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• Monday, 26 July, 2021
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Eminem) I got ice in my veins blood in my eye hate in my heart love in my mind I have seen nights full of pain days of the same you keep the sunshine save me the rain I search but never find hurt but never cry I work and forever try but I'm cursed so never mind and it's worse, but better times seems further and beyond the top gets higher the more that I climb the spot gets smaller, and I get bigger trying to get me where I fit in no room for an n-gga but soon for an n-gga it is on motherfucker cause all this bullshit have made me strong, motherfucker I know what they don't want to tell you just hope your heaven sent and ya hell proof I'll wake up in the World and cut the lights off and confidence is a stain they can't wipe off uh, my word is my pride, but wisdom is bleak and that's a word from the wise served to survive, murder and bribed and when it got too heavy I put my burden aside.

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Drop the World is an electronica hip hop song recorded by American rapper Lil Wayne, from his 2010-seventh studio album, Rebirth. It features vocal performance from fellow American rapper Eminem.

I got ice in my veins Blood in my eyes Hate in my heart Love in my mind I have seen nights full of pain Days are the same You keep the sunshine Save me the rain I search but never find Hurt but never cry I work and forever try But I'm cursed so never mind And it's worse but better times Seem further and beyond The top gets higher The more that I climb “ Drop the World is, to most people, the standout track on Rebirth, the rare moment where Wayne's goal of bridging rap and rock sounds into one angst symphony comes together, as well as being the song with Eminem on it.

I started thinking about this song today when the news broke that Chester Pennington of Linkin Park had died, by apparent suicide. “I'm going to pick the world up and I'm going to drop it on your fucking' head” is pure screaming release, an affirmation of pain and a rejection of it at the same time.

Obviously this is a generalization, and there are countless examples of psychologically fraught rap, but the perception of rappers rarely focuses on that). It makes sense that, as producer Chase N Case told DJ Booth earlier this year, the beat was originally meant for Rihanna.

Most importantly, though, this song is an ideal one to bring up in these moments of feeling bewildered about bad shit happening because, all analysis aside, it really is a cathartic sentiment.

wayne lil lyrics drop
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