersey native to roll out music inspired by his beloved state.

Despite being the global rock star that he is, Springsteen has deep ties to the NJ community like any longtime local. His son even became an official NJ firefighter this past January.

In addition to The Boss, the Jersey 4 Jersey concert features other fellow Jerseyans like Fountains of Wayne (who will be joined by Sharon Van Eaten), Jon On Jodi, SEA, Halsey, Tony Bennett, and Charlie Put. Celebrities such as Jon Stewart, Chelsea Handler, Danny DeVito, and Whoop Goldberg are also expected to appear.

Marshall Mather's immortalized Detroit in his 2002 semi-autobiographical film 8 Mile, and it’s accompanying soundtrack. The standout song from those efforts, the Grammy-winning “Lose Yourself”, includes the iconic rhyme, “There’s vomit on his sweater already/ Mom’s spaghetti.” The line became a fan favorite as well as a meme, and in 2017 Eminem capitalized on that popularity by opening a pop-up pasta restaurant called, yes, Mom’s Spaghetti.

As Proxy reports, packages labelled “Mom’s Spaghetti” began to appear at Detroit hospitals on Tuesday along with the words, “Thank you frontline caregivers.” Eminem declined to announce his donations with a press release, but pictures of the pasta cups with the Shady Records logo have been posted on social media accounts of the DMC and Henry Ford healthcare networks. Apparently, they were provided by local restaurant group Union Joints, who furnished the Mom’s Spaghetti pop-ups.

Tagged Eminem Donates Mom, Henry Ford, New York, US A24 Auctioning Midsummer Flower Dress, Uncut Gems Fury, and More Iconic Props for Charity Stop googling for that diamond-studded Fury necklace in Uncut Gems and get the real thing.

From now until the end of May, the site will be hosting a series of auctions featuring props, wardrobes, and set pieces from a number of A24 productions, specifically Midsummer, Uncut Gems, Hereditary, Mid90s, Eighth Grade, The Lighthouse, and Euphoria. So, if you think you might be able to squeeze into Florence Pugh’s May Queen dress from Midsummer, or pop an Ollie using one of the skateboards from Mid90s, bid away.

Personally, this writer would love to have either the wooden mermaid from The Lighthouse or one of Grandma Ellen’s hand-stitched doormats from Hereditary, but he’ll leave the bidding to you all. So, head on over to the site, choose wisely, and don’t go all Toni Colette on us if you’re outbid.

Tagged Florence Pugh, Grandma Ellen, New York, Toni Colette What set you from? Stick with the dick that’s steady ringing’ Oh, so often murder went through my mind Turned around the corner, took all the tab, pussy boy you on’ die I’m quick to send him for the spin with .45s Any time they asked ’bout my little’ soldiers this what I’m on’ reply (This is the sound) That little’ nigga thrown’ six-o, he has been slanging iron We ain’t ’bout no code though, just stop on the opus We could jump out the car, them bullets flying’ Little’ Poona quick to pull up, kick door, had to rock out wit’ his nine Timmy rocked out on an opp, if you worried ’bout a Glock, hit in his spine He made a disc ’bout my big brother He made a disc like “Damn, who died?” Been down the block was me and Leaky screaming Trip life ’til we die They told little’ nigga leave him lone, but I can’t let the shit slide Sean’ his brains all on the cement on’ leave his mother traumatized.

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