L2 The Zero Hour Interlude

David Lawrence
• Sunday, 16 May, 2021
• 7 min read

Race: Any race Class: Any class Start location Swamp of Screams / Rune Territory Start NPC Kalman Reward Kalman's Supply Box 2,850,000 684 Talk to Mercenary Kalman in the Swamp of Screams and get the reward.

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Aiding Flora Village Dion 30 Aiding Flora Village LVL: 30Loc: Dion NPC: Maritime: Party/ RepeatableReward: 100 arena each Go s... Alligator Hunter Heine 40 Alligator Hunter LVL: 40 LOC: Heine NPC: TraderEnverun Type: Repeatable / Solo Rear... An Obvious Lie Iran 45 An Obvious Lie LVL: 45 LOC: Iran NPC: High PriestMaximillan Type: 1 Time/ Party New... Arrow of Vengeance Iran 32 Arrow of Vengeance LVL: 32 LOC: Iran NPC: GuardBelton Type: Solo / Repeatable Rear... Audience with the Land Dragon Iran 50 Audience with the Land Dragon LVL: 50 LOC: Iran NPC: Gabrielle Type: Repeatable/ Solo ... Bard's Mandolin Dion 15 Bard's Mandolin LVL: 15 LOC: Dion NPC: Bard Swan Type: Repeatable/ Solo Reward: Arena... Birthday Party Song Dion 31 Birthday Party Song LVL: 31 LOC: Dion NPC: MelodyMaestro Octavia Type: Solo / Repeat... Black Swan Heine 32 Black Swan LVL: 32 LOC: Heine NPC: Captain Gotta Type: Solo/Repeatable Reward: 20 Are...

Delivery of Special Liquor Hot Springs 68 Delivery of Special Liquor LVL: 68 LOC: Hot Springs NPC: Chief Jeremy Type: Repeatable/ ... Devil's Legacy Iran 39 Devils Legacy LVL: 39 LOC: Iran NPC: WarehouseKeeper Randolph Type: Repeatable/ Party ... LVL: 43 LOC: Ivory Tower 3rdFloor NPC: Master Galen Type: R... Dragon Fangs Gliding Village 19 Dragon Fangs LVL: 19 LOC: Gliding Village NPC: Guard Luis Type: 1 Time/ Party Reward: ...

Grim Collector Studio 15 Grim Collector LVL: 15 LOC: Studio NPC: Guard Curtis Type: Repeatable / Solo Reward: ... Heart in Search of Power Valley of the Saints 60 Heart in Search of Power LVL:60 LOC: Valley of saints NPC: Mysterious Necromancer Ty... Help Rood Raise a New Pet! LVL: 39 LOC: Heine NPC:Pet manager Room Type: Repeatable/ So... Hidden Truth Rune 64 Hidden Truth LVL: 64 LOC: Rune NPC: MysteriousWizard Type: 1 Time / Solo Reward: Ope...

Magnificent Feast Dion 25 Magnificent Feast LVL: 25 LOC: Dion NPC: WarehouseChief Ransom Type: 1 Time/Solo New... Making the Harvest Grounds Safe Gliding 21 Making the Harvest Grounds Safe LVL: 21 LOC: GludinVillage NPC: Norman Type: Party / R... Meeting with the Golden Ram Rune 66 Meeting with the Golden Ram LVL: 66 LOC: Rune NPC:Warehouse Chief Donald Type: 1 Time/ S... Ominous News Stuttgart Town 20 Ominous News LVL: 20 LOC: Stuttgart Town NPC: Seer Moira Type: Solo / 1time Reward: ... Once More In the Arms of the Mother Tree Iran 3 Once More In the Arms of the Mother Tree LVL: 3 LOC:Iran NPC: Trader Gallucci Type: ... One Thousand Years, the End of Lamentation Dragon Valley 48 One Thousand Years, the End of Lamentation LVL: 48 LOC: Dragon Valley NPC: Anthrax Watchman... Parcel Delivery Goddard 74 Parcel Delivery LVL: 74Loc: Goddard NPC:BlacksmithFundinType: 1 Time/ Scorecard: 82,656 arena ...

Plunder Their Supplies Aden 52 Plunder Their Supplies LVL: 52 LOC: Aden NPC: Guard Coleman Type: Solo / repeatable R... Power of Darkness Dragon Valley (Iran) 55 Power of Darkness LVL: 55 LOC: Dragon Valley (Iran) NPC: Trader Gasman Type: Solo / rep... Recover the Farmland Gliding or Orc Barracks 25 Reward: choices of arena, items and/or XP 1.

