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Affiliation Production First Épéeist EPReasonPortrayal Logan was born to Malcolm Reese. Logan grew up in an extremely wealthy family, and is often spoiled and given oodles of money by his father.

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In the movie Spring Break-Up “, it's also revealed that he has a beach house in Santa Barbara. He's considered a flirtatious jerk by many students and likes to take pictures of himself and autograph them to give to girls at PCA.

He is portrayed to have a crush on Zoey on numerous occasions, including Broadcast Views “, where he flirts and asks her to make out, until he starts dating Zoey's best friend and roommate, Quinn Pesky. Despite being confident that every girl he likes is attracted to him, he is fairly sexist towards women.

In Broadcast Views, and Welcome to PCA, he showed a strong reluctance to let females join the basketball team. Despite being so stuck up, Logan continues to be good friends with Chase and Michael.

Logan ripped the head off a stuffed giraffe Zoey gave him, showing that he does care for Chase and wishes him to be happy. He once hid a camera in a teddy bear to spy on the girls' lounge in Season 1.

This is due to being taught every summer as a child by his grandfather, a chemistry professor at a nearby college. In the movie, Chasing Zoey “, he and Quinn announce their relationship in public at prom.

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In Lola Likes Chase, he reveals that during the week, he does workouts involving biceps, triceps, and abdominal muscles. Logan possesses the uncanny ability to (usually) attract other girls he likes.

Until Season 4, Quinn and Logan were only a few steps away from full enemies but then became best friends. For the rest of the series, they tried to hide the fact that they were dating; however, when they inadvertently revealed this to Michael Walk-a-Thon, he didn't believe them, as he thought the idea was ridiculous.

In Dinner For Too Many, they attempted to go on a date at NASCAR, but when Zoey and James went to the exact same place, they were forced to pretend they both just happened to be there. In Chasing Zoey, they decided to go to the prom with someone else to hide their dating, with Logan going with Stacey Dill sen and Quinn going with Dustin Brooks.

Background Information ResidesOccupationActiveMatthew Dillon Underwood (born April 23, 1990) is an American actor best known for his role as Logan Reese on the Nickelodeon TV show Zoey101. Later, in 2005, he became part of the cast of Nickelodeon's series Zoey101, where he played the role of Logan Reese.

In April 2012, Underwood was arrested on suspicion of cannabis and paraphernalia possession and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. In November 2012, Underwood was arrested outside his hookah lounge for violating probation with possession of cannabis.

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Year Title Role 2009 Reality Horror Night Matthew 2006 Casper's Scare School Thatch 2006 Web Journal Now Matt 2004 The Marionette Child 2002 The Wishing Stone 1999 My Neighbors the Damages Additional Voices Year Title Role Episodes 2002 Go for It! Jamie Lynn Spears won the Kids' Choice Award for Favorite TV Actress in 2006.

As an acting exercise, Lola pretended to be a “freaky goth chick” on her first day at PCA, frightening Zoey and Nicole to the point that they wish to sleep in tents outdoors, rather than share a room with her. The next morning, Zoey and Nicole have a fake fight to show Lola that she is not only one who can act.

Zoey was rather freaked out by the fact that they were dating, she said that it was because she didn't want either of them to get hurt, but Nicole suspected it maybe due to other reasons, which may have been that she had feelings for Chase herself. Lola really loves to talk; she loses her voice in “Quarantine,” after practicing her scream too much for a part in a play.

This makes the rest of the gang very happy, because they are all cooped up in the girls' dorm room, and get fed up with her screaming all the time. She can talk in a very convincing British Accent, as shown in “Dance Contest,” when practicing for a play, but often pretends (lies) to get boys.

In “The Favor Chain” it was revealed by Dustin that all the guys in his year think she is hot, which is why he wanted Zoey to get her to be his Magician assistant, because it will make him win. On the way back from the restaurant the taxi driver quits his job, and throws away the key's, so they are stranded in pitch black and have no clue where they are.

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In the episode Zoey's Tutor” she was hit in the head by a plasma bolt, and she then became unconscious. In The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Vic had a role as a girl named Rebecca.

Zoey Jade Brooks (born Feb. 17th, 1991) is the titular character and the main protagonist on Zoey101. Her other friends are her later boyfriend Chase Matthews, Michael Barrel, and she is frenemies with Logan Reese.

She also enjoys designing clothes and backpacks and is quite good at playing Disc Golf. She is a good actress and won the role of a female alien in the school play alongside Logan Reese.

Zoey owns a pink Jet X and enjoys eating at Sushi Box. She ran for class president, but dropped out due to her friendship with Chase.

Almost every boy at PCA likes her, including Chase Matthews, though she never lets that go to her head. One of Zoey's best friends is honor student Chase Matthews, who showed her around campus during her first day at PCA.

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In the series finale of season 3, Goodbye Zoey “, she moves to London to go to a preparatory school called Covington while her dad works in England. They try to date via web-cam, but decide that it wouldn't work out and that they would have to wait until Chase returns to PCA after one full semester.

While Chase is in London, Zoey meets and start dating Michael and Logan's new roommate, James Garrett, and he tells her that he loves her before prom. Zoey is a very friendly person and is depicted through the show as being caring and compassionate towards others.

Popular and well liked, her friends and peers often looked to her for advice and guidance, as she was the group's “fixer”. However, she is not above displaying her anger and holding a grudge, as shown in The Radio, when she and Chase have a falling out over a misunderstanding.

Zoey likes to spend time with her friends at Sushi Box, eating lunch, doing homework in the lounge and hanging out in their dorm rooms. As stated above, Zoey really had a knack for solve problems and is usually the one of the “group” to think through tough situations and help people out of their troubles.

Zoey enjoys sports and is on the basketball team with her friend Dana in Season 1, and is also on the disc golf team with Chase, Michael, Logan, Dana and Nicole, Zoey is not a fast runner and sometimes struggles during running class. In Wrestling, Zoey managed to break up a fight between two sixth graders by herself.

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In Surprise, Zoey reveals that she has spent one summer after her 10th grade year being a lifeguard. Throughout the series, Zoey has been shown to receive excellent grades in her classes, despite struggling in Chemistry at one time in Season 3.

In Seasons 1 and 2 had long (usually straight) light flowing blonde hair down to her shoulders. In subsequent seasons, she dyed her hair blonde with brown highlights (usually curly).

She often wears blue jean pants, or leggings with gym shoes or flats. The first time she spoke to him was when he rode his bike into a flag pole and cut his elbow.

When Zoey was offered to go to England with her parents, everyone had heard about it except Chase, and he thought she had decided to go without talking to him first, and was upset. Zoey decides to go and then leaves, when Michael accidentally left the webcam connected to Zoey's computer in England on, she overheard Chase talking to Logan and Michael about how he is in love with Zoey and that he has been in love with her since the minute he first laid eyes on her, she later decides to return to PCA to be with Chase, but it turns out Chase had gone to England to be with her and explains that he cannot come back to PCA until he completed an entire semester in England.

After they break up, Chase returns and he and Zoey share a kiss and attend the prom together as a couple. James Garrett (Good Friends, Ex-Boyfriend) James became Michael and Logan's new roommate after Chase left, and then became Zoey's new boyfriend, they dated from the episodes Rumor of Love to Chasing Zoey.

The couple tried to have a romantic dinner at Carlos, after believing no one else in PCA could afford it, but it got ruined by the rest of the gang. But to make up for it, the rest of the gang planned for them to have a quiet dinner on the PCA volleyball court.

Quinn happily performed several scientific experiments on her, to Zoey's dismay. As the series progressed, Zoey and Quinn gradually grew closer together.

Nicole ignored Zoey when everyone had believed that she had made a nasty video about Chase to get more votes. Zoey often found herself breaking up an argument between Dana and Nicole, who argued most of the time.

Zoey and Dana became best friends and worked together on school projects like making a commercial for a Jet-X bike. When Dana was accepted for the European Exchange Program, Zoey and Nicole became roommates with Lola Martinez, but it is unknown if they kept in contact with her or not.

Lola stood beside Zoey in Spring Break-Up when Chase was suspected of cheating in the competition. Logan Reese (Best Friends, Occasional Frenemies) Logan was the fourth person Zoey met on her first day at PCA, and they didn't start off on good terms when Zoey wanted to join the basketball team, but he said girls can't play, which then led to a boy vs. girls basketball match.

Zoey and Logan are friends most of the time but have an argument on almost every episode of the show he appears in. In the episode Prank Week, the prank war almost resulted in Zoey being expelled from PCA only for Logan to pull a prank and claim all the guys had done it forcing Mr. Bradford to let Zoey stay (because he couldn't expel everyone), and in the episode Wrestling, after Zoey was injured fighting Chuck Cavers, Logan went to confront him only to wind up heavily bruised for his efforts showing that, although the two often bicker, they have each other's backs.

Zoey helped Paige when her science project for the school went wrong. But shortly after arriving, Zoey overheard Chase say he is in love with Zoey and has been since they met and asked her parents to move back to PCA to be with Chase, but then discovering he had moved to England to be with her, she stayed at PCA.

Zoey is very close to her younger brother Dustin and mothers him, to his annoyance. , Dustin immediately ran to Zoey when he was scared and made up excuses to stay in her room because he missed spending time with her.

Stacy (not to be confused with Stacey Dill sen) is one of Zoey's two enemies who only appeared in Backpack. Zoey is the only main character from the cast who is present all 65 episodes total throughout the series, including all four Zoey101 TV movies.

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