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Start the quest from either Guard Taken at the No... Red Eyed Invaders Studio 28 Red Eye Invaders LVL: 20 LOC: Studio NPC: GuardBabenco Type: 1 Time/ Solo Reward: No... Relics of the Old Empire Imperial Tomb 74 Relics of the Old Empire LVL: 74 LOC: Imperial Tomb NPC: Ghost of Adventurer Type: Repeat... Repent Your Sins Flora nor Hardin's Private Academy 0-80 Repent Your Sins LVL: 0Loc: Flora nor Hardin's PrivateAcademyNPC: Black JudgeType: Solo/ Repeatable... Searching for Treasure Heine 42 Searching for Treasure LVL: 42 LOC: Heine NPC: Tradesmen Type: Repeatable/ Solo Reward: Vary... Secret Meeting with Petra Orcs Goddard 74 Secret Meeting with Petra Orcs LVL: 74 LOC: Goddard NPC:Guard Caedmon Type: 1 Time/ Solo Reward... Secret Meeting with Parka Silents Goddard 74 Secret Meeting with Parka Silents LVL: 74 LOC:Goddard NPC: Guard Caedmon Type: 1 Time/ Solo New... Shadow of Light Wall of Argos 68 Shadow of Light LVL: 68 LOC: Wall of Argos NPC: Eye of Argos Type: Repeatable / Party Reward: A... Shards of Golem Talking Island 10 Shards of Golem LVL: 10 LOC: Talking Island NPC: MagisterHarrys Type: Repeatable/ Solo Reward:... Shriek of Ghosts Aden 59 Shriek of Ghosts LVL: 59 LOC: Aden NPC: Seer Reva Type:Repeatable/ Party Reward: Arena Meet w... Signs of Revolt Carbon's Dungeon 40 Signs of Revolt Level: 40 LOC: Carbon's Dungeon NPC:Manager Torrent Type: Solo/ Repeat ab... Silver Haired Shaman Iran 48 Silver Haired Shaman LVL: 48 LOC: Iran NPC:Dieter Type: Repeatable / Party Reward: ... Song of the Hunter's Village 35 Song of the Hunter LVL: 35 LOC: Hunter's Village NPC: Guild Member Grey Type: Repeatable... Sorrowful Sound of Flute Dion 15 Sorrowful Sound of Flute LVL: 15 LOC: Dion NPC:Musician Mandarin Type: Repeatable/Solo ...

Stolen Dignity Aden 58 Stolen Dignity LVL: 58 LOC: Aden NPC: WarehouseFreightman Romp Type: Repeatable/ Party ... Subjugation of Lizard men Gliding 17 Subjugation of Lizard men LVL: 17 LOC: Gliding NPC:Guard Was Type: 1 Time/ Solo Room... The Berthoud Swamp of Screams 66 The Berthoud LVL: 66Loc: Swamp of Screams NPC: MercenaryKahmanType: Repeatable / PartyReward: Mate... To the Immortal Plateau Iran 3 To the Immortal Plateau LVL: 3 LOC: Iran NPC: TraderGalladucci Type: 1 Time/ Solo Reward: SCR... Tragedy in On Hellman Forest Rune 64 Tragedy in On Hellman Forest LVL: 64 LOC: Rune NPC: Grand Master Titan Type: 1 Time... Trespassing into the Sacred Area Heine 36 Trespassing into the Sacred Area LVL: 36 LOC: Heine NPC: Priestess Resting Type: Repeat...

Under the Shadow of the Ivory Tower Hardin's Academy 40 Under the Shadow of the Ivory Tower LVL: 40 LOC:Hardin's Academy NPC: Trader Coma Type:... Vanquish Remnants Gliding 21 Vanquish Remnants LVL: 21 LOC: Gliding NPC:Leopold Type: Repeatable/ Solo Reward: Are... Whisper of Dreams Part 2 Iran 60 Whisper of Dreams Part 2Lvl: 60Loc: Iran NPC: SeerManakaType: Repeat / PartyReward: Random A Grade... Wild Maiden Open 36 Wild Maiden LVL: 36 LOC: Open Territory NPC:Ski Type: Solo/Repeatable Rewards: Are... Will the Seal be Broken Dark Even Village 16 Will the seal be broken LVL: 16 LOC: Dark ElvenVillage NPC: Petrarch Ballot Type: Rope... Yoke of the Past Any Catacomb or Necropolis 20 Yoke of the Past LVL: 20 LOC: Any Catacomb necropolis NPC: Gatekeeper Ziggurat Type: ...

You can sit down for bargaining only in specially designated areas Autoloot available for all characters (exceptions: herbs, drop from RB and Epics, drop from PC) Number of buff slots is standard: 20 + 4 The first and second profession can be purchased for arena or SW Coins (the cost will be indicated later) Increased item drop for 3rd class quests: The Finest Ingredients, Alliance with Petra Orcs/Parka Silents.

Dark Gatekeeper Alexandria will provide PK players with teleports and helper functions Shadow Seller Laura will provide PK players with similar goods as Melissa Red Master Stefan will help PK players learn skills and insert / remove augmentation Description: In this event, players will have to fight monsters and raid bosses who came through dark portals in order to take over the world of Elmore.

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Information about the place where the portal appears and the recommended player levels are published in the announcements 10 minutes before the start of the event. At the appointed time, a portal will open in front of the players from which monsters will begin to emerge.

Information about the place where the portal appears and the recommended player levels are published in the announcements 10 minutes before the start of the event. Rewards: Guaranteed reward: experience, effect on experience gain (issued to all players within a radius of 2000 from RB) Drop from monsters: Life Stones, Umbra Coins.

For many years we have been delighting our players with unique x20, x1200 servers, where you can meet people from all over the world and have a good time in your favorite Lineage 2. The classic balance of Interlude and the stability of the OFF-Like (PTS) core will not leave indifferent fans of the official chronicles and the real gameplay.

Only on our project, you can taste unique features designed to improve the convenience of users. We will be glad to see you on the open spaces of our servers of the legendary game Lineage 2.

RNA faction BS Como UN gran clan y SU objective BS GAAR Los periods Seminoles à la okra faction POR media DE details. Es UN servitor pens ado para jug adores Que no Taine tempo y quieten reviver leis views experiences Del L2 POR media DE RNA experience customized.

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